Signs of a uterine prolapse?

Has anyone dealt with uterine prolapse? I am 27 and have had two children via c-section… lately I have been having alot of pressure/pain down there. Along with that intercourse just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I was googling my symptoms (as all of us crazy people do lol) and it was mentioning uterine prolapse could be a possibility. I have a lot of the things it mentioned. I am pretty upset/embarrassed considering I am young and I haven’t heard of many people dealing with this. If anyone has any advice or experiences they can share with me that would be great. Do I go see a OBGYN? I am embarrassed to bring it up to me husband and I’m afraid… wondering if things feel differently for him as it does for me when we have intercourse. will this be my life from now on?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs of a uterine prolapse?

You need to go see your Dr to discuss your concerns


Go back to your OB/GYN.


I feel I have it as well as I have alot of the symptoms by my ob said no I have a weak cervix due to having children

Yes your OB/Gyn can help. I had the surgery done over three years ago and have not had an issue.

I would go see an ob/gyn

I am in that boat, but due to soft bones, an oncologist recommended I not have surgery, but I am a lot older than you. See a surgeon that does hysterectomies. Prayers.

Don’t be embarrassed. We can’t control a lot of things. Go see your gyn.they will be able to tell. There are things they can do. I had 4 vaginal births and pretty severe prolaspe in my 50s. I had a hysterectomy. But you are younger I know there are other things they can do for you. Just go see your gyn and put your mind at ease.

You could also have fibroids.

Girl I had that at 25 did a partial hysterectomy best decision I made

No surgery is needed….you do therapy. In which they will make you do pelvic floor exercises and kegels. I have a prolapsed rectum do to having my last child 7 months ago. It is normal and happens!

Obgyn’s see it ALL of the time. Nothing to be embarrassed about whatsoever. Typically prolapse (especially minor- stage 1) shouldn’t be painful. You may even have bv or yeast which can also cause pressure and pain and still be relatively asymptomatic. I would start with your appointment. I worked for a specialty gyn surgeon for years and I can promise you- it’s nothing to be ashamed of!


Go to obgyn they will be able to tell you better

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Research Endometriosis

Fibroids feel the same way because I thought the same thing and when they did an ultrasound it’s was fibroids

Don’t be embarrassed about talking to your ob about it. They are literally your vagina dr and know all there is to know about your inside and outside girly parts.

See your doctor. I had the same problem and by the time I addressed it ended up with a hysterectomy at 33. Thankfully I did when I did because I had undiagnosed uterine cancer

I’m actually having surgery on Tuesday to repair my bladder prolapse. I knew something was off but didn’t know if it was bladder or uterus. I understand how you feel. It’s awkward and the tests and exams are uncomfortable af. I put off my appointment for 2.5 years because I was too embarrassed but now I just want it fixed.

I went to a urogynecologist, so not just an OB, although that would be a good place to start; they can refer you to someone else if need be. It’s actually super common. Don’t feel bad or embarrassed. They see it all the time. Hope you feel better! Hugs!

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I don’t knowanything about prolapse. But first off if you do have it it’s nothing to be ashamed about. It happens and completely not something you can control. 2nd I know this may be weird but sometimes when I get bad bladder infections or yeast infections it feels to me like alot of pressure.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. Child birth does damage to our bodies. I had my uterus and bladder fall . Had hysterectomy, I’m older then you but I had 3 long difficult deliveries w my children and my job didn’t help matters . Please go to dr. I went to obgyn and they sent me to who I needed to see

The pressure and pain I had after my 3 c sections turned out to be fibroids and scarring. It was very intense during sex and for days after. I had an ablation that really helped. Just to let you know it could be something else. Definitely see an obgyn though.

Ladies what is prolapse . I could Google it but I think ill just panick.:pensive:

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s actually pretty common :heart:

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Don’t be embarrassed and ask him if he notices anything, you are married… I don’t know personally what it is but schedule with an OB right away. It’s probably more common than you think, women just don’t share personal stuff as often as men do… Your sexual health is just as important…

You need to go be seen!!!

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Go see a urologist. Enquire about a transvaginal mesh using the procedure where they come out by the hairline (old school treatment), not on the insides of your legs. The latter was where many people had issues including nerve damage.

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i’m 21 and was having a ton of pain, i thought it was the same thing. and as you, was totally embarrassed. turned out to be pregnant again and resulted in a miscarriage. my first born is 4 months.

If you got down on all 4’s, trust me, you or someone will see a bugle hanging out, That is a prolapse uterus. Talk to your GYN

Hi! I work in urogynocolgy! Most urogyn providers require a referral so a regular GYN can examine you and write one. There’s so many options out there to help, pelvic floor therapy is super popular and so are pessarys! It’s SO normal and don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed


Could be a few things, fibroids, Adenomyosis, endometriosis, prolapsed uterus. Make an appointment and speak to your obgyn, don’t be embarrassed, afraid, you’re going to need medical treatment. My best advice, don’t continue to let this go untreated!

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Gotta question…how is your pee habits? I have delt with a dropped bladder, its got very similar symptoms as uterus droping…my rectum and such is falling out now and I’m only 24…your not alone!!!

Talk to your obgyn about pelvic congestion syndrome. Do you feel pretty good in the morning then get worse through out the day? It can cause issues like ibs and bladder problems. The worst is the pain during sex and so much pressure/pain in your pelvic area. (It gets worse after physical activity and in the evening) It is pretty common in women who have had children. But many doctors miss it. I was diagnosed and treated. (After 3 ct scans, 1 ultrasound and then finally the MRI caught it) it got so bad my vein was twisting then untwisting causing so much pain and locking me in what ever position I was in. Normal veins are 2mm my right side was 11.5mm and left was 6.5mm. I never thought I’d ever feel this good again.

Ok. So obviously the best advice is to speak to your doctor…
But I’d kindly like to address the issue of you not wanting to talk to your husband for fear of embarrassment.
Sweetie, please be open with him. You should be able to find comfort with him and he with you. It’s uncomfortable yes, but these things can bring you closer. Your body will change over years. This won’t be the first “embarrassing” thing you will face. It’s good to have someone on your team.
For better or worse! Sickness and health! Just talk to him. He needs to know that intercourse isn’t the same and you need to get checked. Good luck


Are you breastfeeding your youngest? A similar thing happened to me after my 2nd baby. I was convinced the doctor sewed me up wrong. Everything hurt, especially sex. I went to my OB/GYN who said the hormone produced during breastfeeding was totally suppressing estrogen in my body. He gave me some estrogen cream and everything was fine after that. I got to continue breastfeeding.

See your OB/GYN immediately.

ALWAYS GO SEE A DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE MEDICAL QUESTIONS. Don’t be embarrassed! Bodies are bodies and things happen and you age an have life events occur. Especially having babies