SIgns of labor?


So TMI question lol I’m just curious on this… so I’ll be 38 weeks on Saturday and I have been having lower belly cramps not a ton none to be concerned about not frequent enough… My baby is measuring around 40 to 41 weeks he has been measuring big since 5 months and I take iron pills never had this issue well I forgot to take them past few days but this has never ever Happened weather I take them or not but… I went to the bathroom and my poop was soft and TMI green! I hadn’t eaten anything green and I have pooped a lot today but I just went n it’s green… could this be my body cleaning itself out for labor?! Had anyone experienced this? And if so how soon did u go in to labor after having these? My lower belly was cramping but not a lot to where I need to go to the Dr this is my 2nd pregnancy and I was induced with my 1st so I have no idea what going into labor is like lol TIA!

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I had straight diarrhea for 3 weeks straight before all 3 of mine.

I pooped all day before my water broke…

Iron makes you constipated. Not taking it could loosen everything up and make your belly cramp too. But, generally, your body does a lot of things subconsciously to get ready for labor. It’s possible that also may be the answer.

Also, purple foods/color/pills can make your poop green.

it could be that or the fact you didn’t take the iron pill for a few days or a different color food made your poop green. who knows honestly.