Signs of labor?

so I need advice I am 32 weeks pregnant my son weighs just over 5 pounds and I have had small contractions that last a minute and are a minute apart I personally think going to the hospital right now is out of the question till I have physical signs like my water breaking I went to the doctors Monday they told me they will not stop me from going into labor at this point if I do but my question is are these the real thing or no plus this has been going on and they are got closer yesterday delt with it all night and still have them normally the Braxton hicks dont last this long any advice for a first time mom would be great


My water had to be broke with 3/4 of my kids. I was like ready to push and water still intact. I’d definitely get checked out. Better safe.

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Not everyone’s water breaks! Be safe go get checked:) good luck momma

Only about 10% of pregnant women’s waters will break on their own. So waiting for your water to break isn’t a good indicator you need to go in. Id wait till contractions are at least 2 minutes long. However if you are in labor they can give you steroid shots to help the babies lungs develop quicker!

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Drink some water and sit down for 30 min if they don’t stop by time ur done drinking ur water or whatever they it’s mostly like they arent Braxton Hicks

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Go in. Your water won’t necessarily break, most women’s done. I gave birth to 3 en caul kids, water only broke with my 2nd.


If you are really in labor though, things should progress. Get closer together and more intense.

Unless you or the baby are at risk, YES they will stop labor at 32 weeks!

You can experience Braxton Hicks if you are dehydrated. Be sure to drink lots of water between now and when baby comes.

Believe me you know if it was actually hard labor.

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My first my contractions were one minute on one minute off. Dull at first and kinda just felt like cramps. And my water didn’t break until I was on the hospital bed and the nurse left the room saying “I’m gonna go talk to the doctor about breaking your water” she was out of the room for all of 30 seconds and then GUSH lol.

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I believe the last stats I was told by my OB were that only 10-13% of women experience spontaneous rupture of membranes. Always err on the side of caution and be checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry! Especially being out 32 weeks.

If you are dehydrated it could cause early labor. Drink plenty of fluids and rest. It’s too early still and with contractions like that I’d go get checked out or call your ob

My water had to be broken at the hospital by my midwife both times. If the contractions are painful and close like that you may want to get checked. They may want to give steroid shots to develop the lungs a little more too if you’re 32wks. I know my contractions I couldn’t talk through and I had to focus solely on just breathing through them.

When you have a real contractions you will know!I would advise to go long as you can at home,So you Have to be lying around in the hospital forever

If they’re consistently a minute apart then yes it probably is the real thing

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Im pregnant with kid #3 and my water never broke with first 2 so I personally wouldn’t wait for that to be when you head to the hospital. Just saying. If they’re consistently a minute apart then you’re probably in labor.

I wouldn’t wait until your water breaks. Mine never broke on its own, the doctor had to rupture it for me. It’s that way for a lot of women.

You need to get checked out. I went in labor at 32 weeks.The dr. stopped it but only for a week. I had my son at 33 weeks he weighed 6’8. He stayed one night in the hospital after I was discharged- he didnt want to suck his bottle.But we stayed & fed him- got him to eat good enough to go home. He was fine. Its been 34 Good luck.

My water never broke on its own with all 4 of my kids. I would go to get checked. Praying for a healthy and safe delivery

Better safe than sorry! Call your OB! My water had to be broken at the hospital!

They told me my lil man was almost 5 lbs he was born at 32 weeks weighing 3.11 lbs from my experience never go off weight they give from ultrasound but my lil man spent 47 days in a nicu and is almost 4 months and doing amazing no delays at all so far other than being 11 lbs now good luck momma

Go in, 32 weeks is way to early, they will stop labor, they will also give u steroid shots to help the babies lungs.

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Trust and believe you will know. They get more intense and painful. Relax and stay hydrated. If you are leaking alot more then usual it’s probably your water. Go get checked out if it continues and or gets worse and good luck.

They can stop it. He’s not developed yet

My water never broke when I was in labor was already dilated 8cm when I got there. They had to break it.

