Signs of labor?

TMI but did anyone have loose stool leading up to labor I have had to go so much today. 38+3 baby is really low.


Yes. For my third baby I went all night long until I went to the hospital

With both my pregnancies I was like that for 2-3 days before I went into labor

Yup. Its your body preparing. My son showed up two days later at 37 weeks. He was 8lbs 4 oz so my body couldn’t carry him much longer.

Yes, that’s a sign labor is near, your body is cleaning itself out and preparing


Not loose but The day before I had number 4 I pooped a few times that day

Not loose but it felt like I had to go every 20 minutes

Yes, I did with both my son and daughter

Normally a sign of Labour starting your body will have a clear out as such, don’t go on any long drives or out of town :slightly_smiling_face::rofl:

Yes. Sign of transitioning.

Could still be a week or two :woman_shrugging:

Yes it happened for me earlier as I started dilating

In the day we got enemas first thing with labor…