Signs labor is near?

Please help me!!! I’ve been having verendus contractions since Thursday night, but sometimes they’re 10 minutes apart and sometimes they are 5 minutes apart. I am at 2 centimeters and I just cannot find any relief anymore. Benadryl and Tylenol does not work, I can’t lay down or sit down at this point because I feel like it hurts more and baby is stuck. That’s what it feels like at least, the contractions are so strong but so irregular that I’m sure they’re going to dismiss me if I went into the hospital again. What can I do?


Walk, bounce on excersize ball, warm shower

Definitely go to the hospital ASAP.


Just keep doing at home exercises. The bounce on a ball, go for a walk, go for a very long, bumpy car ride, eat spicy food, etc


Walk… walk so much and have sex

Call the early labor department at the hospital and talk to a nurse to see if they will let you in or tell you what to do

Go to the hospital, the worst they’ll do is send you home.


Go to the hospital! That’s what they’re there for. Better safe than sorry! Good luck!

What did you end up doing

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I would honestly just go in & be checked.

Go to the hospital if you are in that much pain.

Same boat, I’m 37 weeks and been having the sporadic contractions for 4 days. Sent me home the first day with contractions 2-4min apart and 3cm. I have yet to go back even with more steady contractions just because I know they’re gonna send me back home

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Pineapple has bromelaine in it, that helps

My contractions with all 4 of my boys were so irregular…I fell asleep timing them even! It was real active labor tho.

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Squats, walk, sex, pump, bounce on an exercise ball, 100% pineapple juice, nipple stimulation.


You can try an acupuncture session designed to help induce… I also tried pumping to induce naturally.

why have you not called your doctor and followed his advice?


I’m having same problem they won’t keep u unless u r 4cm wheather u r having steady contractions or not itd ridiculous


Go get checked at the hospital that’s what they are there for


Go to hospital. Let them decide!


Call you OB there is always a Dr on call that will tell you what to do


Go to the hospital. My contractions were ridiculous like that with my last pregnancy and they ended up giving me some medicine and it made the contractions relax for a good few hours. They offered to give me a prescription for it but my stupid self declined lol.

I went to the hospital with my 2nd daughter with irregular contractions. The nurses said your not in active labor. You’ll be going home for sure. They checked me and I was complete. Dr bearly got there in time.

Go to the hospital. My contractions were irregular with my 2nd and I was only. 2cms dilated and they kept me eventually starting pitocin

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Tell them to induce you

OMG…Yall just need to stop getting knocked up…the question yall come with just floors me…I cant even.


Honey, if you’re that miserable, labor sucks but there’s a limit beyond normal, if you’re miserable…screw the Drs. Go. And you demand they check you and the baby. If they don’t, find another hosp. Period.
Good luck momma. :blue_heart:

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That happened to me for a week! I just dealt with the pain the best I could, heating pads, massages from my partner, exercise ball, Tylenol and Benadryl, warm baths, swaying on my hands and knees! Then eventually I was in active labour and my water broke and everything was over with in 2.5 hours. I wanted a natural birth so I left things at that, but if that’s not your plan perhaps your Dr can induce you, or give you something more for the pain? Good luck!

Girl I’d go back to the hospital…they tried to send me home with my son cuz my nurse was stupid as soon as I switched nurses my water broke and there he was had they sent me home I would’ve had him there…if your that uncomfortable theres meds they can give you to stop your contractions