Signs of adhd in kids?

How old does a child have to be before Diagnosing for ADHD/ ADD? My son is 4 years old. And is out of control! He can’t set still at all, doesn’t pay any Attention to anything. Toys, books, Activities, Grocery shopping or any kind of outing Is a nightmare! His doctor doesn’t seem like it’s a problem! He little brother is picking up the bad habits. I’m not for sure if it’s ADHD/ ADD. I was diagnosed at 9-10 for adhd but I was more of a shy kid, would slide down in my chair at school trying to not be seen to answer a question etc…
I’m just wondering if I should Constantly bring up his Behavior at his doctor appointment or not even Mention it anymore, because the last few times I have she doesn’t seem to say much of why he doesn’t listen, Very small attention span, Seriously ask like a wild Animal!

No blasting please! I’m not putting me son down at all!! I love him more then life, I’m just lost at why he acts the way he does… I just want to make sure there’s no Medical reason why he acts the way he does…


See a behavioral therapist, they can help better than most pediatrician’s


Usually when they start school around 6 yrs old

You can get another opinion. I believe they need to be 5 to be evaluated by a behavioral specialist. Look into it. If he’s in headstart or preschool they might have information to help you too.

My son is the exact same way! He just turned for and has already been diagnosed but we had to go to a completely different doctor because my peditrician is old fashioned and dosent believe children should be on any meds… My son gets up at 7 am every morning and he just goes and goes! He can destroy a house in like 5 minutes! We havent currently tried meds yet but his father and I have discussed it this week… We think it might help him focus cause he cant sit still longer then a moment or 2…

Rule everything out first and show it to your doctor if it is still a problem. My son has a lot of issues and he needs a strict routine, if he doesn’t have it then in his eyes its all chaos and he can’t handle it and totally melts down. Give him lots of activities that can channel that energy. Get him on a strict routine and see if that helps at all, if it doesn’t take that information to your doctor and demand that she listen that you’ve tried ABCD and he is still behaving this way what else can we do. My son was 6 when he was diagnosed with ADHD plus a few others, but we struggled since he was 2 1/2.

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My son was the same way he got over it he is 4. The doctor told us to wait until he started school

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My daughter has ADHD, she is 9. My doctor says my son probably has it, too. He is 5. He is very hard to get on task and is constantly going, I would describe him as acting like a wild animal, too. My doctor said right now he is too young for medicine so we just have to deal the best we can. It can be completely overwhelming, though and leaves me utterly exhausted. The doctor has said behavioral therapy can help.

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When they start school.

Get a new doctor. Adhd can be identified at a young age, but you should be restrict sugar intake. Yes it makes a big difference. Get educated


My son is almost 6 and ADHD, some symptoms are mistaken for it when your child is being a child. Good luck to you. Hope you figure it out

Following my son is turning 3 and I feel the same wau

My daughter is 11 an she got diagnosed at 5 but couldn’t start on meds till she was 7 or 8 an it was a very small amount when she first started but before that its was craxxy had to have a behavior therapist come to the house 3x a week it help

Get a new doctor that will listen to you. Sounds very much like ADHD.

My kids doc said they can test at 4 in some cases

You need to correct him for poor behavior as far as sitting still this is notmal for age is he getting enough exercise some need more just remember putting labels on them can mean hurt ting later like becoming a pilot Etc they will never be one also if you start looking and reading up you will find a lot of those drugs actually have never been researched to see what long-term effects have done I have had relatives with brain tumors all using same medications kind of funny then there are other methods such as food watching diet exercise and meditation it works for my boy

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my pediatricians office wouldn’t diagnose them until 2nd grade (and after trying other therapies, of behavior was reported before).

4 year olds are banana balls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and having to share attention with a younger sibling might be magnifying it. i’d definitely try to rule out other things - allergies, food sensitivities, etc.

That sounds like a freaking normal 4yr old to me :woman_shrugging: why is everyone so quick to jump to conclusions “oh my son has this or that” when in reality, that’s what normal 4yr olds do


My ss5 was diagnosed when he was 4 as Adhd and ODD. The doctor put him on meds.

CBD oil… safe and very effective… google it then message me.

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He is 4. He Is a toddler and a boy. He is fine.


