SIgns of labor?

37 weeks. And I’m NESTING BADLY! She has dropped and I’m having Braxton hicks. Had them really bad earlier today while I was standing but my mom said I was just doing too much. I have lost my mucus plug. And my lower back is constantly having sharp pains. How much longer yall think I have till I have her? I dont want to go to labor and delivery unless I’m having her because I also take care of my 1 year old. And I haven’t got my cervix checked yet.


My Dr told me if u have 6 Or more Braxton Hicks an hour that u should go get checked… Just an opinion from one Dr.

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U should call labor and delivery u sound like your in labor hun


I’m on the same boat! I was told my son is engaged and ready, but my contractions aren’t strong enough to put me into labor but they are strong enough to start dilation. I was told there’s a huge possibility that within the next week/week & a half I’ll go into active labor. I hope the same goes for you! Congrats on your little bundle of joy :heart::heart:

No telling when that baby will be here. Be checked just to be safe

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Labor pain can absolutely come through as back pain. Between that and the BH I would call your dr. Your water might not break on it’s own.


tht was me and water broke within the 24 hrs

I’m 37weeks and 4 days and have everything that you do except I haven’t lost the plug. I’m completely miserable too. I hope my daughter comes soon. With seasonal allergies killing me and her being so low it hurts to walk. I had my 2nd at 38 weeks and my 1st at 34 so who knows. Oh and I’ve been having consistent Braxton hicks since 14 weeks. They are just more intense now

Sounds like back labor to me. U might want to go in if there 5 mins apart

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Call your dr if they are if you have 6 or more in an hour while laying down tilted slightly to your left side drink lots of water if this occurs than they will most likely tell you to come in and be checked out and monitored this has been happening to me for a month and a half and this is what my dr says to do before I call

Be checked just to make sure, worst thing they could do if your not ready is send you home.

I would go in, I had the same thing happen to me and I was in labor. They sent me home not believing me and by the next morning my doctor could feel his head during my cervical exam

I would call and tell them what ur feeling they will tell you if you should go in or not

Contractions 5 min apart for 1 hr. Im doing the same thing and hurting so bad im in tears my ob finally checked me and i havent dilated. Was due yesterday with my 2nd. Good luck

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I had back labor it was awful… If it continues go get checked out.

Drink some water and lay down. The contractions might slow but if they dont I would call your dr.

I would definitely go to L&D to be sure

Back pains, contractions, nesting, baby has dropped, and lost plug! That’s almost all the signs of labor. I bet she’ll be here very soon

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I’m 36 weeks tomorrow. Havent lost my plug and ive had some pretty intense braxton hicks. I have 5 kids while my husband is gone 5 days of the week. But baby can come anytime she is ready. I wasmt dilated at all with my oldest and 3 days later my water broke and was at a 9 on no time. But everyone’s body is different. You could even go over. Dont stress it.

It just depends. I did all of that & still didn’t have my daughter until her due date

If you’ve lost the plug, it’s labor I would say

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Yes it varies, some doctors may see “signs” of labor and induce you since you are considered safe to have baby and some want full on labor before they admit you. Hang in there momma, i feel your pain, it’s a constant mind game of what the heck is going on :weary: (and do what you feel is right, if you feel like you are in labor go in)

I’d call. I’ve been having that for the past 3 weeks. I’m also 4cm dilated and 80% thinned out. I’m 38 weeks today. You can also just make an appt with any OB and they will gladly check you! :grin:

Up to 2 weeks, I am an LDRP OB/GYN Nurse x20+ years. Prostaglandins from your baby’s brain or your husbands ejaculate can speed this up. Shot glass of castor oil in OJ cleans GI and irritates uterus. Walk, drink, lay on left side nap, eat light small meals drink. Warm shower/tub put oil on fingers and gently massage pelvic floor muscles for baby’s head not to tear or need for eppisiotomy.
labor ball dont bounce, roll hips like a belly dancer/sit back on coccyx(tailbone) this opens front of pubis along with natural relaxin(softens ligaments to stretch).
Back labor: lean over table, ball, bed or on hands and knees, this allows sunnyside up baby position (looking up at you) to roll to looking down(correct) and relieve the pressure of the head sliding down your tailbone (coccyx). Relax breathe women have been doing this for thousands of years most of them without anesthesia! Natural process, 24hr is normal for 1st baby, muscles must stretch slowly not tear. DO NOT UNLESS MEDICALLY NECESSARY have them induce you. Precipitous forcing (q 30 min) thru pitocin IV increases pain, need for epidural and the stress on your body and your baby…yellow brick road to the OR and C section! C/s rates have climbed uncontrollably in the last decade because women are afraid of the natural process and cant wait for their baby’s perfect timing. Don’t rush this, the consequences are more frightening. Normal labor is regular contractions with thining and diolation of the cervix >2hrs with decreasing intervals between lenthing contraction times. Call OB when contractions 5 min apart. If you go to hospital early the will try to restict food intake (leads to exhaustion) and put you to bed (worst postition for labor). Gravity is your friend, walk, sit on your tail bone dont lay on your back!
BTW May 18 Full Moon, great pull on waters- break everytime! Big weather fronts also “think Thunderstorm”! Blessing to you and your family Mom

BTW mom 2nd babies 1/2 the time as muscles already stretched!

I waited with my second because with my first I was in labor for 3 days and was at l&d forever so I wanted to stay home as long as possible and be comfortable. Well… I ended up having her in the ambulance about 1 street away from my house! It goes a lot a lot faster with the second for whatever reason. And that was hands down the scariest and just stupidest experience of my life. I truly thought for a second my husband was going to have to deliver her at home! Scared the shit out of both of us. Lol

I’d say your having a baby… very soon. I’d be careful and get prepared😂 my 2nd delivery happened sooo fast! Everyone’s different though.

Just go get checked… praying for safe delivery & healthy baby

When i lost mine i was in labor a few hours later