Signs of a stomach bug?

I think my 17 month old has a stomach bug. Has thrown up 3 times within the last few hours. Still happy and running around no fever. Will take to doctor if this last longer than 24 hours. What should I give her? She’s not eating much just drinking a little bit but cant keep it down.


Pedialyte :slightly_smiling_face: and water.


What are you waiting for take her to the Doctor

Pedialyte and water. You don’t want them to get dehydrated and diarrhea and vomiting will do it faster than you think when they are little. Hope he feels better soon!

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Stomach bug! My kids just went threw it. Barely would eat. I’ve been giving them pedialyte and crackers.

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Take her to the doctor to make sure she’s not dehydrated and to see if they can give her anything. I would also give her pedialyte and water.

Pedialyte and popsicles!

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Gatorade is also good, but she should be seen by her doctor.

Pedialyte and water or ice chips

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Keep her hydrated try pedialyte or water.

Little bit of ginger ale and pedialyte (my doctor always recommended the clear) but I never noticed the difference in the flavored ones. My son is 10 and came home from school yesterday cause he vomited. No fever, never said a word about his stomach bugging him. That happened right after breakfast by dinner he was starving and ate everything that didn’t walk away from him

Popcycles, jello water,

Pedialyte ice pops. And BRATS diet

Its the bug. Try ice pops as or Pedialyte . water will just make it worse
Food won’t be a good idea maybe chicken soup juice

Call your doc because most times they won’t see a child with no other symptoms unless they have been throwing up 24 hours. Pedialyte but only give her a little at a time my doc said about 10ml every 15 minutes if she holds it down for an hour then up it some. When she can hold it down for (I think she said) 3 hours or more give her half a cup until she is not throwing up anymore. Stomach bugs can last up to 48 hours so hydration is the only important thing.

Try pedialyte pops. They worked for my son alot and also using a medocine syringe and only giving my son 2.5 mls at a time of pedialyte. He was able to keep that down because it was only a little. Dont worry about food right now.

Pedialyte and brat diet bananas rice applesauce toast

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Jello water is what my Doc had me give mine.

Make popsicles using Pedialyte. Toast. Jello. Crackers. Feel better!

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Yup. Ohe house has gotten it twice in the last 2 months. My 6 year old was out for days and now my 4 year old threw up all over this morning.

Icee’s/pop ice are a hit. Watch temp. If it gets too high and they cant keep anything down, get in to doctor. My 6 year old ended up needing anti nausea medication after 2 days of no water or food staying down.

Ice chips, Pedialyte ( clear ! )
the clear is recommended because the flavored has artificial dyes and artificial sweeteners and artificial flavorings .
Basically - a chemical S* Storm