SIgns of Adhd?

Anyone have a child [around 3 or 4] who’s been diagnosed with ADHD and/or ODD? This mama needs help.


They won’t typically test or diagnose ADHD/ODD that early.

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Yeah ADD is usually tested in first grade per request.

Both of mine have adhd and add. One is 5 and other is 4. They won’t make it official till they each complete kindergarten.

My daughter’s kindergarten teacher once walked her out to the car and yelled at me through my window that my kid needs to be on meds. She was 5.

I had her tested and she had minor signs, but they attributed it to being younger than the other kindergartners since apparently now it’s common to wait till 6 to start school.

My son was tested a month ago (by the school district) as he starts kindergarten this august, and he also was told he wasn’t.

When I asked my pediatrician about it, he said if my son did have anything, it would be diagnosed best in first grade.

My daughter is now in 5th grade and has never been diagnosed. She was just less mature due to the age difference.

What exactly do you need help with. It’s a very broad spectrum of things that come along with adhd. What helped me a lot was that I knew my child was adhd waayyy before anyone else would even consider it. So I looked up how to handle situations based off of him being adhd. It got me a head start on getting the symptoms of adhd under control before he was diagnosed. So basically I was his 24/7 caregiver and no one else could handle him for more then a few hours at a time. When school came I HAD to finally get him diagnosed and on meds so he could learn properly and make friends instead of enemies.

My sons teacher said my son had adhd / when he only has the sensory problems and focus issues. They wanted him to be on meds for adhd. In kindergarten. Wait til first grade. To get tested. Ask for iep while going thru school

My youngest son was diagnosed at 4 and we started medication right away because he was completely out of control. And honestly dangerous to others.

It’s tough I know…3 of my boys have it. Though they are all a little different in traits.

Hang in there. It doesnt get easier BUT you will learn to deal with it better.

Me u can pm me if u want

Yup ! I have 2 boys with it … 10 and 8 :grimacing: … wish I could say it gets easier … but nope , the attitude they have is intense

Mine is 3 and he was just diagnosed ADHD by childrens hospital. I’m in the same boat as you. Still trying to learn and deal.

Kids are assholes, why’s everybody gotta assume they have something wrong with them because they’re acting out or misbehaving? You think your kid is gonna be a sweetheart and know how to act without someone showing them how? Time to step up as a parent and actually parent your kid. Most kids act out because they don’t get the attention they need at home. It’s just like people hating on their puppies for acting like puppies. Don’t like how your kid is acting, teach them how to act. Don’t expect someone else to or some magical diagnosis to fix your kid. Even with kids being ADHD or whatever, you still have to teach them how to act. It’s just a label. Treat your kid like a normal kid and maybe their behavior will change.

My son is 4 and was ADHD tested and has multiple red flags but they will not put him on meds the end of kindergarten beginning of 1st grade depending on how he does . And he will be retested/evaluated .

The therapist wants to do it with my girls but with the trauma they have had and still getting from their dead beat dad its difficult but I was told just so love and try to understand they are 4 and 5

Sorry I’ve been busy this today. And havent had a chance ton catch up. My daughter will be 3 in August and they have her on meds that helps slightly. They put her in ot and said she has sensory issues on top of that.

My daughter was diagnosed early. About that age. Except it was ADD not ADHD. I just let her be. Thankfully as she got older it didn’t affect her school work. Until this past year, that is. I finally had to put her on something. That being said, every child is different and has different levels. So do the parents on what they can handle. Go with your gut about this stuff. Things will work out :heart: