Signs of a ovarian cyst?

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Looking for experiences with ovarian cyst. I had a normal period then a week later started bleeding again and cramping very heavy for 3 days. It stopped and a week later I started cramping again super bad no blood tho. Then on vacation a few days later I started bleeding again and cramping. My normal period isn’t due for over a week. I saw my doctor but can’t get in for any testing until the 18th of July. Just wondering if anyone has any experiences, because I’m clueless as to what’s going on with my body.

if your doctor is not taking it seriously, you take you to the emergency room

So ive been kinda going through the same thing. I gave birth 01/21 and have had an ongoing period every since, omitting maybe a week or two in the past 5 months. On top of that I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain far more worse than what cramps would be. I had a pelvic ultrasound yesterday to check my uterus, ovaries and so forth and to my surprise, they say everything looks great so I’m back at square one with no idea. I don’t get to see my dr for another week but as far as i know they’re just planning on trying different birth controls so i surely hope you get it figured out better than i

My pain ended me up in the ER. With in 45 mins they had me knock out n on the table. If your doc is not helping… Do what you gotta do! Go to the ER.