Signs of labor?

Hey Mama’s! I am 37 weeks and 5 days today. Been moving and walking etc. tons and eating pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf tea. Have been extremely sore in my groin like hurts to be sitting i have to be at an angle. My pelvis region has felt tender. Just wondering when you all went into labour? I’m due June 5th. How did your labour start? I keep checking for my bloody show or water leaking but none so far. What was your labour like, how did you feel the day before labour? Please share your stories with me! I’m super excited I’m a FTM and curious to see how my labour and delivery will go😁


When my water broke it said swoosh, no way to miss that. No contractions tho for 48 hours but then it was quick, when contractions started it was like 4 hours and then he was here.

What does a bloody show look like? Is it just a massive amount of blood or Something?

Wear a baby belt to keep the pressure off and if you can help it try let baby cook a bit longer

I didn’t lose my mucus plug until 4 days before my water broke.
I did all those “tricks” too and it felt like it didn’t do a thing! Omg.
I ate a crap ton of pineapple and 3 cups of tea every day and walked and marched and bounced on my yoga ball and all of it :joy:
I was technically having labor contractions for 4 days until my water broke, they kept sending me back home regardless of the pain level. It sucked bad.
But when my water broke I called and said have that epidural ready.
It felt amazing to be so pain free omg.

Every mom is different :heart:
Pay attention to your body and time those contractions.
Call in to labor and delivery even if you feel like you’re asking stupid questions.
And don’t be afraid to go in to labor and delivery if you feel like you need to be monitored.
I went in SO many times because it was my first time being pregnant and I hate the unknown.

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No waters and minimal show, like a slow leak of slimey stuff haha. Had mild random contractions the day before (probly braxton hicks) Then they went away completely. Next morning had to go in to hospital because the contractions were real and too painful. Baby was born at 3.30pm that day :grin:

Aww every baby and pregnancy is different, a mom of 4 myself, each one completely different. Baby could just be in a bad position for you, I know with my 3rd pregnancy he hurt to carry him at the end, I walked and walked, heard it helps, and massaging inside of ankles is an old wives tale I was told is supposed to help labor start, but I couldn’t say it did help lol

I played golf, rode in a bumpy golf cart, then an easy swim. Went into labor within a few hours. Easy 60 minutes and 10 minutes if that was pushing.

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Both of my pregnancies the first sign I had was some mucus (not the whole thing or bloody show, but enough for me to know it was part of the plug). Then slow contractions that progressed. First time my milk came in right before I went to hospital. The second time I started losing blood so I went to the hospital and both deliveries were very fast. My water didn’t break either time. Best advice I got was every birth, mom, and child is different. Listen to your body, even if you feel like you’re overreacting it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, that baby is gonna come when it wants. :joy:

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I had my daughter at 39+6. Water broke at 39+5, mine was different because my daughter pooped. I didn’t have any sort of contractions until I got pitocin. I labored all together 25 hours and pushed for 2 of those. I wouldn’t count on anything happening especially with pineapple, you have to eat a lot of it for anything to happen. Also, your mucus plug CAN regrow. I didn’t feel any different the day before or even the morning of.

I was dilated to 4 on a Friday. Dr said no contractions, see ya next week. I cried the whole way home. Next morning (our night - hubby was on 3rds), we had sex & went to sleep. I went to pee & got 4 gushes of water after I stood up. Then it felt like a bowling ball working it’s way down. We went to L&D, they started pitocin a few hours later to regulate contractions. He was born on that Sunday. Monday, my Dr came in like… wtf?

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With my first one, I thought I had to take a serious “#2:joy::joy: then it just got stronger from there!

Watch for big burst of energy, like clean whole house. Dr had to break my water on both boys. Last one was 2 weeks late, I took castor oil trying to start contractions on certain date but didnt work. He was 9 lbs 4 oz.

