Signs of a food allergy in babies?

Need tips on how to move forward. I gave My daughter butternut squash for dinner and I noticed once she was done her cheeks were red and blotchy. She acted like she felt perfectly fine. You could see tiny rash bumps starting to form. So I did a test strip on her arm and there was no reaction but I only let it sit for 15ish second because she wouldn’t sit still very long. Is it safe to feed her it again to see if it actually is an allergy or do I cut that one out for a while?

Putting food on the arm isn’t the best way to test for food allergies.

What else was served with the squash? It’s not as common of an allergen. Any food can be an allergy.

I would trial foods early in the day

Ask your pediatrician but I know ours told us to discontinue use for 2 weeks and try again making sure that it was the only new food used that week. My daughter had the same reaction with peaches, oranges and mangos. Apples didn’t give her a rash but made her extremely constipated.

Talk to your doctor! DUH!!!