SIgns of postpartum depression?

I have an appointment Wednesday… Should I go ahead and talk to my midwife about the possibility of postpartum depression?.. I am starting to have anxiety that I have had gotten rid of a long time and I’m starting to feel depressed again… I’m 36w and 2d, I just don’t want to be feeling like this again and I have no one to actually talk to about how I’m feeling.:confounded:


Yes. Talk to them. Your mental health is most Important

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Always talk to professionals they’re not going to judge you they’re there to help. I had my little boy 5 weeks ago and I felt like that at the end of my pregnancy it’s mostly the hormones , stress and worry. We all have good and bad days but never feel like you’re alone. Whoever this is if you ever wanna talk my inbox is open I won’t judge as I’ve been through this all myself. There is nothing worse than feeling alone.

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yes!!! the earlier you open up about any anxiety/depression the better… don’t let it snowball until you feel like your drowning!

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Definitely mention it to them. It’s common and they won’t judge. They will give you ideas and ways to cope and extra support. Plus they will note it on your file to keep a closer eye on you.
It’s definitely a positive that you know you aren’t yourself and can get help sooner rather than later.
Take care of yourself


If you’re using a midwife, you should also consult your local Witch Doctor.

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def reach out. talk to someone.

Good grief, yes and if she doesn’t offer support, look else where!!!

I felt like that at the end with my littlest. Didnt go away afterwards til i got meds for my anxiety attacks

100% talk to them! They are there to support you and help you with everything and anything you need.

Definitely talk to her. The sooner you do the sooner the healing can begin :slight_smile: