Signs of labor?

How did you ladies know you were in labor. As far as I know, my water hasn’t broken. However, since 8:30 pm last night, I have had runs and vomiting with cramping-like symptoms. I just wanna hear different labor stories. When do I say enough is enough to the throwing up. I’m not trying to be that woman that goes to the er, but I’m not keeping anything down. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant. Any insight would be helpful.


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Make sure to time contractions, if any, and I would go in to at least get help with the vomiting so you don’t become dehydrated and put baby at risk.

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Call labor and delivery. They can advise u better.


This happened to me the day before delivery. The dr described it as a way of my body preparing for delivery…emptying out of sorts. But I would contact your Dr!

I never felt nauseous or vomited in labor. It feels like you are constipated and need to p**p. It’s that kind of cramps


I’m sorry but why ask here and not call your doctor? Especially when dealing with giving birth.


I never had vomiting. I would call your l&d Dr

Go to ER if not sure. Better safe than sorry

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Are you sure you don’t have a stomach bug and are cramping bc you’re dehydrated? I would call your doctor for further advice. They may send you into the hospital to at least get some IV fluids if anything.

I had extreme vomiting 2 days before my water broke at 37 weeks. The hospital advised that I go to emergency to stop the vomiting

I had the same as you with my first! I’d go get checked. As someone else out it to me, they’re there working whether you are there or not :woman_shrugging:t3:

Everyone is different. How ever there is the 311 or 411 rule. Go to hospital when you feel contractions (you’ll know they are contractions, they are painful) consistently for 3/4 min apart, lasting 1 min each for 1 hour. You should also call labor and delivery before going in because they will ask you this along with other symptom questions.

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Mom of 5 here- at minimum call your dc. Calling labor and delivery at the hospital you will be going to is also a great idea. The vomiting concerns me- you need to speak with a medical professional.


Could also be food poisoning

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It is good to hear labor stories. I was very sick a few days before labor with 2 of my 3 pregnancies. My daughter experienced it also. Definitely inform your OB/GYN. They can help with nausea. Dehydration is not what momma and baby need. Good luck and congratulations!

I think u might be dehydrated, or u got a sta h bug. Either way u need to Go to ER u need to get checked to make sure everything is ok with baby.


To be honest it can be really different for everyone and with every pregnancy. I woke up with my sons pregnancy and took 20 minutes to realize i was having contractions. Last year with my daughters pregnancy, i was busy until 7:30 when i went to visit with my brother and his family when i started mentioning how i was cramping all day and it was getting more annoying…my brother was the one who suggested i might be having contractions, sure enough! Baby was born 8 hours later.

Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration. Call your Dr or go on it to the hospital where you plan to deliver so they can at least monitor your progress for a few hours.

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Listen, labor is different in different mums. Go to the hospital! Since last night? Your baby might be at risk of an infection!

Time to go get checked dehydration is not good for either of you

Sounds more like gastro

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First order of business is to call your doctor. Constantly throwing up will cause you to become dehydrated, which could cause other issues. Every woman’s labor is different. Call your doctor and tell them what’s going on. They may want you to go to the hospital to be accessed by labor and delivery. At 37 weeks, this is not the time to second guess anything. It may be nothing more than an upset stomach, but wouldn’t you feel better having an actual doctor tell you that?


Go to hospital now. Be safe for your baby’s sake!

I think you’re starting labor, your body is getting everything out of the way. Labor is different every time but I had these symptoms with my first baby.

Call your Dr. dear and drink fluids even though it might not stay down. A few sips at a time. Call.

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Call the doctor…why are you asking strangers.


At least call your doctor you’re pregnant surely they will have someone to give you advice 24/7, 365.

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The doctor on-call should be able to tell you what to do!

You sound sick go to the dr?

Every pregnant is different, so in all honesty you probably should go in just to be safe. Can’t hurt to make sure.

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Yes sorry to hear that but every one is different there are horrible stories out there try to stay calm.

Yes I think you should go to ER.

Sounds like you are dehydrated! Go to the er

Have you called your doctor?


If u cant really decide things like this gor yourself i question how you will handle a baby.


I had 3 active labors and they had to break my water all 3 times

When I was pregnant I sat in the sun and got dehydrated and needed to have an IV. You have been throwing up and all since last night that’s not good. You should have contacted your doctor when it first began.


Diarrhea and vomiting… go to ER

I pooped my brains out before each birth no lie… And once it started i just knew… My bodyvwas telling me to get to a safe place and hunker down and give birth… My first my water broken my second they had to break it after leaking and activity in labor… They are never the same… Trust your gut… Your body will tell you. But my opinion… Get your ass to the hospital.

Go to the ER. Especially if you throw in headaches and blurred vision.

I found out I was in labor when i told my doctor that my baby wasn’t moving like she normally did.


I didn’t know I was in labor for sure for about 9 hours or so! My water broke at 34.5 weeks at about 1 am. All night long I was leaking with every movement. I went thru several showers, pads, & pairs of underwear. I looked it up and had my suspicions I was in labor. I had an over-the-phone appointment scheduled already for 1:15 pm. I called first thing in the morning, and they said they’d keep the same time but make it in-person instead (this was last year during Covid). I was supposed to go to work after the appointment but my husband said I should call just in case. He offered to drive me and I tried to wave it off also “not wanting to be THAT person.” He insisted. I said ok. We went and I was told that yes I was in labor and transferred to a larger hospital w a NICU. My baby boy was born at 9:48 pm that same night!

There’s a Flu going around

As far as I know, your symptoms dont relate to labour, so as others have suggested…go to the doctor or the ER asap. Its too easy to end up dehydrated when unable to keep anything down.


Sounds you’re very dehydrated x

I vomited my entire pregnancy and had to get IV fluids 3 to 4 times a week… Go to the ER! As far as labor, it may not be, there is really no mistaken that one but you need to get IV fluids for you and the baby if you are dehydrated then so is the baby which means the baby could be in distress.

Everytime ive been pregnant, ive asked myself this question. You think id know after the first one but no, you always forget.
I found that if i had to question if i was in labour, i wasnt in labour. That doesnt mean you shouldnt get checked though. A few daysbefore i had my 4th prematurely, i had what i thought could be contractions, later that night, gushing blood. Placenta was detaching. I should have gotten checked.

See the dockters about it

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different stories,go to ER

Tummy bug. Seek medical advise…

Same thing happened with my sister and she ended up back in the hospital days after delivering and had to have her gallbladder removed. The say it’s very common in the third trimester.

Excruciating cranps that wouldnt go away with my first 1. Waterbag broke with my other 4 then the cramplike feeling

My son came 24 days early… Apparently my mucus plug came out because it was about 10pm I was going to the restroom then to bed. As I was walking i felt liquid going down my leg. I used the restroom but everytime I stood up it would happen again so I was stuck in there for a lil while. (No pain or contractions at any point.) Finally I went to bed with being up and down all night like this. The next day I went to get checked at 12pm and the DR wasn’t out of the room 2 minutes when she came back in saying I was to go straight to labor and delivery because I was loosing water the whole time the night before.

You could be sick and get sicker and cause harm to your baby. Go to the medical services and get assessed