Signs of a miscarriage?

I already went to doctor. Blood was drawn and will have results on Monday. He wasnt able to see anything but said it might be too early, witch i kinda agree. Just trying to see what i can expect. Im 4wks pregnant :relaxed::heart_eyes::grin:. I have been wiping pinkish for a couple of days, its on and off thing. Sometimes its just very little others its more. Its still pinkish. :cry::cry:. I havnt had any server pain other then like cramps. I do get mild pains on my sides but like i said not severe. Im still very hungry throughout the day, my boobs still hurt and thats it. :relaxed::relieved::pensive:. I guess my question is if anyone has had this n not experienced a miscarriage. Is this normal?
Its my 3rd pregnancy, 1st miscarriage, 2nd gorgeous 2yr old but never really "felt pregnant " with him. I guess since i experienced a miscarriage im kind just afraid of another . :sob::cry:. I really appreciate feed back ir what can i expect. TYIA :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: