Signs of diabetes?

What are the signs of diabetes? Yes I know i can research on google but i want to know the personal signs that someone real went through…thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs of diabetes?

When I got diagnosed I was extremely tired, extremely thirsty alllll the time despite drinking loads! Always at the toilet especially through the night x


Tired, extreme thirst, weight loss, and frequent urination are some symptoms. Get a referral to a endocrinologist

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Sudden weight loss, excessive thirst, frequent urination, fatigue

Thirst like you’ve never experienced. Always peeing. Might have a sore that won’t heal. Leg cramps. Vision problems. Circulation issues.

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Damn I wish I had weight loss :joy:
But seriously all the info on Google are real life symptoms people get and have reported and just like everything else everyone’s symptoms vary from person to person
Some people have severe symptoms at just a few point above normal glucose levels and some can function fine with little or no symptoms when their glucose is over 400 :woman_shrugging:
I suggest finding some sort of online checklist and then presenting the results to your primary physician

My husband was thirsty all the time, always had to pee, he had trouble seeing especially at night, and his feet always hurt

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No real symptoms for me…type 2. Maybe a bit more tired.


Itchy skin,dry mouth,dizziness,weight lost,cramps

The 3 poly’s… polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia, which are drinking a lot, peeing a lot, and eating a lot. Fatigue is also common.


Urinating alot, drinking a alot. My sugar was over 700 when it was caught

Had a place cime up as long and as big around as my whole hand on my thigh go numb, I’ve always had the unquenchable thirst. Then there’s the having to pee all the time. Had sharp pains in my toes and feet, along with burning sensation that you can’t get to quit

Frequently peeing, always thirsty, tired, always want orange juice or milk to drink

Lethargy, unquenchable thirst, persistent dark circles under the eyes, overall jjst not feeling well ALL THE TIME.

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All of the above mentioned, also, a dark colored ring around the neck.

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Your doctor should be doing annual blood work to look for this and more. Once your full blown diabetic, it’s too late to do anything about it. If you’re pre diabetic, it’s still reversible.

For your own sake, go see your doctor, not google or this page.

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Always thristy is one

extreme thirst all the time

For me (type 2 diagnosed fully in last yr ish) I always feel tired, wear out very quickly. I’m often thirsty and I have a bit of a gluten belly. I am slightly overweight mostly seen in my belly. I am gluten free, corn free so mostly grain free and that is related to my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Having diabetes is very common in folks with PCOS, and this causes infertility. I’m 42 and have not had a cycle since my mid 30s. I also have an increased risk of many allergies and suffer with lots of food allergies and intolerances cause it causes my insides to be inflamed. I can’t take any diabetic meds, they cause me to be very ill. I’m trying to watch my carbs and walk. I also have neuropathy in both my feet and occasionally in my hands, constant numbness mixed with sharp pains. It’s annoying and miserable. If u think you have it, pls get checked out. It can run in families too.

My husband didn’t find out he possibly had diabetes until he went to the eye doctor. The eye doctor suggested he go see his primary to check for high cholesterol. He went in diabetic ketoacidosis and acute pancreatitis the very next morning after finding out he was diabetic.

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If you have concerns of diabetic symptoms, you need to voice them to your doctor and get tested if need be.

I’m diabetic. You go to bathroom alot. Drink lots of water. Thirsty alot tired, dizzy

Nausea, weight gain, dizziness/ syncope, extreme thirst, peeing a lot.

Excessive thirst & frequent bathroom trips

Peeing alot, always hungry/ thirsty, nerve pain in extremities, numbness in extremities, excess sweating while sleeping

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Always hungry, always thirsty, frequent urination, prone to yeast infections, always tired, shakiness, profuse sweating, headaches, probably others, but those are the ones I remember
Get tested so you can take care of yourself

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You can take potassium, cinnamon capsules, oregano oil, turmeric, aloe to lower sugar levels naturally

Ring around the neck looks like dirt but it isnt

My son peed constantly !

Thursty, nauseous, tired, eye sight , other organ issues. There are many signs I would recommend bloodwork. Because diabetes isn’t fun to live with if it’s not controlled. Also weight gain

Extreme thirst. Due to dehydration. Your sugars are extremely high, which cause you to pee constantly. Because you’re dehydrated you want to drink more.
Extreme weight loss.
Fainting will happen because your body is dying and you’re dehydrated. Do you know anyone with a tester?

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I’ll say it does depend on the person.
I’ve experienced…for high blood sugar… Excess thirst. Frequent urination. Fatigue. A…panic feeling? Like my heart is beating too fast. Naseaus. Feeling sluggish.
For low…shaky. a weird hot/cold sensation. Headache. Light headed. Naseaus. Weakness.

Always being thirsty

I’m a diabetic and I can say my biggest sign was weight gain… go to the Dr and have them test your A1C… that’s the most accurate test.
Also if other people in your family have it… there’s a higher chance you will.

My kids have type 1 diabetes when they were diagnosed they had black under the eyes, excessive thirst, peeing a lot, throwing up, super pale skin, breathe smells sweet…… any of these signs please please please go into the ER! It’s not a joke you can die.

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Glucose tests are very cheap and you can monitor your levels for a week if you’re concerned. When I had gestational diabetes I would vomit if I ate too many carbs, lots of headaches, peeing, and visual disturbances.

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I. Was hypoglycemia when I was in my early 20s… if I went to long without eating I got shaky… when I turned 48 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic… which was only found through yearly blood tests through my company… never really noticed any symptoms.

I was diagnosed at 11 I’m 38 now. I was over weight and had very red cheeks all the time. I had to pee every hour almost and I couldn’t stop drinking like nothing ever was enough and my emotions where all over the place. That’s how high blood sugars are when I go low I’m shaking, and Clammy/ sweaty. Almost feel drunk or out of it. Couldn’t think straight. I recommend getting checked if you have family history of it or you have any symptoms as it’s very serious not cureable but manageable.

Thirsty was my first sign for type 2

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Diabetes doesn’t run in families bad eating habits run in families.

You can buy everything you need to check your blood sugar OTC. Weight change, thirst, and constant urination are signs to look for.