Signs labor is near?

How long where you dilated before you had your baby? I was dilated to a 3 a week ago but still no water breaking or anything.


Dilated to 4 and 100% thinned for a month before I had my daughter at 38wks. My water also didn’t break the doctor had to.

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I had an appt on a Tuesday, was dilated to a 3, my water broke the next evening, Wednesday, my daughter was born that Thursday.
Hang in there, I know those last few weeks/days are so long and you’re so ready.

With my first I was dilated to a 4 at 7 months and went full term and with my second I was dilated a 3 about a month before my due date and again went to full term

I was dialted to a 1 with me being 50% effaced until the day before my due date. Before i delivered i was a 4 to a 6 within 2 hours

I was dialated at a 3 when the hospital kept me. I was having contractions tho so that’s maybe why.

Your water may not break, please don’t wait for that.

I was dilated to a 7 for 5 weeks. I walked, bounced, everything trying to induce labor or break my water. Nothing. I had to have my membranes stripped at 39 weeks and having my membranes stripped kick started labor and she was born the next day.

i was 40w dilated at only 1-2. went into labor on my own but they gave me pitocin and upped it every few minutes to make my body dilate, they broke my water for me also

I stayed at a 3 for a week and then I was induced

I was dialated to an 8 and a half and my water had to be broke by my ob☹️

I go from barely a 1 the day before to time to push. I have fast labors…

#1 i was at 3 for nearly a month
#2 was at 3 2 days before i had her.

I was dilated 2 cm for 2 months with my first! And for my second I was dilated 4.5 cm for a month and they ended up inducing me

I was at a 3 they didn’t tell me how much i was thinned. I was having contractions less than 4 min apart and they wanted to send me home. TMI: They took a sample of my down stairs discharge to check if it was my water leaking, 30 seconds later a strong contraction broke my water.

I was dialated to a 4 at 28 weeks, I delivered a week before my due date. Doctor had to break my water

I was dilated at 3cm for a month with my second. I ended up being induced on his due date.

I stayed at a 3 for a week and then I was induced

I was at 4cm for 2 weeks.

5cm for 2 week

I begged them to just break my water

I was 2cm dilated for 2 weeks before i had my son

Cervical checks are dangerous &&& they tell you nothing but how far your cervix is dilated, which is not an indication of labor.

I was at 4 for a month before my due date, I still had to be induced a week and a half after my due date

Two hours water broke at home and dilated to a 3 had emergency c-section

I stayed at a 3 for 3 months with my first daughter and then went to the hospital with contractions 2 days after she was due And the drs checked me i was still at 3 centimetera so they gave mw pitocin to speed up the contractions and then 12 hrs later she was born

I was dialated to 1 for the past month… . Just yesterday they tell me 2… now i’m currently at the hospital having contractions


I was 2cm for a week both times and waters never got broken until I was ready to push with my son and daughter midwife had to break them

You don’t deliver before you are 10 cm dilated.

I’m currently dilated 2 cm. Still waiting :roll_eyes:

I was 3 the whole last 4wks with my 2nd and 3rd. The last week with my first

10 cm , fully dilated and strong regular contractions may you then wait for your waters to break!

I was 1cm my whole 2nd and 3rd trimester with my daughter and my water broke 4 days after her due date and I was still 1cm then

I went in to be ripened and induced because I was almost 42 weeks pregnant and not dilated at all🤦🏻‍♀️

I was dilated at a 1 for my 39 week check up. On my due date I went into labor, when I went into the hospital I was only at a 2 but they couldnt get my contractions to stop so they gave me pitocin to help me dilate.

I was dilated at 5 cm and 100% effaced for 4 weeks before I went in to labor.

I dilated all the way to 10cm and my doc still had to break my water for me :joy: but i was up to 4cm when i finally went into labor

3cm for about 2 weeks then my water broke on thanksgiving :woman_facepalming:t4:

I was at a 2 at the hospital with bad contractions then 20 minutes later my water broke and was in full blown labor pushing

I was dialated to a 5 and completely effaced for 5 weeks before I delivered

I was dilated to a 3 the last 2 months when I was pregnant with my son. Still had to be induced & have my water broken at 40 weeks & 1 day.

I was dilated at a 2 for about a week. When I went in to be induced I was a 3. Towards the end I went from a 7 to a 10 in a matter of 45 minutes.

I was at a 3 for 2 weeks

I was dialed to a 1 for 3 weeks, and went into labor on my due date. They actually scheduled me to be induced because they didn’t think my daughter was gonna come on her own!

My 2nd child came out of me at 7cm dilated

I was dilated to 1 -1.5 for a couple weeks before contractions became more frequent. Where I come from if you are past 2 and contracting they do not let you leave the hospital

I was at 3 for 5 weeks

I was dilated to 2 for 2 weeks and then 4 for 2 weeks before I went in to labor with my son.

They had to break my water I delivered at 9cm.

I was 4 cm for 2 weeks until I went in for my 39 week checkup. I had been in active labor for 24 hrs and didn’t know it. I had them break my water that afternoon around 4 and had my daughter at 6:52 the same day. Same with my son, only I was 4 1/2 centimeters at 35 weeks.

I was dilated at 6cm for 34 hours and still didnt break my water even with the saline balloon in place… My midwife ended up doing it for me and man was it all so very painful

The hospital I go to doesn’t consider you in active labor until you’re dialated to a 6 and having contractions 2-3 min apart.

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Dilated at 3 cm for 6 weeks before my water broke

My first son i was dialated 1cm for the last 2.5 months and my second son i was at 1.5 cm for the last 6 weeks… both times had to be induced bc neither wanted to come out…

My water broke on it’s own and when I went to the hospital after that I was hardly dilated to a 1. :woman_shrugging:t2:

That part can take a while

I was very ready at 8cm dialated

Was at 1-3 over the course of at least a month before being induced. Babies like to take their time

I was dilated at a 3 for 3 months. Dont always go off of that until you’re at a 5

4 cm dilated for 3.5 weeks with baby #3

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I was 6 1/2 cm dialted for over 4 wks with my 3rd child … that was fun

Get your membranes stripped

I was 39 weeks my daughter put me in labor about a week after my apt. I was at 3 cm and progressing by the time i got to the er.

I was 3cm dilated for two weeks

I dilated from a 1 to a 10 within hours. My water broke when I was at about a 4. Had my baby that same day.

With my first I was 3cm for a month and 4 cm for a week before I had a pinhole in my water and I was induced

5cm for about 2 weeks

I gradually dilated to about 4 over a few weeks. Then my water broke and within 1 hour I went from 4 to 10

During my last pregnancy, I was 3cm for 3 weeks. I was 4cm at 2 days late. My water broke on its own while I was in the hospital bed.

I was stuck at 2 for like 2.5 weeks unfortunately :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I was stuck at a 4 for about 5 days before making progress. The I went from a 5 to pushing in the matter of two hours.

Took me hours to get from 1-3 but as soon as I hit 3 I felt like I had to push. They rechecked and I had hit 9 before my dr could hit the end of the hall