Signs of labor?

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How can you tell if your leaking amniotic fluid? I’ve heard of someone women just having a small tear in the sack and just leaking little bits of fluids hear and there. I feel like I might me but not sure. I also don’t wear underwear or pants normally just dresses and long shirts and i definitely feel like I’m leaking or having more discharge than usually. No smell also almost 39 weeks


I never leaked but I hear that amniotic liquid smells sweet. Go get checked if you are questioning…at 39 weeks you could be just about to go.
Good luck momma! You’ll do great.

An abnormal amount of vaginal discharge , does always have an oder.

It will smell sweet or earthy kind of. Your discharge will have a different smell. Best way to tell is get a check at L&D!!

If you are afraid you are leaking amniotic fluids you should go be checked. They can use litmus paper to tell. If you are leaking you risk infection or dry birth. Both of which are not good.


Go get checked leaking to long can cause infection. I had this happen my first pregnancy. They thought I was crazy and sent me home twice with leaking fluid turns out I was and had infection cuz it leaked so long.

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Easy way is to just get checked. I had extra discharge during pregnancy which is normal so deff would wear a panty liner. Lol

Go get checked dont chance or guess what is leaking! Even if you cant smell anything doesnt mean its not your amniotic fluid! Better safe than sorry!

You can go to LnD and they will do a quick swan and an ultrasound to check the fluid around the baby and if the fluid you’re leaking is amniotic

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My doctor told me if I think I’m leaking fluid to put a pad on and lay down for an hour, then stand and if I feel leaking to come to l&d to be checked. I would call your doctor and ask what they want you to do

Yes, this happened to me and I didn’t realize it. Fortunatly, I had a Dr appointment and they figured it out bc my daughter’s heart rate kept dropping. If you’re in doubt please, please, please go get checked.

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You can go to the er they will do a swab to see if its amniotic fluid or not, they did this when my water broke to make sure thats what hapoened

Lay down for an hour if it’s amniotic fluid then it will sit in your vagina and come out when you stand.

Only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor and get checked. Good luck!:blush:

Why ask people & not just call in & see if they want you to go get checked?

If you feel like you may be leaking amniotic fluid, you need to go in and be checked ASAP.

So the Dr had me check by putting on a fresh maxi pad and laying completely flat for an hour. If the pad was wet and clear, they wanted me to come in.

This is gross but it’s your best bet. Sit and have a folded paper towel as a pad. When you get up smell the paper towel. If it smells sweet it’s amniotic fluid.


With my third … was dropwise … I wasn’t sure it was amniotic fluid. It was.

Go to labor and delivery

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Put you some panties on & you can see whats coming out.

I ruptured on a Friday and only leaked small amounts I thought was pee. I went in that Sunday and had it tested and it was amniotic fluid. If you think it may be go ahead and go it dies t hurt to check.

Even if you get checked they might say your not. Same thing happened to me. Was leaking, went in for my check up and she did the test. When she left I leaked again, but when she came back said the test was negative so I was embarrassed to tell her it happened again cuz at that point I thought I was just peeing myself in tiny bits. (It did not feel like peeing though) went back for my next check a week later and had to be induced because I had no more fluid left.

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Might wanna wear something for a few days with a panny liner. Call ur ob

Thought I was n it ended up being urine. I was pissing myself haha


I had the small tear. No idea. I woke up the next day at 4am to bloody show and instant contractions. Labor was quick though!!

Go to the hospital and have it checked. Unfortunately I had this happen with my oldest. I went to the bathroom because I felt a lot of pressure like I had to pee and clear water just drained from me as soon as I sat down and wouldn’t stop. I didn’t even push to pee or anything. It didn’t really have a smell after a minute but at first it smelt like vinegar. I went to the hospital and they did two rounds of tests a few hours apart because the first came back negative on all except one which showed half and half on the swab. They even saw the water coming out a few times when they checked me, just kind of trickled out but a few times it was a small gush. The second round of tests all came back positive.

You could always put a pad on and if you soak through it in about 30 mins or less your water broke. But always best to get checked if your worried.

Go! This happened to me, and I was in labor and didn’t know!!! It’s better to go, and not need to… Then not go! Don’t wait

I had a leak with my 4th it just comes out it was like I was wetting myself but had no control my sister in law told me what it was as she had been thru it

I felt like I was constantly wet. And my thighs were wet. It was odd.

With my third child she was born with no amniotic fluid because me nor dr knew I was leaking so get checked