Signs of autism in toddlers?

What are the signs of autism in toddlers? Is it too early to tell?

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It is often too early too tell unless there’s a Learning Difficulty element to it. I would say clues would include: not wanting to wear socks or shoes, no interest in potty-training, finding clothes uncomfortable, poor sleep patterns or not actually sleeping, either very little speech or advanced speech for age, issues with food, not liking loud or sudden noises such as popping balloons, disliking having hair washed or getting face wet, not liking hugs or liking them really tight… As I said though - clues, not a diagnosis.

I knew at 9 months old something was different. She was diagnosed at 2.

For my son was age 1.
He Didn’t respond to his name.
Walked later
Spin a lot
Flapping of the hands
Still don’t speak only noises.

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My advice would be to talk to your doctor if you have concerns. There are so many things that could mean autism, but could also just be “normal” toddler. My son was diagnosed at 23 months. He didn’t respond to his name or loud noises that would normally startle someone. We had 3 or 4 hearing test done. He didn’t say a single word (or babble) until he was 4. He was a late walker. He’s always liked looking at things from odd angles. Very inquisitive about EVERYTHING! No sense of fear/danger. The list goes on & a lot have changed over the years

Not responding to their name. Fascination with spinning things or lining things up. Flapping hands, walking on their toes. Staring at things like count down on the microwave. Not speaking. Delayed motor skills, and fine motor skills. Little to no eye contact.