I had a few slimy stuff my water broke at 38 weeks no contractions no pain but mine was breeched so I did a c section

Have you tried the yoga ball? You rock side to side and bounce! I was at the er with my 2 year old until 4am as soon as i got home i felt some contrations. I always take a bath when i feel the contrations. Then i saw some mucus mix with blood. I was so tired so i went to sleep, woke up at 6 with contrations and i started timing it, sat on my yoga ball…it went from 7mins to 5mins apart then woke the husband to go to the hospital…

Best thing I ever did was watch a woman on YouTube my OB recommended to know what to do and when to go!
Her name is Sarah lavonne!
She’s a labor/delivery doctor and birthing coach!! She has videos with so much information on labor and how to kick start it!
Unfortunately all pineapples and the red raspberry do are soften your cervix and strengthen your uterus so they won’t actually start labor but they help prep for it!!
I’d watch some of her videos though they are really informative!
If it’s your first you probably wanna do the 4-1-1 rule.
Where your contractions are every 4 minutes lasting close to 1 minute for at least 1 hour. Also staying the same or stronger frequency in pain!

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I went into labor at 41 weeks and 3 days. I didn’t have any bloody show or mucus, and my water didn’t break. Just woke up one morning having consistent contractions. I felt completely normal the day before, there really weren’t any “signs” that I was going to go into labor. As for labor itself, I had an unmedicated home birth which lasted 24 hours, so it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park lol. Though I am very happy I stuck with it. It is plain and simple HARD WORK. By the end I was more exhausted than I ever thought was possible, and I was pretty sure I was dying lol, but all in all my birth was very empowering and I look back on the experience very fondly and with a lot of pride.


So… I just gave birth on Friday.
I woke up to mild contractions that were probably about 8 minuets apart.
My water never broke and I lost my mucus plug in small little bits over the course of 2 weeks before this happened.
I didn’t think I was in labor because my contractions weren’t too bad but that’s because my water needed to break. Just make sure that if you feel any type of cramping that you time them because when I finally went to the hospital, I was 9cm dilated and barely had time to get an epidural. I got to the hospital at 4, got the epidural at 4:30 and had Averi at 5:11!!!


With my daughter I had her at 36 weeks, I was greaaaat all day. (I had hypermesis the entire pregnancy) and didn’t get sick not once, after my husband left 45 minutes away with out only car, I got up to pee. Went pee, sat back on the couch and not 3 minutes later needed to pee again, but when I got up, it was like I couldn’t hold it no matter how hard I tried, sat on the toilet and it just wouldn’t stop :joy: so I called my Dr and he told me to come in, my water didn’t end up breaking all the way so I got to the hospital and they broke it the rest of the way. :woman_shrugging: with my second I was induced at 39weeks 4 days… Literally nothing I did before that day helped. :woman_facepalming: ended in a c section. I’m due June 3rd with my third, I’ve lost my mucus plus last week but no contractions, nothing :roll_eyes:

I walked 12 flights of stairs and my first was still a week late.
I mucus plus came up weeks before my first was born.
Baby will come when baby wants.

No waters broke no bloody show…went into spontaneous labour at 39+3… natural no drugs 15 hours intotal.

Good luck!!

I did all the same stuff and felt the same way but still had to be induced!

I’ve had 6 full term births. I’ve done everything you can find, (and then some more) to induce. The absolute truth is that your baby knows when to come out and you can just chill a bit until the right moment.
I could say certain things “worked” but if I’m truthful, I have no way of knowing if anything but time and God chose the moment: when you’re doing 44 different things to induce labor and one seems to work and then you tell everyone else that’s what caused labor…um, you don’t really know that for sure. You’re gonna have DECADES with your beautiful little one…just let it go :blush::heart::blush::heart::blush:

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With my first I felt sore amd over being pregnant up instil labor started. I went into labor 3 days early. With my next 2 i was induced.

