Signs labor is near?

I am 38 weeks, and just in the last 24 hours have pretty much had my baby boy moving CONSTANTLY! And it is painful! So does anyone have any experience with their baby moving “too much” ? Generally no movement is bad… but is too much bad also ?


Nope. Movement is good. Probably trying to get into a good position for labour.

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Its normal my son moved a lot the last few weeks its just your baby getting comfortable there isnt much room in there so they will move more often💖

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There is no such thing as to much movement. My son moves 24/7 I don’t think this boy sleeps at all

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No. Just uncomfortable and painful sometimes. Not much you can do, really. I had twins, and I am very small framed on top of it. It sucked. Haha

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No such thing as too much movement. Probably getting situated for delivery.

Use the count the kicks app

I’m 25 weeks and have never even felt my little girl move, not even a flutter. The only thing that lets me know she’s in there is morning sickness. enjoy the movements for the Mama’s who can’t

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That happened to me and my water broke the next day!!!

Ohhhbhh yeah I remember that lol 38 weeks. Baby is going to be active. Basically their slamming down on ur cervix to help it start thinning to prep you for labor. Just baby saying he’s getting ready to come out and say hi.
I swear my kids acted like acrobats in the last 2 weeks I was so uncomfortable.

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When I was around 37 or 38 weeks every movement he made hurt, my whole stomach and ribs were sore. There’s not much room left in there, my boy felt like he was stretched out long ways pushing both sides of my belly, it was painful

if your baby’s movement is not following it’s normal pattern and you can’t explain why then PLEASE get it checked out.
In rare cases, too much movement can be a sign of foetal distress.

This baby im carrying now has been my most active one since 15 weeks. I recently asked my dr the same thing and he feels it’s a great thing. He said he has no worries. He’d worry if lo didnt move much.

I felt like my son was constantly moving from about 34ish weeks on. I was absolutely miserable and could barely sleep. I walked A LOT and it helped, he still moved but the jerks werent as bad.

No, not technically… but my son did bruise my ribs a couple of times when I was pregnant with him.

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I have found that the more I moved the less baby moved, the more it rested the more baby moved…try maybe walking around a lot to get him to settle down, or soaking in the bath?

My daughter moved constantly the whole time. She flipped over at least once everyday until at least 39 weeks. Those kick counts the last few weeks were funny. I forget the max time to get the movements was, but I’m thinking it was more than an hour. However it took less than a minute usually.
So when I see people worrying that their baby isn’t head down at like 34 weeks I wonder a little. Because mine was still flipping daily to the very end. It looked like those alien movies. You could see my whole stomach move across the room.