Signs of a prolapsed uterus?

I have a question, it feels embarrassing and I’m nervous to ask but I’m sick of seeing things on Google about it I’m making myself crazy. Any moms on here ever have a prolapsed uterus and were pregnant? I had it with my last son and things were fine but I feel like this time it’s worse. I kept telling my doctors I felt like I had a hernia down there for about 2 years (it happened after I had my Angel baby at 23 weeks) and they kept saying they don’t see anything wrong down there but this time they finally saw it. I’m 17 weeks right now and im nervous. It is so bad this time around, I keep googling about it and making myself terrified. I don’t know if I need to be terrified or not, so I decided to ask you guys for advice.


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This is a question you should be asking your OB or midwife, hun. We aren’t doctors and we can’t see inside your body to tell you what’s going on. If it is in fact a prolapse, that’s a medical emergency and if you’re concerned I would go to ER to get checked.


Could it be a bartholins cyst? I had one of those twice and had to get surgery

This is not the place to bring that question. That’s some thing your OB should be addressing


They told you that you have a prolapsed uterus or you’re guessing that’s what it is? If they told you you have one then they should be closely monitoring your pregnancy and you should be very informed. If you’re not, you need a second opinion. If they told you it was something else then they are likely correct and you should stop googling. Uterine prolapse during pregnancy is rare.


After being seen again they said it’s a prolapsed bladder. Just wondering if anyone else went through the same thing during their pregnancy. First they said uterus but another doctor said no it’s def my bladder.


Stay away from .com cause they are commercialized and web md if doing research .edu .health .org are all used in educational

I have a cystocele (prolapsed bladder) as well. It’s more inconvenient than anything. Your OB should be able to fit you with a pessary that will hold your bladder in place. It’s a disc that’s inserted vaginally. It’s very simple to take in and out and is not uncomfortable. My OB said I will need surgery to correct it after I’m done have children as it will just get pushed out of place with each pregnancy.

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Did they see a hernia or a prolapse ?

Your uterus will literally protrude from your vagina, if that’s the case. Are you sure it’s not a form of PTSD over losing the baby?

I’m sorry. I went through something similar my 2nd pregnancy. It’s a terrible feeling. I hope it all works out

Check with your OB.
I had 4 large babies
9-10.8 pounds
I ended up with a prolapse after our second 9 pounder.
2 pregnancies with it. Have lived with it since.
I have a uterine prolapse
Youngest is now 7.