My son is 4 and was just diagnosed with adhd. He was also way out of control more then a normal child. My doctor suggested behavioral therapy since he is to young for meds. I would say keep talking to the doctor get help sooner rather then later before he has to start school

I am a retired kdg teacher and it seems to me most drs want you to wait until he is in school before the child gets evaluated. It is a long process for the child and teacher. Usually takes months. My suggestion is to take you child to a child psychologist in Gainesville. He may not need meds at his age just very firm guide lines. Prayers help alot!

Not all doctors understand adhd. Find one that does.

I was 4 or 5, and was in kindergarten

Any dr that diagnoses and medicates a child at this age for add/ADHD should lose their medical license. Every kid is different…change their diet, up the activities, get rid of the electronics, be a parent. Every single time I’m in a store, at a performance, anywhere, kids are glued to a phone or an electronic. Teach a child to behave and have consequences.


My daughter was diagnosed at 5 but they are very limited on the meds they can give if there the route you with to take until she 6

Get a dr that will listen. My son was the same way. He was diagnosed with ADHD.

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Start early. Can be as early as 4. Don’t wait for school to notify you. Get your child to every Dr who listens. Early treatment will definitely make a difference in the child’s ability to learn and adapt to school.

Consider the possibility of sleep apnea. Find a good play therapist who is well trained. He/she can give you ideas…Might be very normal very active 4 year olc.

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My son was about 6 when he was diagnosed with ADHD

Well if you regularly go to doc and they don’t see a problem it’s been my experience as mother of three grandmother of 9 great grand if 7 and 16 years daycare worker . surprise sometimes it is the parenting skills if the parent … child is getting close to public school age . Believe me they will pick up and assist you if there’s a need . Your county health office or children’s hospital in your area should be able to help as well

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Usually it’s after they start to school

Get a second opinion if you feel your concerns aren’t being heard. Maybe try therapy to figure out why he’s acting the way he is.


That’s what 4 year olds do. I think to many people are medicating their children and claiming it’s ADHD. I’m 33 and not one person my entire school life was medicated for acting like a child. Now every other child is on medication or diagnosed with something. It’s really sad


Find a new Dr and look into therapy.
It can be a range of issues but therapy can be a huge help for both of you.
Most 4 yr olds act like they’re on crack.
I made it very clear that that behavior wasn’t allowed, accepted or tolerated. Each kid is different so time outs, taking toys, tv time, outings (I’ve taken away birthday party invites), spanking…something will work 99% of the time as long as you’re firm and consistent. At the end of the day, kids are kids but you have to decide who runs your home. 🤷
If he’s not in a pre school or day care program, find one. Even a few hours a week will be beneficial. Most teachers I have spoken to that have taught kindergarten and 1st grade have all said the same thing,
“Unless work is done at home, if the child doesn’t attend day care or something prior to school starting, they have a higher likelihood of falling behind and having to catch up.”
So, be honest with yourself and examine what is really going on. Sometimes what we’re doing isn’t working for that child and we have to step back and adjust ourselves.

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This is a loaded question. Here’s why. You are his mama. You know in ya heart body soul and mind that something is not right with ya child.
It’s not your fault. Don’t let anyone tell you that your parenting skills are the problem. ADHD is real. It’s not a discipline problem it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. It makes it hard for a child to regulate the way they feel emotionally and react to situations.
You will get through this mama. Get him tested by a new doctor that will listen and understand.


My daughter was similar. We enrolled her in behavioral therapy at 3. Over the years we’ve determined that was her saving grace. She was able to avoid medication for her condition until her teens and even now takes a much smaller dose than others with her condition. Her doctors all say it was the early therapy intervention that allows her to be so high functioning on so little medication.

My son was 4, put on adderall and few other meds at 5 but i refused that much meds, i did ALOT of counseling and kept him in sports all year around. He is now 18 and what helped him? Weed!! Now im not a fan of weed, isnt my thing but hes an adult and helped him so so much!!! Good luck, i been there and lord knows we had so many rough days. It isnt easy, ill be praying for you and your child

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I worked with 4 and 5yr olds that had ADHD (weren’t fully diagnosed because they were so young) and I tell you, diet can sometimes make such a difference. Im not big on all natural organic stuff. But I seen big changes when a parent would switch. Every kid is different but maybe just try it for couple weeks and see if you see a slight difference.

