Signs a girl is about to start her period?

What age did your daughter start their period and what were the signs?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs a girl is about to start her period?

There are no signs, normally 6th, 7th grade

  1. 14
  2. 13
  3. 11

I don’t have a daughter, just boys but I started at 11 years old and I did not even have public hair or anything yet. It just suddenly started for me over Christmas break in 7th grade.

My oldest daughter out of 4 got hers at 12 (shes 13) I was like 14 or so (9th geade) she had no signs.

I was 9 when I got mine and it was completely random. No cramps or anything. Discovered it after coming in for a bathroom break from riding bikes all day.

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I got mine when i was 9 then didn’t have it again til I was 12 my older daughter was 10 and my younger was 11
Just regular signs of puberty. Moodiness. More sweat smell… time for deodorant. Some girls get discharge

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She was 11 and had already had pubic hair for like 2 years prior and her stomach cramped alot but we had actually just took her to a gyno to see about how far along into puberty she was and like the next few days after the first visit she had started lol

My daughter got hers when 9 doctor told me they can get period anytime once they hit 100lbs. No signs was completely random for my daughter too no cramps or anything.

My 12 year old daughter literally started hers today. We had no signs ahead of time. Just started today. She’s been emotional all day though

I was 9. No warning signs at all as best as I remember. Was kinda freaked out at first because I had no symptoms. I usually was quieter for a few days before each month, had a little lower back pain, some minor cramps. But that was usually the extent of my symptoms right up until menopause 6 years ago at age 51.

12 years… I noticed they bitchiness…and breast development happened so quickly.

I was 11. Zero signs. I was at a pool party and my crush was there and I got out of the pool with a white towel on… he came up behind me and asked if I was okay because “my leg was bleeding”. :smiling_face_with_tear: I’d already had hair all over my body a couple years before. After my first period, though, they were all awful and I got violently sick every single month. Every girl’s body is different.

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My girls are too young for periods, but I didn’t have signs. I had boobs before my period, I wasn’t any different emotionally/mentally, I didn’t have signs of cramps or anything. Started at 15yo in my sophomore year of high school. After my period started then I got emotional and cramps lol

My daughter just turned 10. She had her first one in January, didn’t have one in February or March, had 1 in April, no in May and got it in June. She’s been bleeding ever since. Going to see pediatrician and find out what our options are. Bleeding for almost 2 months straight I unhealthy and for her, very embarrassing.

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I was 11 and had spotting for almost 6 months before. I had super bad cramps for a few hours before. My daughter was 14 and had no signs besides crabbiness and complete loss of appetite

My daughter was 12 and she was very moody for months before she started hers

10 for my baby and absolutely no signs for my oldest, with my youngest she started getting ALL the signs starting at 8 but right before she started she was pretty moody and I was literally telling my best friend I was shocked she hadn’t started… 5 mins later she gets it :melting_face:

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13 for me, 1st daughter was 12. I was in school…IN WHITE JEANS. Was not a good day

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I was 8. No real signs that I remember. I had A cups less than a year before.

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I was 11. All I remember is I thought I was dying because my sisters didn’t start theirs until they were 14-16. My mom thought she had time to tell me. I called her at work panicking because I thought I was bleeding to death. I even made a will and called my best friend to say goodbye. We were both crying over the phone. My mom freaked out and came home and looked me over. She said where are you bleeding. I couldn’t tell her. Then when I told her there was blood all in the toilet she died laughing. I was so upset and said why are you laughing don’t you care that I’m dying?? That’s when she told me that it was a part of womanhood and she thought she had a few years to go before she could sit down and tell me. lol She said she didn’t have hers until she was about 13 so she thought that was the normal age. Good thing I ripped up the will afterwards lol

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No signs but my self and my 2 oldest daughters all started at 11

I was like 9 or 10 I think. My sister was 7 (ended up being diagnosed with PCOS).

I was 9 and both my girls were 11yrs old

10 and lots of crying

I started mine at 9.
I remember feeling a bit more tired and hungry. And then it started and I was like oh, I guess I’m not dying then.

I was 12, one daughter around then, another around 10. My 10 yr old was larger framed and actually got very curvey hips and some small breast development right before. Had just read heavier and/or large framed girls could get theirs around 9-10. Wasn’t regular until later.

I was 12. Got it on my birthday. :roll_eyes: My daughter was 11 1/2. It usually starts within a year of breast tissue development. That’s what my daughter’s nurse practitioner said, anyway.