Signs of labor?

Hi mommas. I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby and I went to my doctor last week and she told me that I was a centimeter dilated and my cervix was still thick. Lately I been having pains from under my stomach into my back. I work on my feet all day 8 hours a day with 2 days off. I had to call in 3 times cause of it. Mommas how long did it take for you to give in and go get looked at? My managers know I’m close to my due date and I have 3 weeks left but it feels like she wants out now. Theres no gush of fluids or blood just alot of pain.


If you have any doubts, definitely get it checked out. My 3rd baby is 4 months old now but I stayed dilated at a 2 for the last four months of my pregnancy and things were fine. My Dr said that after a couple of pregnancies, it just gets a little looser. But definitely go get checked out if you’re concerned.

When it comes to pregnancy i never take any risk. Go to the doctor

I’m 36 and 3 days and dilated to a 3 with 70% effacement and feel the same way! I have got checked out, and he’s still being stubborn :facepunch:t2: I think u feel like this because ur baby is getting into position!!