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Get a referral to an Occupational Therapist and Paediatrician my grandson needs both to help him

Look into Raising your Spirited Child theres a book It’s been helpful for our child.

Look at food choices, behaviour therapy and occupational therapy and classes for yourself to help you help him

I have the same thing going on with my 4 yr old girl. U can try different calming oils. Some people and our doctor have told me to give her a little caffeine and if she calms down instead of speeding up then they will most likely come out ADHD. I’ve actually been kinda scared to do this myself bc I don’t think I could handle any more crazy from her. But if anyone else has tried this I would love to know the outcome lol

Call Shiawasse community health and have them check him out.

My son was thought to have combined type ADHD/ autism at the age of 3 was diagnosed at at the age of 4 and started therapy. We put him on meds at the age of 5… He was also diagnosed with a mood disorder and insomnia… Most doctors want to wait until the age of 6 but you can find amazing doctors that think outside the boys and are truly out to help your child…

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Ive heard alot of kids getting diagnosed at 5 id def get a second opinion

exercise take him to the park and let him run and play if hes being kept in the house all the time boys need lots of exercise

My daughter is in a program right now she is 2.5yrs old. They said they said they technically can not fully diagnose her on paper yet but its hereditary. I have severe add/ADHD. I was diagnosed at 3yrs old. Talk to your doctor please. Get your child help.

You can take him to a child psychiatrist and have them diagnose him if his primary won’t. That what I had to with both of mine.

Go see another doctor, that’s what I had to do with both my children. Girls also react differently to boys. My son has ADHD inattentive (used to be just ADD) so he displays more signs similar to me (off with the fairies ect) but still is outgoing. My daughter on the other hand has ADHD active and inattentive (so the whole thing) her teacher, doctor family and friends didn’t see any problems just thought she was a strong willed and spoilt child, I knew different. We seen a different doctor linked with the same practice, I also have 90% of my cousins that have some form of ADHD, so I know what I’m talking about. Finally got my daughter looked at and she has made remarkable improvement since the beginning of the year. Her teacher that she has now, year 1, was the same teacher she had in kindy back in 17. Even she has commented how bright and focused she now is

Ask for a referral to behavior therapy or call behavioral therapy and get an appt.

He’s 4, I would honestly look at his diet… my son wad the same way until I realized it’s artificial chocolate that makes him just crazy… first hyper as hell then crashes and is just a little ass!!! We eliminated artificial chocolate and he’s a completely different child. He does just fine with real chocolate like a Hershey’s bar but give him chocolate cereal, cake or chocolate milk… watch out :woman_facepalming:

ADHD is definitely cause for concern. Had to put my son on meds. He did and felt so much better

Stop the sugar of any kind eat whole live foods only sugar should come from fruit and at that 6grapes per serving is considered by some nutritionists to be a lot of sugar. No soda get on a super clean diet watch the kid regulate

You need to change his diet. Go mostly paleo. Eliminate grains. Sandwiches between romaine lettuce leaves. Eggs instead of cereal. You will see a difference.

Go to s neurologist. My son was diagnosed at 3years old with ADHD and ODD… he now sees a psychiatrist and psychologist.

Good for you for being aware. I’m a teacher and I cant tell you how many parents are in denial for a long time and we have to slowly work our magic at getting them to see and do something about it. First step is always a letter from the school. If he isnt in school yet then you’ll need to wait and see how he is in kindergarten. Now on the other hand, there are a few things to check off of the list. First of all is his diet. How much sugar is he eating each day? Is he eating foods with red dye? Google diets for this and maybe try them. I wish you all kinds of patience and luck. You’re on top just by recognizing things. You can do this.


Better to use behavior modification and things to help him focus. See a psychologist before getting meds. Maybe he’s just a typical tot! They have more energy than we do. They can wear us out

Find another doctor that will listen to you.


Sometimes you have to be pushy. Ask for a test for add or adhd they have that now forget what its called

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I had to wait until my son was 5 years old to get him diagnosed.

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My daughter was just diagnosed when she was 6. We tried when she was younger and they told us it was just typical behavior and to get her into therapy because that may help too.

