Signs labor is near?

I’m 37+1 and early labor has started. I’ve had contractions (still mild and pretty far apart) for the past 24+ hours. I went to L&D this morning and got checked. I’m barely dilated, they said it could be any time or a couple days still. But as the day has gone on my sinuses have gotten very congested and I’m feeling like I’m getting sick. Any mama’s go into labor while sick? What are your experiences? Any advice on getting better ASAP?


37+1 is 38
24+ hours is 24 hours.

I was having regular mild contractions for 3 weeks an finally when I hit 36 weeks he come u could go anytime or couple days or week

I dont think you are sick. Sounds like allergies. You’re almost there just a bit longer. Try to have sex or go walking, do some squats.

Both are actually symptoms of labor. However, you can be in pre labor for days. I was dilated to 5 and in early labor for over a week until I got induced. Also, dilated means nothing. For example, if you 5cm dilated and only 50% effaced it could still be days because you need to be 100% effaced before the baby can come all the way down. I think I explained that correctly, it happened to me with my second son lol.

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I had a cold when I went into labor. All the coughing actually made me have my shortest labor outta the 3!


I had pneumonia but I had a scheduled csection

I was sick with my first 2 I believe and I had to tell them I wasn’t or they wouldn’t give me my epidural which I understand…they don’t want you coughing while sticking a needle in your back but I was able to control it

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Why not go to the Doctor?