Signs of labor?

I had my bloody show Tuesday. No signs of cramps or contractions after until last night. My lower right side of my back started aching really bad along with my knees and legs hurting. Couldn’t get comfortable in bed no matter what i did. Used pillows tossed and turned didnt get any rest. Now today my back is still aching and having period like cramps. My next appointment is Thursday. My question is, when should i go to the hospital? I don’t want to go just to get sent home but i also don’t want to wait to long and go into labor if im not already in labor.


Go in and get checked anyways.Some babies come fast :slight_smile: Good Luck.

I went when this happened and was induced

Go on and get checked just to be on the safe side

Go get checked I was having the same problems minus bloody show and I went and got checked and I was 6 cm and was sent to the hospital and had him at 2am

Mine was 3 weeks early

You should go in. My friend didn’t have any pain and she was in labor and didn’t know. By the time she actually felt unbearable pain she almost had the baby in her house. It’s always good to get checked

How far along are you? If you’re earlier than 37 weeks, I’d go get checked now. If you’ve passed 37 weeks, they recommend waiting until contractions are consistently 7 to 5 minutes apart.

Contractions lasting 1 minute every 5 minutes for 1 hour. This is what my OB told me. I’m due anyday.

How far from the hospital are you?

My first I had this and felt the same way you did. Didn’t want to go in to be sent home. I went in and ended up being 5 cm dilated and in labor. Baby came 7 hrs later.

My third I felt the same and was having very irregular contractions through out the day. I was scheduled for induction that evening. I actually went into full blown labor 5 min after leaving the house and got there with contractions 3 min apart and was 6 cm dilated. He was born 3 hours later.

Bottom line, go get checked. There is nothing bad about being sent home. The doctors would rather you come get checked and reassure you then having you worried and wondering

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They told me dont go to the hospital until my contractions are a minute long and 5 minutes apart or my water broke.

They will likely send you home if your contractions aren’t as frequent as I mentioned.

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You can also call your doctor and explain to them what you’re feeling and they’ll guide you. If you’re able to talk through contractions or are able to continue what you’re doing. Youre most likely not in active labor and l and d will prob turn you away.


Not to be rude but asking people on Facebook doesn’t appear to be the wisest thing. That is what your Dr. is for. You should call your Dr.


Period like cramps may be labor pains but that doesn’t mean theyre effective ones. You need to be checked.


I dont know hon. Both my labors were two and three quarter hours long. From first pain to catch. Hurt like a sob but my daugjter went 56 hours with her first. Not in this lifetime. I vote…hospital.

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My Dr told me that your mucus plug does not mean anything…i would go if u r having constant cramps that r coming every 12 min so on that mean u r ib labor i was having contractions for over a week they would be like constant for an hour then get very irregular my dr was having me do a nst weekly for 2 weeks…but if u r have them regularly then u r probably in labor…if in doubt call your ob or go get checked

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U should go in my friend had those exact same symptoms and had her daughter that same day!


Get checked! I went to the hosptial back and forth for two days straight because they kept on sending me home because they couldnt see contractions. I had back labor


I would get checked I didnt know I was in labor. I had cramps and couldn’t sleep went to the hospital and was in labor and 3 cm dilated

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I think a very important question is HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU? That makes a big difference on what you should do


I would go get checked

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Go get checked. Couldn’t hurt.

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OP Update

i am 37 weeks and 4 days. Thank you!

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Go to er better safe rhen sorry

Count your contractions, and how far apart. If they’re 6 mins apart go in. Whether long enough or not

My pain was in my back too and tops of legs. Pain started around 2:30 Called dr. He said would be 12 to 36 hours I had 2 pains at 5 minutes apart and went to hospital at 5:30 and my son born at 6:49 my first child .