Signs of PTSD?

:exclamation::exclamation:TRIGGER WARNING​:exclamation::exclamation:

Idk if this is a dumb question or not. When my son was about 4 months old, I left him with his dad(for the first time ever leaving him) and went to a concert. Well I had a horrible feeling so I left early and came home to his dad and him missing along with my roommates car. He relapsed and took my son with him to Detroit for 16 hours. Sold his phone and I couldn’t do anything legally. I went the next day and got sole and physical custody.

No mother should have to wonder where their child is and if they’re okay. It was like I got punched in the chest and I couldn’t catch up with myself.

My question is, can you get PTSD with something like that. At times when my son is sick or I leave him with a sitter to go work, My aniexty is unbelievable. I plan on talking to my therapist about this but I don’t see her until next Monday.

His dad went and got help and has been clean since. My son is now 2. Were expecting again. I am so proud of his dad, hes an amazing father he just had to deal with his demons.

Now that I’m pregnant again, I keep getting the worst flash backs and the tightness in my chest comes back. It makes me not want to carrying out this pregnancy.

Please no rude comments, due to.being crazy upset as it is. TIA


I would say yes and maybe look into essential oils. Soemthing pure like Young Living go help with your anxiety and stress. They work wonders for me and my family. Glad tye dad got help and got clean!


It can absolutely resonate with you like PTSD, especially with your hormones right now. I’m sorry.


I ain’t got nothing nice to say cuz wow… I get it ppl change but dude took your kid on a drug binge and you have another kid after you went to court to get sole custody?? Yall a whole mess and yes please go to therapy.


Sometimes you have to trust your gut feelings and if you chose to still be with this man you have to learn to trust him again. I know it has to be hard and it’s something you will never forget but in time I’m sure he will prove himself to you. Seeing the doctor for sure will help. Hang in there!

Yes sweetheart, what you experienced is perfectly normal, your baby was gone and you didn’t know where or what happened to him, your husband could have killed your child in his state of mind and you fear it could happen again. I would get some counseling, get some professional help with this, you are also pregnant and your hormones are running wild too, don’t do anything rash. Even though he’s clean now, there’s always that chance he can relapse again. Get some professional help, you do have PTSD, no one can blame you for that.

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Sounds like maybe some underlying anger and resentment harboring there, that’s coming to surface in a form of anxiety. A therapist would be a great start in resolving that!

Yes my ex tried taking my daughter when she was a baby that was 10 years old still dealing with anxiety and issues

And if your son had gotten killed would you have still went back? Ffs


Yes sweetie what you experienced was traumatic

Definitely sounds like you should talk to your doctor about it

Yes and I had a bad experience with my first and wen I was pregnant with my second I felt exact same but u have to think that every pregnancy is different ur husband is clean now witch congratulations it’s not easy and it’s a disease I had to have counseling and was on antidepressants witch helped me so much I felt awful at the start for taking them but my doctor re assured me it was safe during pregnancy and it made such a difference x

You Definitely have anxiety over it.

So he took your son on a 16 hr drug binge, you got sole custody, got pregnant again by him and now are worried about PTSD?


First off hats off to the dad for getting clean. The only thing the man could do to make it right. No you shouldn’t leave him!! It’s normal to feel the way you do. The only thing you can do is work through it. Maybe get counselling together. Learn how to trust again. You’re going to be OK :heart:


Your feelings are legitimate. You are having a second child with someone who has proven he can’t be trusted to be a partner and a parent. Start making decisions today that will protect you and your children. You are all they can depend on. Of course you’re having panic attacks.


Could be stress you were worried about your baby PTSD usually comes from bad trauma like abuse or sexual assault but it can come from a bad home to

You can get PTSD from any traumatic event. Not knowing where ur child is if they are ok or not can def be traumatic

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Are you having panic attacks ?