Five kids and five very different experiences, my first was 22 days early, second had to be evicted 15 days late, daughter was right on time but my labor lasted nearly a week and was hell, next was about a week early and the last one was six weeks early due to pre eclampsia and that labor was even worse hell due to the type of meds I had to be on for the condition. No epidural for any of them.

I got a weird rash on my legs a couple of days before labor, it was red and itchy. I had already had my bloody show a few weeks prior though. Laid down for a nap and my water broke lol

My dr always told me that baby would come when they were ready and there is nothing you can do to make it go faster. He said if that was the case they’d use that for inducing instead of medicine. He did say that walking or bouncing on a ball helped put the baby into the birth canal and sex (sperm) can help soften the cervix. I tried everything and nothing worked for me: I had to be induced at 40weeks and had my baby via csection on my due date. Good luck and congrats

Dull back ache, and felt like my whole stomach was in my privates front and back pressure wise. Fyi. Your pelvis might hurt just from baby movin down

I’ve been doing the same with contractions for 2 weeks still nothing I’m a week over due today :expressionless:

Mom of 8. Home birthed. Best first Thing To watch for is “nesting”. Aggressive nesting. (Don’t hurt yourself with This). Get ready. Labor soon. Increased mucus. Pink Show. Back pressure. Yoni pressure. Everything softening up. On your hands & knees, mooing like a cow, call The midwife. (“Overdue”? Water intact? Get Lovey with yer honey. Same feelings/hormones That Conceived your baby is What will most effectively & Safely birth her.

I’m 40 weeks + 5 days still waiting for my :baby:t3: to show up :tired_face: was due 15th.
No bloody show or contractions have happened here.
Dr appt. Thursday to see what’s going on if she’s not here by then.

I had to pee so much more than usual, mucus plug broke, and then about 24 hours later the contractions started. I thought they were Braxton Hicks, so i kept trying to sleep through them and I had the WEIRDEST dreams and woke up every hour. Finally at 10 am i went to the hospital and I was already 5 cm dilated. When the ER checked me in I said “yeah hi I’m having a baby? Where do I go?” And they said “sure…how do you feel?” I said “uncomfortable for sure.” Nurse checked me out and was surprised I was so far dilated. She said I made it look easy :rofl:

What does eating pineapple have to do with labor , also pineapple is a high glycemic index food very high in sugar

Just had my second and completely different experiences. My first I lost my mucus plug at like 37+ weeks, bloody show, had my membranes stripped, went walking and went into labor on a Friday had my son the next day at 38 weeks 6 days. My second I was told would be huge and I would need to be induced if she wouldn’t come on her own. I was really uncomfortable constantly she sat so low. No mucus plug but I did loose gobs of mucus just not all of it, no bloody show, my doctor tried stripping my membranes but I think she just grabbed mucus. Walking didn’t help. I ended up induced at 39 weeks 2 days and she was a normal and only a bit big🙄. She just didn’t want to come out and ultimately they decide.

I was in labor with my 4th for 2 days…and they broke my water 1/4 of the way into labor…was 40w and water was slowly leaking when got admitted… Compared to my 1st who was 12 hours, 2nd= 9 and was induced @ 38w (water was leaking slowly)
3rd= 12 and was induced at 40w

I wouldn’t expect an early delivery with first baby. It’s best to keep baby in as close to the 40 weeks as possible. I was sore down below from the pressure from like 25 weeks. it’s means your baby is getting into place.

You’ll know when labour is beginning. Instincts just kick in, I promise. I had my first baby girl, 3 months ago and I remember my first felt contraction and knowing it was time. Good luck! It was the most beautiful experience that you’ll always treasure. Xoxo

You’re baby ain’t coming unless it’s ready you can try everything in the book lol

I had no symptoms at all and then my water randomly broke but didn’t have contractions for another 8 hours after that and didn’t give birth until another 16.5 hours after that lol

I went into labor at 39 weeks 4 days. I was working the day before having him and showed no signs of going into labor. I took walks and my birthing ball was a life saver. I started using it at 38 weeks and stayed on it all through labor. Didn’t really do anything else out of the norm. I was 3 cm dilated for a month and half though so i thought he could come at any moment for a long time, but then made it pretty much to full term. Lol

Everbody labor is different and it all depends on how the baby wants to come into this world we call life

I think everyone is different, my daughters felt great the day before. I was doing laundary when i went into labor, i was hanging clothes out on the clothes line.

