Signs of milk allergies?

My son just turned a year old on the 24th. Since he’s been on whole milk, he’s developed a cough, runny nose, he seems to gag more, he’s pooping usually right afterwards or within half hour. Would you mamas consider him being lactose intolerant or having a milk allergy? As today is Labor Day the clinics aren’t open & tomorrow we have our WIC check up… any advice on what to do?


Tell wic when you go. It sounds like he may b lactose

My son has coughing and runny nose when in contact with peanuts, with other symptoms of course. I would definitely get your little one tested. You’d be surprised

That’s definitely Signs. My daughter had the symptoms of constipation and rashes.

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Sounds like lactose intolerance to me. Could be allergic to cows milk. My son, was allergic from day one and it was a rough go at the first finding a formula that suited him best.
He was on soy milk when he transitioned from formula. He is now able to drink 1% and have cheese at 4 years old after slowly introducing it to his system.
Definitely get an allergy test done when you can.

Did you just switch right over or did you tirate down from just formula, to a little more milk ever few days mixed in with the formula? Just switching from one to the other without letting their body get used to the milk over time can upset their stomachs.

My daughter had constant ear infections and diarrhea and belly aches.

My daughter got horrible cramps, diarrhea, and rashes when she was lactose intolerant.

My son kept ear infections and congestion. He was allergic to a protien in it.

Don’t give him milk until doctors and see if better but cough and runny nose could be teething

I have lactose issues,i get the runs, i get cramps and sometimes want to throw up and some times do throw up

My son had a milk protein allergy while on formula. We knew because he had a little blood in his poop which is a sign. Tell your doctor and they will test! I’m pretty sure it’s the same for whole milk. But I could be wrong.

Stop giving cows milk it’s terrible for your body and can cause inflammation


Lactose issues are more of them throwing up their whole bottle while screaming bloody murder and having light red spots all over their tummy