Acute stress disorder

Yes you can an Its mkre heightened since you pregnant so it’s going to make everything that felt normal not feel normal no more and everything that you’ve been through it makes that feeling ten times worse your hormones play a role in that you’re probably having flashbacks true that honestly I will talk to your doctor and maybe talk to your spouse about it so you not keeping it all pent-up but congratulations on the new addition to your family

I’m so happy for ur SO tho! Getting clean is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve been clean from heroin for five years but I’ll never forget how scary n hard it was in the beginning (still can be hard five years later even) so congrats to him❤️


You need to see your therapist and tell them everything. Give him a chance as long as he isn’t showing any sign that he is using. Don’t take your feelings out on your baby. It is innocent

Yes you definitely can! I was I was in a car accident when I was 7months pregnant with my first child. I almost went into labor. They had to stop it and from then until I had her at 40weeks (thank god) I had contractions around the clock. Then four years later I lost a baby at 26weeks. I had her and held her :cry: sense then I cannot even begin to think about pregnancy or labor without crying. The events haunt me all the time. My shrink diagnosed me with PTSD. IT DEFINITELY HAPPENS. I couldn’t imagine what you went through! Sooo scary. Xoxox

My ex and his girlfriend kidnapped my son. (Years ago) It gave me severe anxiety! My doctor had to change my medication twice. There are all different types of anxiety. (Flash backs, having thought about something bad happening, staring off in to space, etc.) there is just more to anxiety than what people think. I would talk to your doctor and see if there is anything you can do while you are pregnant. Be very careful with your postpartum. Anxiety and postpartum depression can be a deadly combination. Get help immediately. This is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

I think that’s trust issues not ptsd. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Yes, it would could be what triggered your PTSD to start… that is what happen to me, it had been building up over many years and 1 horrid incident while I was pregnant started my ptsd full force.

It’s like PTSD, yes. It’s a form anxiety & PTSD.
See a therapist. As someone who lives with it and is married to another Vet with it, it can present itself in odd ways and weird times.
Pls see a therapist. If it gets worse, you can negatively effect your kids.
There’s some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last 16yrs. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat.
**That goes for all you mommas! :heart::hugs::heart::hugs:

He not clean till 5 years after is last time you know you cat trust him that why yous asking us now only you know if you want to go through losing your there about again as for me I’d never go throught that ever again I’ll pray for you honey your son safely is really in your hands close your eye and see your world with your kid that how I deside some of things it works for me hope it works for. You good luck


Congratulations to you honey! Sobriety is NOT AN EASY FEAT! prayers he continues on that path! And I’m sure you definitely got some anxiety going on talk to that doc asap

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Please refrain from judge mental comments people…none of us are here to judge…
See a good dr and therapist, build your support network, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, reading, prayer, build your faith. God bless you!


It sounds like deep down you don’t trust him or anyone else with your child for that matter. I would seek help, but as far as the dad, that trust may never come back.

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Of course you can… you can develop PTSD after any traumatic experience. A situation you find traumatic might not cause someone else to feel “traumatised”. It’s a very individual thing xx

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Sounds like you have PTSD, and rightfully so. Check into talking with a therapist and working through the anxiety.

Remember ur hormones r raging n try n let the past stay in the past! 2 years is heck of a good start don’t let that 1 time control ur thoughts. Congratulations


Just see your Doctor tell them,see what they think is best

That would be your gut instinct saying it’s not the situation for you. I get second chances and working things out but when it comes to my children…there are no second chances. My job is to protect them . I couldn’t live with myself if something happened. Not every incident could have a good outcome. Not something to gamble with. It would be different if he didn’t pull the 16 hour binge he did. Everyone has demons but it’s his actions that should speak volumes to you.


Yes you can get PTSD from shit like that

You really got back with this loser and got pregnant again?


Any tramatic event can give yuo ptsd.

You can from any trauma and I’d say not knowing where your child is or if they are safe is pretty traumatic! No one has to validate your feelings. If that’s how you feel then that’s how it is!

Not PTSD. People over-use that word. Trust issues, yes


Yes you need to see someone so it doesnt get worse

Yes, you should both go to counseling.

You can have ptsd from any traumatic event. :sweat:


I don’t think necessarily its P TSD from that situation but your feelings around your son being missing R normal if it’s really severe it could be some post partum anxiety
Now if his addiction is something that you’ve been dealing with for a very long time you absolutely can experience P TSD from the charm of that they put you

I most definitely have P TSD from my partners addiction over the years
I’m in counseling to work on it Certain things he does when hes using as soon as I see those signs I go into a full blown panic attack

Yes absolutely u can, I went threw the same thing with my son’s dad but I had to leave him completely and never look back… U shouldn’t have to live like this… Try to just take it one day at a time… I hope and wish u the best hun… But never let that wall down completely with him… If he was a good father he wouldn’t have taken that baby with him to get high, sorry I don’t feel sympathy with this situation cause u just need to get away from him altogether…

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Sweetie something like this happened to me with my ex. It does get easier but that pain never fully goes away.