Sounds like a four year old

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They wouldnt dx my daughter till 7 and it caused a problem at school. I have 1 with ADHD and one with add

Sometimes it has to do with their hearing.maybe have the child get a hearing test?

Or even eye sight check hearing eyes off sugar and no soda,koolaid , natural foods , see if that helps and dr consult

Dirt can affect kids with and without ADHD, MSG is found in many meat products and it’s horrible. No red hot dogs ever reduce sugars get rid of caffeine, artificial preservatives, red#5 food coloring all bad. Whole grains are good, my son who is ADHD loved peanut butter and fruit spreads with wheat germ for added nutrition, fresh fruits, healthy foods. They can eat healthy cereal as in low on the sugar. In time you will see a difference but it’s not a cure all if he does have ADHD.

i would take him into therapy they would give u a better idea on what can be done as well as what steps u can take to make things better. early intervention is the best step possible. it might also help with finding him coping skills or other skills to help with it instead of medication

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Sounds like you want the diagnosis. He’s 4. Some kids are hyper and some are not. I was diagnosed ADHD at 14. I have never been medicated. We need to stop pushing pills down children’s throats.

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My daughter is 5 and she’s been a RUNNER since she got on her feet I mean like booking it running like 20 FEET or more away, yelling yelling her name wouldn’t even turn around to even look at me. I literally wanted a leash for her. Can’t concentrate at all she needs a million activities set up and she’s still not satisfied. She acts out so much I’ve tried time out, taking toys, talking with her, one on one days absolutely nothing works. Her Emotions are all over the place, we literally just got her an appointment to see a specialist, ADHD runs on her fathers side I feel your pain I wish I had advice but I’m seeking for it now. I’m lost on what to do, & she’s definitely struggle. I’d definitely see if you can see a specialist or try therapy, even if it isn’t ADHD you will know. But if it is you’ll probably feel more at ease! Hoping we will get this resolved anyways, not only is it stressful for me but my daughter is struggling and hurting as well! :disappointed:

Some kids are just like that…it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them. Doctors also DO NOT LIKE diagnosing children under school age because it can cause a lot of problems if there is truly nothing wrong. Also maybe try a change in diet NO IM NOT SAYING YOU FEED HIM GARBAGE but good gut health has a lot to do with certain behavior issues.


My son was active from the time he was born. …tried meds for like 2 days hated the way they made him so I finally found the answer for him was…not to say more than 2 things…just confused him…
For example…
In the morning when getting ready…go brush your hair and teeth …not 3 other instructions till he was completed those task…this really helped…
Good luck …

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65 years ago I was wild…jumping, running, wouldn’t sleep. Parents took me to have allergy tests and I was allergic to everything. After a couple of months of shots I was a normal child! Worth checking out!

All 4.yr old have boundless energy. Take him where he can ,run, climb an wear himself out.

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I would try and take him to Easter Seals they will test him for several different things and find out what the problem is it is a very good program my daughter went through it

Sounds like a 4 year old…maybe try a healthier diet if that’s not already in the mix, less sugars and more things to keep him entertained. My son goes nuts when is he bored.

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My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 , she is 12 in August. My younger daughter is 3 and being tested for autism

They don’t like to diagnose until around 6.

They diagnosed my son at 5… once the behavior was happened in more than 1 setting. The school filled out a form for the Dr as well. However I feel that too many kids are falsely diagnosed. I never medicated my son. Instead a tried the Feingold diet. I can tell u it made things so much better. I’m glad I never had to use medication. My son is now 14 and a normal teen. Sometimes is food/dye sensitivity and not adhd.

My son was diagnosed at 3 years old

Try him on a DHA supplement. Fish oil with DHA for kids is supposed to help alot with that, especially if they’re still too young for a ADHD diagnosis and its better than medications anyway. My son was a terror, didn’t listen, wouldn’t calm down and anytime we had to leave for an outing was dreaded. A couple weeks on fish oil and I sincerely noticed a huge difference and i don’t think it was coincidence. But you have to be consistent. I started slacking after while and his behavior started up again. I think there is something to the stuff

Any age! The sooner the better, early intervention is key. Ask for an evaluation from your public school.