Signs of labor?

Question. This isn’t my first pregnancy, it’s baby #6. But, I’ve never dealt with this problem before. I am 31 weeks, I do have a history of preterm labour. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my obgyn, so I’m just looking for advice to help till then. The past 2 days I’ve been in extreme pain. I thought it was the way she is positioned.

My stomach has been tight (not contractions) kinda like she is pushing against me? My pelvis and lower back is in extreme pain. I thought if I went poo, it would help the pressure pain go away. I went to the bathroom and now the pain is worse! What can I do to help ease the pain? I can’t sit or lay down without crying because it hurts so much. Barely rolling over feels like I’m being ripped in half and makes pressure down there worse. Like I said I see my doctor in the morning, I have no way to see her till then. :disappointed:


Go to L&D to get checked out.


If you are in that much pain, I would suggest going to labor and delivery and get checked out ASAP!


Id get myself to a and e,best to be safe,ring nhs helpline maybe

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Hospital, now. They will check you and the baby. Don’t wait till tomorrow.

Go to labor and delivery

I didn’t know I was in labor until they put the machine on me. It felt like I had to take a dump and it was painful. So it’s best if you go and get checked out. You can be in full-blown labor and not even know it

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Go to L&D and get checked out, don’t wait for your appointment.

I would go to the hospital. I have 5 kids and to me that sounds like you’re in labor.


That happened to me and my placenta had abrupted, I was in so much pain and my stomach was like a tight basketball go to er

When I was in labor with my son just sitting on the toilet helped relieve the pain, I know you don’t believe their contractions but just sitting on the toilet could help

Go get checked out and good luck x x

I have 6 kids and my last baby was just like that. I was not in full labor though. I had that feeling for two weeks and they kept doing ultrasounds. I would go to the hospital. I would not wait at all.

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:roll_eyes: hospital obviously


If u go to the hospital they’ll put u in labour and delivery and you’ll see your dr today

Hospital would be the best option don’t wait till the morning. You could be in Labour! Don’t wait

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Sounds like you need to go into l and d. Don’t wait for your appt. Wish I would have went straight to l and d when I had abnormal pains. She was my sixth. Placenta abruption. 35w6d.

Where is the pain at? Anywhere localized?

Surely there is Uber/Lyft, taxi or someone you know with a drivers license who can take you to the hospital! If not, call an ambulance.

Here is what I would suggest I have been pregnant 7 times and my youngest was 8 lbs 13 oz before i had him he was so big i would have that pain all the time because he was so big it hurt. I would take pillows and prop them under my butt and lay with one under my shoulders and head it would help alleviate some of the pressure the baby was causing and drink water - if you do this for say 20 mns and there is no relief call the dr

Sadly… He put so much pressure on me by the end of my pregnancy I had vaginal varicose veins which i didn’t even know was possible :heart_eyes:🤷

Call your Dr office and speak with the on call nurse to evaluate if you need to be checked out by l&d

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I would go to the er now

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You poor girl. It sounds like you are past pain, you are suffering. Are you seeing any blood? You know there is always a Dr on call. You need to get on your phone and call him now. Don’t wait any longer. This is your life and with 6 kids you are very much needed.

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When I had tight stomach I was going into labor.

If you go to the ER and they send you home, try some more pillow propping ways to relax and ease the pain and pressure. Idk if you’ve taken Tylenol, but you could do that too.

Call 911 if nothing else. You should ABSOLUTELY be checked

Sounds like early labour to me. You need to get yourself to the hospital with a bag packed and call your people. You’re in for a ride.
They might admit you and give you morphine to slow the process.

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Go to Emergency Now!!!

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Pelvic pain is normal. I had it and I had to quit my job. Back pain is normal too. Surprised you haven’t had it yet.

Call a ambulance and get to the ER.Pain is our bodies way of telling us something is wrong.Extreme pain is your bodies way of screaming somethings wrong.Do not dismiss it!Could be preterm labor or another problem.

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I’m not trying to scare you… This happened to me. I called my Dr and he told me to just stay home and try to get comfortable. That was at 7pm. By 11pm, I told my ex something was wrong and to take me to the hospital. Come to find out, I was in labor, but my son’s cord was wrapped around his neck and it was killing him. When they put me on the monitor, his heart rate was going from 160 to 40. GO GET CHECKED!!


You definitely need to call your dr and head to the Er immediately


Always better safe than sorry, especially if you have good Insurance. Try some cat-cow stretches ? When I was pregnant, my back hurt SOOOO FUCKING BAD, I was literally laying under my grandmas table on the leg for hourssssss. It was miserable. &’ the worst part is ? You can’t even take anything for it.

Call your doctor now.

It can be labor. I have 11 kids so the pain gets worse on your body with each pregnancy with my twins I was dying at 31 weeks but they arrived at 32 weeks what I thought was normal pain turned into full labor

Tomorrow may be too late!!! Go to ER even if you have to call an ambulance!!!

Go to the er and get checked

Pelvic pain is normal. I had it and I had to quit my job. Back pain is normal too. Surprised you haven’t had it yet.

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Go get checked I felt that way and my water broke. Had him the next day