Signs of a miscarriage?

I’m 5 weeks pregnant and this morning had bad cramps and bleeding. The bleeding isn’t blood clots and it’s only coming out a little when I pee. It’s bright red. I went to the ER immediately and they couldn’t do anything because they said I was too early. They did an ultra sound to see if the baby was stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be- & it wasn’t. I’m just wondering if anyone else has came across this problem? Was it a miscarriage or did you end up being fine???


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3 of my 5 this happen 1 it was a subchorionic hematoma was put on bedrest the rest of the pregnancy the other 2 no rhyme or reason …all kids good now

This happened to me at 5 weeks and it was implantation bleeding. All was fine.

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It could be as simple as implantation bleeding. However the ER lied. They can do a blood test to see where your hcg levels are to see if they match up with where you are in pregnancy. They did them with me at 4 weeks.


I was 7 weeks it’s like a period bleed .if it’s a lil it should be fine just keep watching but try not to stress…if it gets worse go back in…if you need more advice feel free to p.m me

its called implantation. cramping and spotting. tje egg making a spot in ur uterus basically. call ur ob. happened to me and they go me into ultrasound and it was just a yolksac. 2 weeks later turned into baby.

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Call you Obgyn and get you levels checked then go back in 3-5 days and get blood work again and see if you hcg levels are going up or down. Obviously we want them to go up. Good luck


It could be implantation bleeding. I didn’t have it with my first two pregnancies but I did with my last. Call your OB. They can text your HGC levels.

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I spotted some with my 3rd pregnancy… she is now a healthy 7 month old. But I did also spot with bad back cramps with my first pregnancy and had a miscarriage. Make an appointment… by 6 weeks they should be able to see a heartbeat or take your hcg levels. Good luck mama, I’m sure everything is fine.

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I’ve had it for both ways. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do except rest and wait and see. They can do blood tests to see if your hcg is falling which typically indicates if you are miscarrying or not.

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I have never bleed with any of my babies and I am on number 4 ! It could be implantation bleeding but it could also be miscarriage but they can draw your blood and check levels of HCG and then check again and a few days to see if it is rising or falling !

I had light bleeding until 12 weeks and had a healthy baby.

I bled heavily with my 2nd that Im pregnant with now, it happened at 11 weeks and they told me the same thing. Mine was HEAVY with clots, in my chart it was labled as threatened miscarriage/threatened abortion (really dont know why they put abortion especially with everything going on with roe v wade)… The bleeding stopped after 3 days and Im fine now and 23 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Come to find out I do have an anterior placenta, and with my first I had an emergency cscetion. Still not sure what caused my bleeding especially at 11 weeks but me and baby are fine now. Sending prayers/good vibes your way mama!! Stay hydrated and make sure you still eat good, I know its worrisome💕


Sounds like you may be experiencing a SCH (sub-chronic hemorrhage) which is medically diagnosed as a threatened miscarriage, it’s very easy for ER to over look this because they are typically rude when it comes to these situations and care to do nothing more than a pelvic exam and blood work.

I have had multiple miscarriages so when I had a SCH with my daughter it was really hard not to worry. They typically resolves themselves by 18 weeks but I would definitely give you OB a call so they can properly check you for one on ultrasound and check your hcg level. I had bleeding on and off until 12 weeks when it dispersed.

Bright red blood is never a good sign. See your OB asap! Good luck

I actually had a period for the first 3 months of my 1st pregnancy I only took a test because I felt off tender breast I was crying all the time took a test came back positive I was 10 weeks along I also has a cist I now have a very healthy 7yr old… I would make a appointment to see ur ob have them check ur levels and keep a eye on you. Good luck momma think positive thoughts :green_heart:

I had a very light period for the first few months I was pregnant, my kid is now 41. Good luck and stay positive

I hope you’re not living in a red fascist state that can investigate and arrest you for having a miscarriage.

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I spotted alot with my Child & everything turned out fine

Yes I did and it was a hemorrhage that resolved itself on its own by the time I got to the anatomy scan.

I started with alittle bleeding ultrasound said bugs was fine I was 16w5d and by the following night the bleeding got heavier and with clots and I lost my son at 2.25am. I had mild cramps at first and the last hour was like Labor pains. The baby was sitting on the opening bum first