Side effects of the Mirena IUD?

Hey moms I have a question I’m 24 years old! I have a 3&4 year old boys. I’ve been on the mirena IUD for about 2 years now. Ive been thinking about having it remvoed due to im wanting to try for my 3rd but recently I’ve started bleeding like a period which I NEVER had that happen before. I have pains like cramping or stabbing pain as well to where they get unbearable. I have scheduled a appointment but can’t get in till end of month has anyone had this experience? I started hearing some bad experiences with the IUD and now kinda uneasy about even trying for baby #3 or even uneasy about it damaging inside of my body.


Following… having the same issue

Go to planned parenthood and have them check make sure it hasn’t shifted or worse caused injury.

I would not wait but I am one that always says better safe than sorry


I had mine removed at 2.5 years due to severe cramping. They didn’t say why it was hurting… just took it out. I didn’t try for another right away, but was able to have another once we started trying.

When that happened to me it was because mine moved and attached itself to my cervix. Get it out asap.

After about 3 years mine gave me a nasty infection and had to be removed. It caused cramping and bleeding.

That happened to me. The IUD dislodged itself completly. I had 3 IUDs in 7 years. I will never get another one. Horrible experience with the mirena iud

I had to have mine surgically removed it moved to my uterus then i had it removed in Sept couldn’t have intercourse for 2 weeks got cleared from the doc that night i got pregnant lol

That’s the symptoms i got when it punctured my uterus and i needed surgery go get checked ASAP

Ive had mine a little over a year and still have periods is that normal?

My mirena is currently poking through my uterus I’m having surgery at the end of the month to remove it