Signs of ovulation?

Does ovulation usually cause white discharge and stomach pains ? I just got off my 8 day period on the 24th so I don’t think it’s my period coming … but having period like symptoms


Yes. Mine is painful and hurts worse than my period.

yes it does google it and you will get all the info you need as to what your body is doing

Boobs. My boobs hurt & nips - don’t even swipe against me or I’ll clock ya one… lol 2 kids here only though. Everyone’s different

How do women not know about this own bodies?


Well aren’t ya’ll just a big Ole bag of hate and negativity. Just make that person feel like crap. Yeah, that always helps :roll_eyes:

Yes. I suggest you get a cycle tracker app and keep track of your symptoms. I started noticing a lot of pain during ovulation, went to my doctor and told him, got an ultrasound done and it turned out I actually had pelvic vein congestion syndrome… It’s actually really common among women of the childbearing age but it is really painful. You are not supposed to have pain during ovulation…