Signs of ADHD in kids?

How did you know your child had ADHD and what age were they?

Telling my child not to do something and 10 seconds later he was doing the exact thing, rinse repeat x200 and it was clear he couldn’t help it. Not being able to memorize/internalize any common prek information (color, letters, shapes, etc)

He WOULD not go to sleep. He would hum, shake his leg, tap his arm, really anything to keep himself awake. Of course once he was out he was out.

Talked from the time his eyes opened till they closed. Could not follow instructions, he would have to be babysat basically to do anything because as he said “I got distracted”.

Always in trouble in pre K for not sitting still, talking and not following instructions the first few times.

Once on meds he’s great! He in the magnet school now (just finished 1st grade), above average on most things, no behavior issues at school.

Age two. Not sleeping at all and not being able to sit still. Stupid as it sounds you just know. Even the doctors new at that age but couldn’t do anything till she was diagnosed at 5