Signs of early pregnancy?

Mommas, i need signs of early signs of pregnancy. Right now for the past 3 or 4 days, ive been nauseated, my lower back has hurt, I’ve had pelvic pain, and on my left side of my stomach its felt like I’ve been getting stabbed constantly… Any ideas or suggestions would be amazing because my fiancee is worried about me.


Maybe get your appendix looked at as it sounds like appendicitis


Appendix is the right side of body go get checked out could be kidney infection

Could be kidney infection, appendix, or even gall bladder attack. Also could be ovarian cyst. Early pregnancy usually isn’t painful.

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I thought my appendix were about to burst or something. Went to the hospital… was prego with my first baby. It was miserable and I would never have thought I was pregnant. Lol that was over 20 years ago.
Best wishes and prayers it’s nothing serious.

See your doctor Kidney infection was in my lower back, Gall bladder and appendix I don’t know.

I had lower back pain with both my pregnancies

Appendix and gallbladder are on the right side.

I feel like everyone is ignoring that she said left side… and yeah i had pain exactly like that when i was prego early on. I got negative tests for a few more weeks it took a blood test to figure it out

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The nausea and low back pain sounds like my early pregnancy symptoms but I didn’t have any of the other stuff. I would go get checked out, or if you are one of those people that doesn’t want to go to the doc just yet, take a home test a couple days after your missed period. If it’s negative go to the doctor and find out what’s up :blush:

If you’re not even late yet, you wouldn’t be nauseous already. Morning sickness doesn’t hit until 7 - 8 weeks. Sounds like a gallbladder or kidney thing. Go to the doctor.

I had similar pain and I had appendicitis they thought it was weird I was getting pain on my left side when they are on my right turns out my appendix where on the wrong side and that’s what was causing the pain go to the doctor or hospital and get checked out :slight_smile: