Signs of labor?

Ladies, i am 36 weeks pregnant with my 4th just had my appointment yesterday where it was verified that i am 1cm dilated and cervix is softening. Anywho, a new type of pain that I’ve never experienced before is pressure near my back end and vaginal area. Walking has been tough also (this has by far been the most painful one towards the end. Any ideas? Or experiences? Calling doc. Tomorrow just wanted personal opinions. Thank you!


Had this with my first and they said the baby was in position laying low and his head was going into my pelvic bone when he would move. I walked with a limp lol

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Why do you need to share this. No friends to ask? How about your doctor?


You are slowly going into labor sweetheart! You’ll be just findbut definitely call you doctor just cause…


Could be your sciatic nerve, when baby drops they usually pick the most painful place for you to get comfy lol

Could be back labor but call your doctor to see what he says better to be safe

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I had this happen with both of my pregnancies my Dr told me is was sciatic nerve from the position of the baby relaxing helped a lot with this for me hope u get some relief

Back labor, that’s all I experienced with my only child. I’ve heard its worse than “normal” labor pains. Good luck!


Labor I had back labor it was painful! Drink water, if they are constantly coming get checked.

I had that with both babies. It’s just the baby dropping lower, I know it’s painful.

My youngest liked to lay way down low… I’d get the same pains. . She’d occasionally stretch or move and I’d either earn a limp, or my leg would go out from under me… ugh. .

Get yourself a belly support band. It’s been a game changer. 38 weeks and experiencing same

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I had to walk with my legs spread apart like a duck but worse😂 i went to er and i showed signs of labor

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They had to do an emergency csection

The baby is putting more pressure there given they are positioning for birth💜

A chiropractic adjustment and/or a good massage could not hurt. Good luck!

Ask about pelvic floor therapy.

Sounds like you are starting to go into labor. My son was a “star gazer” so facing upward on the way out. So his spine was pushing against everything on my back on the way out and sounds similar to what you’re having. Best to get it checked out that way you know.

Must be a boy…after delivering 3 sons I felt the same pain with all 3 - they all dropped in the same area and had sciatic pain with all 3 - they are 27, 25 and 23 now and brag that at least they weren’t a pain in the ass :rofl::blush: Good Luck mamá…,hope the pain doesn’t last too long :heart::heart:

I am 36 weeks with my 4th baby as well and have the same pain its from the pressure of babies head pressing against nerves etc its super painful I have a hard time staying comfortable at night :confused:


I had the same problem. I was in so much pain with my daughter, and I almost made it to 42 weeks be the time they induced me. She was head down and super low the whole pregnancy, so when I got bigger, she put a lot of pressure on my pelvis, and yes, around my vagina.

Labor in your back. Baby may be dropping

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I had sharp pains there through both pregnancies at about 30 weeks. It’s the nerves and them getting into birthing position or they’re kicking down there. The siatica got so bad I was induced with my 2nd at 39 weeks. They recommened the tummy band and physical therapy.

Back labor I had this with all three of my boys and it was horrible

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When i had this i had back labor! The pain wasnt all too bad i slept through most of it tho you got this!

Labor… if it’s back labor, hold on to your nipples lol.


Sounds like baby is dropping and may just be a bigger baby than the others?! My 4th son was way bigger than the others and I had more pain with him once he dropped

Back labor … Oh its painful I had with my first. The only thing that gave an oz of relief was a warm shower running down my back.

Hun all i can say is yup sounds like back labor I went through it but ended up having to have C-section with all three of mine I will keep you in prayers

Sunny side up baby, all of mine were and I experienced this my entire labor. It’s worse than normal back labor! Good luck!!

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Sounds like back labor had this with my youngest two and didn’t no bc my first two where all in the belly. Go to labor and delivery and get checked better safe than sorry. Also could be baby facing up and putting pressure on your nerves. Good luck ur baby will be here soon. :baby_bottle::footprints::purple_heart::heart:


Omg I’m 36 weeks with my 4th also and experiencing the same! I haven’t been checked for dilation but I am scheduled to be induced at 38 weeks.

Definitely sounds like the baby dropping and possibly back labor.

I would lay on the floor to ease back ache.

Baby is ready to come ! You are having your contractions in the form of back pain. I have 7 children , believe me get it checked out now!

My second Sat low the whole pregnancy and i felt this pressure the whole time until my water slowly leaked. 25 weeks now with my 3rd and he’s also sitting very low and his little kicks i can feel in my butt and vagina lol and certain days I’m already starting to feel pressure in my vagina… It’ll go away after baby is born if you have a natural birth just walk as much as possible and it’ll slowly go away. I walked the floor that second day for like 45 min and my pain/pressure was pretty much gone…