Sign of labor?

I will be 36 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. I’m having horrible sharp pains in my lower abdomen and excruciating hip pain! The hip pain is constant and the sharp pains only last a second or two. I’ve also had a lot of watery discharge the past few days. Is this normal?


You should prob go get checked you could be leaking amniotic fluid. Better safe than sorry

I agree go get checked

I had pain like that and the water could be amniotic fluid so it’s best to get checked out to be safe…but it’s likely that it could be pee too

Could be start of labor. Call nurse… they will probably tell you to get checked out.

I would go get checked I had the same and my water was leaking so I had to be induced for baby to come

I had the same issues with my last daughter I had her 2 days after it started its probab5your body getting ready to deliver but go get checked just in case

I would go right now to l&d. Better it be nothing and be checked then for there to be a concern.

I would go to the Dr and have them swab and make sure its not amniotic fluid. That could be labor

I was leaking fluid and would only be in pain at night… did that for 2 days then went toss see dr and was scheduled to be induced the day after!

Go get checked out plzz don’t call go to L&D good luck

Call your Dr. Are go to hospital and get checked… sounds like your going into labor to me.

It could be a lot of things. Call a nurse or make an appointment to see your doc or OB

I think u should go to the Dr, sounds like ur leaking fluid and a dry birth hurts like hell


It’s normal. Your body is starting to prepare. Extra discharge is normal.

I had the same. At 33 weeks I started losing amniotic fluid. I was put in the hospital on strict bed rest until I hit 35 weeks. Dr did an amniocentesis and said she was healthy enough to deliver via Csect. So go get checked

I had this same problem for a few weeks before I had my Bub.
I went to the hospital and they checked me over and tested my discharge and apparently it was all normal.
I’d get go checked anyway just to be sure.
Good luck x

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Nope that’s not normal you may be leaking and trying to go into pre term labor

I was having pretty bad pelvic pain that would come and go at 36 weeks. I went to L&D they said I was dehydrated which can cause contractions. I would go get checked just to be on the safe side its definitely not worth the risk

Sounds like you maybe in labor. Go to the hospital to get checked out.

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I’d say go get checked better be safe then sorry right?

Early labour I had the same!

The hip pain is normal mine was horrendous and lasted even after I had him. Still dealing two years later ( although I have none underlying issues with my hip). The sharp pains. Are most likey normal but can’t hurt to ask your ob!

Sounds like baby is positioning getting ready mama its normal and the watery feeling could be pee you can leack urin especially if babys low putting pressure on your bladder

I mean, I hurt extremely bad at 36 weeks. To the point I would lay there and squirm at night because my back, my whole stomach, my legs, my entire body.
Babies start running out of room around then. They tend to press into plenty of places including nerves every so often.
I started having thin discharge around that time too. I’d think its normal but if you feel the need to get checked out, go for it

Could be that ur leaking amniotic fluid. I suggest u go to ur Dr and get checked hun. My baby was born at 36 weekend I didn’t I was leaking for two before I had thought it was a weak bladder but the pain made me go see my dr.

Sounds like labor!! Go in!

I am 36 weeks 1 day i have the same stuff happen to me i hurt my hips and my pelvic on my left side hurts so bad on and off i was a 3 last time they checked me and i done lost my pugle at 35 weeks i got a feeling i have my lil girl in a couple days may be a week i was so sick today to i wad in bed all day

Why not ask your doctor instead of Facebook??

im having the same issues but its not labor just normal pregnancy stuff go get checked if youre concerned

Call dr or go to e.r.

I had that hip pain too, unfortunately my cervix was and I quote locked up tight like Fort Knox Buy my OB/GYN so even when they induced me and broke my water it was extremely difficult and took a long time to reach 10 cm.

Your hips are responding to hormones and getting losened up for birth. It’s process but check with your doctor.

Sounds like early labor

Could be Braxton Hicks contractions

Have it checked out you don’t want to have any other issues