Signs of labor?

moms! im 2 days away from 37 weeks, im a first time mom, baby girl is weighing in at 8 pounds already! i feel like im over reacting over everything, i went to the hospital once early in pregnancy due to what ended up being braxton hicks, once again a few weeks ago for what turned out to be a bladder infection, and again today because i thought my water broke, turns out the pressure of the baby caused me to “leak” or pee without me even realizing it! im afraid that im not gonna know when im actually in labor because im so easy concerned about everything! :tired_face:


You’ll know it’ll just be never ending of flow of “water”. When my water broke it popped and I felt it woke me up out of my sleep. Started having stronger contractions than I was throughout the night.

No problem. You’ll know when it’s time. .

You will know when it’s time. Good luck .

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I’m not as far along as you but I’ve definitely had my share of going to the hospital for things I thought were concerning but were just minor things I think every ftm goes thru that! But you’ll know when baby is on the way good luck

Trust me you’ll know! The pain will be progressively worse

Darling you’ll know. It won’t be like Braxton’s. I didn’t have my water break naturally. They broke it. It’ll start slow then get stronger. I was admitted to my he hospital by 3 am and u started at 3:30 pm day prior. Came at 5 centimeters dialated. It’s natural to be very worried first or 5th pregnancy i would think. But you’ll know.

Take a deep breath, it’s okay! You’re not over reacting, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. You’re doing a great job!

You will definitely know

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That’s normal and it sounds like your not too far away, but believe me when I tell you you will so know when your in labor no mistaking it.

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With my first daughter i gone into labor so many times they had to put me in the hospital for some time… A week after they let me out i gone into labor and my water broken as soon as i got to the hospital… Trust me once you go into REAL labor you will know… I knew it wasn’t false alarm… The demon of knowing this was IT came out in me lol :joy::joy::joy:

You will definitely know

Water break smells sweet they say and pee smells like ammonia

Baby is ESTIMATING at over 8lbs… A friend was told her son measured over 9 and he was born under 7. Its an estimate, based upon the tech doing your scan.

You’ll definitely know when it’s the real deal. Congrats

Always better to get checked out if something is different! I didn’t get to go into labor with my first as I was induced from preeclampsia then had an emergency c section 4 hours later. With my second, I was waiting for my scheduled c section and went into labor while waiting to get my cesarean done. If you feel like something weird is going on keep going to get checked. Better safe than sorry! And if you don’t like the answer you get go somewhere else for a second opinion.

You’ll know when labor is here, trust me there is no mistaking it. My sons both were larger as well, this is my second pregnancy and he is over 8lbs now, I am only 38 weeks.

You’ll know. Promise. Lol.

A lot of times their estimates are inaccurate :stuck_out_tongue:
I was told I’d have a huge baby… he was 6lbs lol

I thought the same thing mama! You will know.

They predicted my son would be 8.5-9lbs…he was 7.5

Yes you will know… that’s how I was almost 11 yrs ago… I went like 4 times to the l&d thinking I was in labor… just count out your Braxton Hicks… if they are unbearable and coming ever 3-5 min go in

Your baby’s weight is estimated and can be a pound or so off… in EITHER direction though. My baby was a pound heavier than the estimated scan just one day prior. Make sure you talk to your provider about the risks of birthing a potentially large baby. Personally, I opted for a scheduled c-section to avoid complications and I’m glad I did. That’s anecdotal though. Plenty of moms give birth to 9 and 10lb babies vaginally with no issues, but this was my second baby and I’d already had a traumatic vaginal birth with my first, and she was a half pound smaller.

Trust me you will know

Don’t worry you will definitely know good luck

oh believe me you will know when the time comes

Trust me sweetie you’ll know.I had bigger babies myself First baby was 8 pounds 4oz and a year and a half later baby #2 was 8 pounds 15 ounces. Your anxiety is normal for a first time mom.

My son was estimated at 9lbs, came out almost 8 (7lbs 14oz). I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid and went to get checked; turned out I wasn’t but my blood pressure was high so they kept me. I had regular contractions I wasnt feeling and got induced, had my water broken and everything then went into active labor and believe me. If you manage to go into it naturally (without being induced) you will know. If you have any doubt about any leaking sensation, get it checked because the water break isnt always a gush. Best of luck :heart:

I thought the same thing… You will know when its actual labor. I had contractions for a couple weeks but actual labor contractions are so intense you will know lol

Always better to get checked. I had cramps at 37.5 that weren’t getting stronger or closer together so I brushed it off. Next day same thing so I called my doctor, turned out that everytime I was having the “cramps” my son’s heart rate dropped. I was hooked up to the monitor 15 min before they came in and told us and we only had 15 min to tell family we were having him that night and literally I had an emergency c section. ALWAYS listen to your body!!

Don’t worry, when the contractions start you’ll know!! It feels like a hugh belt forcing down on you!!

Weight is a guess, not accurate.

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Trust me Hun you will know

In same boat. I’m 38 almost 39 weeks and have went in twice for what I thought was my water breaking. Constantly having all signs of labor different days with anything I do to comfort me doesn’t help. Impatiently awaiting for my baby girl. I feel like I’m feeling the start of labor now as I type this but pretty sure it’s another false alarm

When your water breaks it feels like someone shoved a warm water balloon inside you and popped it!:flushed: only way I know how to describe it! Although you could have a slow leak as well when it breaks. If your feeling what you think is contractions track them. If they are constant and get closer go in even if it is a false alarm better safe than sorry. But drink water, and lay down if they go away then it’s a flase alarm. Stay hydrated mama!

I went 13 hours thinking I was just pissing myself when really it was my water breaking. Don’t sweat it mama. If your water does break it smells different then pee and as for contractions, labour ones are intense

I’ve had two and I didn’t know either time so I don’t know what to tell you. Depends on the person and your pain tolerance.

You will know. I was like that with my second because i was induced with my 1st. I dont listen to their weights. They told me oldest was gonna be close to 10lb cause i went two weeks over due she was 8.6 and they told me my middle and youngest were around 8lb middle was 7.13lb and baby was 6.9lb

Oh you’ll know :joy: the contractions are a lot stronger, they last 30 seconds to a minute and are regular

When it happens you will know. The pain in your lower back when the actual contractions hit will not be missed but it’s ok to make the trips to be sure.

You will definitely know xx

My contractions were only slightly stronger then BH but were different feeling right before I had my son the pain increased
As for water breaking it was like everyone is saying a tap turned on lol you will know :woman_shrugging:t2:

Take a deep breath, your motherly instincts will kick in and you will be just fine and know when your labour is real labour.