It’s your fear speaking to you; and rightfully so.

I wouldn’t say ptsd.
Trust issues and anxiety.

Yes you can! PTSD Has many forms.

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Nope. Fear maybe. Because you took someone who KIDNAPPED A CHILD ON A DRUG BJNGE FOR 16 HOURS BACK.


Less than 2 years doesn’t sound like enough time to prove someone has changed!

I wish you the best honey, and hope you get a handle on things.

Sounds like not all is forgiven and you hold Resentment towards him. Get into Al-Anon meetings.


Its natural to have that reaction. U should seek counseling.

Hes lucky im not his bm cuz id not be the one leaving with no ptsd. He would.

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Yes you can talk to therapist they will help

Prayers for your anxiety!

I’m sorry you had to and continue to go through this trauma. Yes you can have PTSD. I think you should find a professional someone.

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Yes that can and probably will cause PTSD I have it from multiple things I been through


I’m sure you can! People need to stop shaming others. This is a job for a counselor/therapist/psychologist

Yes it’s possible and yes it’s a terrible feeling. Talk to your therapist hun and see what they say is the best course of treatment for you, and congrats on your new addition! Don’t listen to people who are being rude, I’m betting most of them don’t know what it’s like to love someone who has an addiction. Sending lots of hugs and good vibes your way! :heart:


I’d say you’re just afraid that he could do it again, which he could, since you’re giving him access to your children again.


Yes. You dont have to be a soldier to have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. I’d say having a missing child for 16 hrs would qualify. Easily.
When your brain goes through something tramatic it logs and stores that information so that it can avoid that in the future. Its why we seem to be able to remember our scariest moments so clearly, even over time.

U can’t get custody in one day there is a process . And wait u r still with this guy !? And yes u can get PTSD and being with the guy can trigger it daily !

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It can be PTSD.

PTSD is literally whatever you find traumatic, and if that was traumatic enough… it can leave an imprint on your brain.

It also sounds like it started up some anxiety, which is causing panic attacks. That tightness in your chest, and constant worrying is caused by the PTSD/anxiety.

You need to remember to ask your counselor about it, they can help with breathing exercises and stuff like that.

If they can’t help, I suggest that you look into EMDR. I did that when I was having issues with my PTSD… after about 3 months of going and doing the EMDR, I retrained my brain to realize I couldnt have done anything differently and it wasn’t my fault that it happened.

Good luck :green_heart::blush:

You can most certainly get PTSD from something like that. See a therapist, I am for mine, finally, and it truly is helping. Good luck with everything!!

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There’s no rule that defines what can cause PTSD. It’s based on the individual, seek counseling please.


I think it’s definitely possible. I’d have a tough time trusting him after something like that too. That’s so scary. I’m so sorry that happened but I’m glad everything’s okay + congrats on the pregnancy :yellow_heart: maybe try reaching out to a therapist? They’re so helpful

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Its your minds way of protecting yourself …

No your feelings are justifiable. Your idea of speaking to your therapist is a great idea. I get flashbacks sometime of a trauma I had last year and as hard as it is I process it step by step until I feel better. It is hard but you can do this.

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Not even close. To PTSD.

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You can get ptsd from anything. My mom has it from my dad cheating. So yes honey. Just breath snd its 100% to get anxious leaving your baby with someone expecially aftet that!

Anxiety is magnified during pregnancy. It’s normal. Sleep deprivation (from getting up to pee multiple times in the night) contributes to the anxiety. The feelings you have, given your current and past circumstance is normal. Talk to your therapist about it. Just focus on the life within your womb and your self care at this point. Try taking a relaxing bath to calm down. I promise it won’t always be this way. All good moms worry. It’s what we do. Things will get better for you! :pray:t2:

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My heart goes out to you. And you said you do have a therapist. You are doing well. And you said the father is also. Continued good luck. At the time you had reason to worry. But things are better. Thinking of you and your family

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My daughter had a febrile seizure when she was 1 and I am positive I got PTSD from that and it is what triggered my anxiety. Its been over a year and I still have problems daily.

