Signs of labor?

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This may be TMI but I’ve been pooping a lot lately & cramping, could that mean I’m going into labor soon? I’ll be 35 weeks on Tuesday.

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Or just getting ready to getting everything out of your system I did that until I was 38 weeks


Yes. Wait till your plug "bloody show "… then contractions start to get heavier… and heavier. Just make sure the hospital bag is packed. Wear a really thick pad to catch your water break

Definitely labor . That’s what I did with my first

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Happen to me I went two weeks early with mine when that started happening to me

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I’m going thru the same thing, I’m exactly the same amount of weeks gestation and have been cramping, having the worst back pain etc. I gave birth to my 1st son at 38 weeks, is it possible I’ll go earlier than that with this one? I literally feel so off right now but I don’t want to go in for a false alarm

Could be hormonal changes or your body getting ready.
Remember to stay hydrated and rest up! My body has been doing this as well I’m 37 weeks.
More cramping and getting kicked way down low. Not sure if the baby dropped yet since I didn’t experience it with my first.
I think this baby is getting ready to come soon though!
Agree with getting hospital bag prepped and any other things you need done just in case!

I’m 34 weeks today & have been in so much pain (muscles) & crampy ugh it sucks, I honestly hope I go into labour at least within the next month

It sounds like Braxton Hicks but it’s good bc some get constipated during the last trimester or even after having the baby. Its when they are consistent and 7-5 mins apart that’s when you’ll be in labor but keep eye on it. Good luck


Yes, I have 5 kids and that happened every time. And I only saw the mucus plug once.


I should add, it happened with every pregnancy 2 to 3 weeks before I went into labor.

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Your body is getting ready for labor but doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have your baby soon. Try to take baths, relax, watch some tv or something. Try to keep your mind off of it, but be aware at the same time if that makes sense. Good luck mama!!


Shay. your post? Lol. Just kidding. Made me think of you though. Lol

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Talk to your doctor!!

It was true for me. About 5 days later my daughter was born

That was my first sign of labor coming soon!! Literally a day later I had my daughter. Good luck :heart:

Yup. Just time if you start having contractions… the day before I went into labor I had what my doctors called Braxton hicks. It was actually back labor and he broke my water as soon as I got to the doctors because I was gonna be induced. Good luck hun!

The day before i had my last daughter its like i pooped like ten times… Had her the next morning… Lmfao so glad i didn’t poop on the doctor​:joy::joy::joy:

PSA, when you go to have the baby and they tell you to push, PUSH LIKE YOU’RE POOPING! My son was out in one contraction. Good luck momma!!

The week before I went into labor I was constantly running to the bathroom. It was definitely a sign of coming labor for me.

Tmi but I’ve had the same thing for over a month and still prego so good luck lol

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Body is prepping itself. Doesn’t mean you will go into labor right away, still could be many weeks. Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible, you still have lots of time.