SIgns of early labor?

Okay so I am 38 weeks and 3 days. My last appointment was 2 days ago. I was 2cm and 50% effaced. My doctor stripped my membranes and I had very little spotting that day however had contractions for the remainder of the day. Nothing regular, they would go from 4 min. To 5 to 7 to 10 and really just vary but they were continuous. The next day I had less contractions but started losing my mucus plug (still losing it) and I have contractions but nothing like I was having “timing wise” they still feel the same intensity wise. My question is how do I know when I should be heading to the hospital? Or is this nothing to be concerned about?? I was induced with my first so all of this is new to me.


I was told multiple times. When they are five mins apart, last one minute, for one hour. Or my water broke.

You need to call your dr…

I did same and wasn’t efaced and 1 cm I cramping immediately she scheduled a induction for three days later. My water never broke but I was 8 cm when they were 5 min apart

Believe me you will know!Mine was 3 minutes When I went‼️
If you could Walking it would help you to start Labor‼️

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I would say call dr let them know your loosing your mucus plug but they recommend you go in when your contractions are 5 mins apart last 2 min and is consistent like that for about an hour. I didn’t have that option mine went from 2 days of 20-30 mins apart light cramps then after I went to sleepy 4 hours later woke me up out of a dead sleep less then 3 mins apart. I got to the hospital they got me on the bed and I had to push no time for pain meds or anything.

I was preg with my youngest …woke at 11 at night with contractions and they never regulated but were continued through the evening into next morning then started to dissipate round 11 am .then I would have like on every half hour bout 6ish pm that evening they picked up again so I finally went to hospital …my doc was mad at me for waiting so long

My contractions weren’t consistent at all with my 1st & I had mostly back labor. So I called L&D and asked and they said it was most likely Braxton Hicks since I was only 35 weeks. Well i decided to go in anyway & it’s a good thing I did because I was 8cm dilated and my water broke as i was being wheeled to my room. She came 15-20 mins after I walked thru those doors. Go with your gut. Not everyone has consistent contractions. Every labor & delivery is different. If I would have listened to them I would have had her at home. They told me to lay down and drink water. She wasn’t breathing at birth either so thank God i made it to the hospital.

The rule of thumb is having contractions every 4-5 mins for at least an hour straight. That’s when you call and head in.

Or if your water breaks!

Following. Going through something similar.

When theyre 5mins apart, lasting longer than 1 minute, for over 1 hour. Once they fall into that pattern and you can no longer stand or talk thru the contractions. Try having sex or going for a long walk, that can help regulate and strengthen them.

Sounds like early labour that can go on for days but be patient mama sound like it will be real soon

When they’re are 5 minutes apart 1 minute long and it continues for an hour is when to go in from what my ob said

I wouldn’t wait. Only because I had contractions for not even an hour and I had my baby. But that was me and I was already in the hospital so thank God for that he came quick

You’ll know. Even if they aren’t consistent, back labor, etc, moms have a gut instinct and will naturally know when a baby is going to come. You will feel as though something is wrong. I would go in and get checked out.

mine were consistent even when laying down. if when u lay down they go away then u need to relax. my obgyn basically told me to go in between 5-7 mins consistently for over an hr period (im strep b positive)

I was told I wouldn’t be admitted until they were consistently 5-7 mins apart. Mine varied between 3 and 8 mins from 7pm Thursday until about 5pm on Friday. At 3pm on Friday they admitted me after tracking contractions in triage for about an hour and deciding they were strong enough I could be admitted. If they get to the point the pain is unbearable, go in. Even if they aren’t consistent.

I didnt go until mine were 3mins apart

I waited at home until I couldn’t wait anymore. Mine were 5 mins apart, pretty consistant…still didnt deliver until a whole day and a half later.