Sounds like pressure from baby sitting low on you. My water had to be broken but labor did start naturally. It was 3 almost 4 days after losing my mucous plug. Started with back pain first short. Then got linger and more regionalized front to back. I had my son 25 hours after my first initial contraction.

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These last couple weeks will be very uncomfortable. My son came 1 day before his due date. When my labor started it felt like cramps at first which started on a Friday and continued to gradually get more intense as the days went on. I finally went to the hospital around 8am Sunday cause i couldn’t handle the contractions anymore. I finally got an epidural around noon. Was able to rest a little and then around 7 my water broke and by 822 baby was born. Good luck momma. You will do great. All the discomfort is worth it once they put tour baby on your chest to hold.

Spicy food is what sent me in with my first, I swear :joy:. I had a check up but ate lunch beforehand. Was a spicy chicken sandwich. BP was a little high so I had to go to L&D. Sent home at a 2. Ate dinner and had this spicy sauce with my steak. Couple hours later I was in pain. Went back in. But only at a beginning 3. Gave me a sleeping pill around 11pm. Sent me home. 2am I was in so much pain and could feel my daughters head in my pelvic. Went back in. At a 5 so they admitted me. Spicy food and sex :joy::joy:.

Second I had to he induced at 37+1. My BP kept spiking(hyper tension) and they told me if at my next app if it was high they’d send me to L&D. Got monitored. They said your considered full term and baby sounds and looks perfect. Started pitocin at 5pm on a Wed and he was here at 7:36pm the next day. Epidural wore off and man were those contractions something considering the first one my epidural made me numb lol.

They say walking, having sex(cause the sperm helps open the cervix), spicy food. Bouncing on a yoga ball, severe nesting. Everyone is different and what works for us may not work for you. Baby just isn’t ready yet momma :blush:

Pineapples isn’t going to do anything lol

First babies are rarely “on time”

The morning of my water breaking that night, I just felt like I had a lot of energy. My boyfriend and I were putting the bassinet together and getting other things ready for when our daughter arrived. While putting it together my water broke slowly. I thought I was peeing at first until about the third time changing my clothes I went to the bathroom and my water broke a lot more. You’ll know when it happens because you can’t control it like if you were peeing. I didn’t really have any contractions either. Not for a few hours after my water broke. I mean, it is different for every woman and pregnancy as well.

I never had body show that i noticed. Labor began all of the sudden with me and lasted 26 hours. I had an epidural at 13 hours…i was exhausted. He was worth every second of it!!

I was 39 weeks and didn’t have any sign of labor. No pressure, no Braxton Hicks, nothing. I went to pee one morning and when I stood up to pull my pants up my water broke. 13 hours later exactly my son was born

You’ll know!! Hurts like no other, I felt my labor in my back and legs… My water didn’t break until I got to hospital and they broke it.

Go to the health food store. Get some raspberry leaf tea. It makes pushing easier by strengthening the uterus walls! It also has no caffeine & tastes great!

With my first I had horrible back pain a few days before my water broke at 41 +2. With my second I had uncomfortable pressure for a month before she was due and I had to be induced at 41 +3. Everyone is different but don’t expect to go before your due date.

Full moon, I strongly believe. At least with my first child. It caused my water to rupture. Something about the gravitational pull, old wives tale. Other than that youll know when it’s time.

God will let you know when your ready trust him

38.6 for me with a whole week before of awful pain and swelling (diagnosed with preeclampsia). i could hardly walk or sit down or bend over. i was induced because of the preeclampsia and they had to break my water… 40 plus hours of active labor for me!