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Try sitting in a warm bath. If they don’t stop then it’s real contractions

You gotta go into L&D.

I have 5 kids and my water never broke. The Dr had to break it every time after being in active labor. Sounds like you should get checked if the contractions are consistent and getting stronger.

Also with my last done they stopped my labor at 32 weeks. I had him 2 weeks later weighing 6lbs even

My water broke at the hospital with all 3 kids so I wouldn’t wait for that.

38 weeks 39 tomorrow here. I feel like I keep going to Labor and Delivery for painful contractions and trickles of fluid but they always end up false. While I feel like the girl who cries baby at having all signs it’s better to just get it checked out if you don’t mind going in. My water ruptured a little with my first at 40 weeks and a day but they ended up breaking more to out me in labor. I’ve had two scared of water gushing out at 37 weeks but ended up being negative for the ruptures. I’d say if warm bath and laying on left side doesn’t help and you can’t breathe or walk through contractions go in.

I would get checked. My water never broke on either of my pregnancies

Drink 32 oz of water and lay on your left side.

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Get checked out. Mom of 2 premies and 1 late preterm. They may want to give you meds to slow things down or give you steroid shots for baby and lung development. When it comes to early labor always better to be overly cautious. Also I would recommend light activity to help prevent early labor. True labor is triggered or increased with activity
So if you walk around and it gets worse it’s probably labor.

You could be dehydrated. Drink water and or Gatorade and lay down and relax… one tell tale sign of labor, increase in gross mucus like discharge. (Typically clear and with some blood or like tinges of blood in it is common) (currently pregnant with number 4)

You are going to have to let nature take its course.

Can’t wait for water to break bc it doesn’t always happen… Both my pregnancies the doctor had to break my water. It never hurts to go in and get checked

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I had to get a steroid shot when I was around 33 weeks to help develop the baby’s lungs since they figured I’d have her early. So no the baby isn’t physically developed yet. If I were you I’d go to the hospital so they can at least give you that shot just in case.

1st kid-water never broke. I was having contractions for 2 1/2 days. Went to hospital. I was 8 cm dialated. They broke water. 2nd baby-I went into labor at 31 weeks. I was hurting so bad. They hooked me up to machine. No contractions. Checked me for dilation…i was 5 cm. They gave me steroid shots and complete bed rest. She stayed in for 2 more weeks. Once they delivered her, they saw I had a softball size cyst that my fallopian tube was wrapped around. They couldn’t see it on sonogram. I would ALWAYS say better safe than sorry.

Try taking a hot (as hit as you can stand it) shower. It will either speed it up or stop it. If you stay bleeding, go to the hospital. And if you feel like you have to poop, but feel constipated, go to the hospital.

Some times your water wont break on its own.
Personally with my first i was in labor (from contraction to birth) for 48 hours and my water didn’t break until literally seconds before i had to push and i pushed for about 10 minutes. I was 39 weeks to the day. He was 5lbs 12oz.

If it was the real deal they would be getting stronger and at 32 weeks I’d hope they’d stop the contractions as baby’s lungs still aren’t fully developed…and don’t wait for your water to break to go to the hospital as it may not break at all or it may break right before it’s time to push…go to the hospital when contractions are staying consistent…I know they say like 5 minutes apart but take in to consideration how far you have to travel to the hospital

Get checked because not everyone’s water breaks I was 6cm and my water didn’t break they had to break it for me! I was in labor for 3 days and it was miserable they said if my water would have broke on it own she would have came earlier but my water wouldn’t break on it’s own.

Please dont wait for your water to break. Its only on TV and movies that it breaks for every labor. A lot of women have to have their water bag broken at the hospital.
Best to call the on call Dr any see what she thinks. If you cant reach them, go to hospital just to be safe.

Your water may not break until baby is coming out, so don’t wait for that.

My water never broke it had to broken with both my babies

I have 4 kids. My water only broke on it own for my 3rd child. Sounds like Braxton hicks but ALWAYS safer to get checked than to wait it out. Also, being dehydrated causes cramping so chug away mama (water, of course)