Signs of labor?

Hi mommies I’m 30 weeks and 2 days. I’m measuring 32 weeks. Baby Estimated weight is 3 pounds 12oz. Has any mom’s had this happen and the go into labor sooner. I’m just wondering because I have nothing and nothing ready. I’ve been having a lot of pressure down there like this baby wants to kick right out of me. :joy: thank you in advance :blue_heart:


I’d suggest to get goin right away on getting ready not sayin the baby is coming soon but yeah never know when and it’s best to be prepared

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I was measuring 2 weeks ahead from 31 weeks. I was induced @ 39 weeks due to my blood pressure. But I was progressing everywhere else like I would have her on time. My baby was 10lbs 2oz at birth tho so I’m glad I didn’t go further lol

with both my pregnancies i was measured ahead of what i was suppose to but i went to the 40 weeks like the doctor thought i would be prepared just in case though always better to be safe than sorry

You probably won’t give birth early but it never hurts to be ready. Get things ready work on it an hour or two a day and you’ll have a lot done after a week! We can’t predict when you’ll actually go into labor.

I measured anywhere betwwen 2 to 4/5 weeks ahead and had all 3 babies early but only 4 weeks at the earliest

Get ready.
Your baby will come when they choose to do so. Lol

I’ve seen them be pounds off. It’s just an estimate.

When you’re that far along, the measurements are never completely accurate. My son always measured 2 weeks ahead towards the end and he still came late​:roll_eyes: as my doctor would tell me, “just because your baby is fat doesn’t mean he’s older!”:joy::joy: but hey maybe you’ll be lucky!

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It sounds like you’re going to have a big baby but that’s not a bad thing :blush: a babies lungs arent ready for birth until 37 weeks regardless of their weight

At 30 weeks i measured 36 cm and my baby was measuring a week and a half ahead weighing 3 lbs 12 oz . At 34 weeks he weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and i measured 37 cm , every momma is different girl . I’m currently 36 weeks and going to the doctor today for my check up on my little man . I’ve had so many Braxton Hicks , i work in a factory on 3rd shift and the BH last pretty much ALL night at work . Along with a lot of pressure too . Still no little man , but like i said every momma is different , better to be ready then procrastinate too long girl . Anything could happen lol

I didnt show at 6 months but I was huge at 7 mths and my doctor told me at every drs appt see you tonight from 7 months on. I was due august 20 had her aug 30th and “he” was a she.

I measured ahead by 4 weeks at times but I had GD. I was induced at 38W5D and he was 9.2lbs. The further along the more accurate the ultrasound will be.

My son was measuring 13lbs and never thought of coming he was delivered csection at 39weeks and ended up being 10lbs 13oz. I’m having a little girl on Thurs and she was measuring 10lbs 8oz 2 wks ago. She is low and I have a ton of pressure but she doesn’t seem to wanting to go anywhere.

Mm. It’s just a guesstimate thing. At 31 weeks they said I was around 3 pounds 14 ounces. Still truckin here at 34 weeks.

I measured bigger generally. My biggest was 9 lbs 11 oz. she was full term