I left my son with his dad for a few hours when I went to some college classes. Our son got into something really bad because his dad was passed out from drugs. I can’t even leave him with his dad (who also has gotten help since then and I’m still with him) without freaking out about his safety. Go see a therapist. I have so much PTSD about things that happened with my sons dad and therapy and EMDR therapy has really helped

Yes you can get ptsd. I’m sure it was hard to support an addict through recovery. Now you need to turn your eyes inward and concentrate on yourself. Some therapy and selfcare would probably be beneficial to you and the baby.

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As the ex wife of an addict, yes you can get PTSD from dealing with what they do.

You are with the same father? Of course your anxiety is acting up. 2 years sober is not much at all in the grand scheme of addiction. Those “demons” don’t just get dealt with…


You can absolutely have ptsd from such an event.

What you have is anxiety/panic attacks because thats what i have and I would feel when things go wrong too, you get it from bad things happening in your life that make you feel stress or worried like your man relapsing or if you been through mental/physical abuse. Your doctor can prescribe you medication to control the symptoms. But i think its good to feel that way so you can know when something is wrong when you feel it, it can be hard to live with it but you get used to it afterawhile.

Yes you are warranted. Make sure you have a good daycare facility to take your children to. Don’t rely on him. Speaking from experience. You will know where your children are and tell them not to release to Dad w/o your authorization. My husband didn’t he had better (?) things to do

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Dear, hormones and the past are giving you fits!! Trust in yourself, and talk it out w/ someone you trust!! And I’ll go there, prayer is a great comfort!!

It’s definitely anxiety. I too know what stresses an addict can bring, and he needs good support to stay clean, I’m glad your there to help him stay sober 2 years is a wonderful accomplishment for someone. If you are uncomfortable with him being around though when ur not don’t leave them with him.

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Yes you can absolutely get PTSD from it

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Yes you can get PTSD. I was abused by my father in every which way as a child and that along with my brothers murder seven years ago caused me to get PTSD. I take medication for it. I also suffer with massive anxiety, flashbacks and occasional panic attacks. Normally, I am okay most of the time, but it is bad lately cause my daughter is having major surgery and that has been hard. I told you this about me cause I want you to know you are not alone; I get it. That being said…
Stay in therapy. Maybe go a time or two days extra to get through all of this. It is impressive that you allowed your husband another chance. Addiction is an illness just like anxiety. Try and be sure not to let your son or new baby see your fear. Kids have an uncanny ability to think everything is because of them. You should continue your child. No one can love that baby like you can. Maybe get couples or even eventually family counseling. You’re husband would REALLY benefit from counseling so he can deal with what made him use to begin with. As a family to communicate on a REAL level. Communication is so important. Good communication will help with your stress. Pretending just feeds that anxiety monster. It doesn’t seem like all of this happened all that long ago so your feeling a bit raw. Allow your partner share that load. You might find that it would be therapeutic for him to help. It will reinforce his importance in your family.
So…therapy, communication, work at it as a family, and honestly will help. It may seem overwhelming now, but it can get better. Good luck to you and congrats on your growing family. Unconditional love and understanding will save the day I think. Almost forgot those last two things.


I’m personally going with anxiety. Extreme due to the fact that your hormones are whack right now. In any case sweety I do hope you find relief and your children’s father continues in his recovery. :yellow_heart:

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Yes. Ptsd comes from trauma and that is a pretty traumatic experience. Hope the therapist can help you work through it.

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Normal pregnancy anxiety that your therapist can help you with.

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I’m just gonna kind of throw this out there. I see many people saying HER kids, well they’re his as well…

I got clean right before I had My son,3 and a half years to be exact and I see some of you saying that doesn’t count? Are you guys all nuts? I’ve put in alot of work into my recovery, as I’m sure this guy did as well. You just don’t get to define someone’s recovery because you don’t like it. Maybe do some research first.


Yes you can my ex kidnapped my kids 35 years ago and it was the most traumatizing event in my life.

I don’t care what anyone says they are my kids if I birth them!

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PTSD is caused by traumatic events. What you’ve been through, it makes sense how anxious you’re getting now.


Yes, you can. Please seek mental health services to help you get through this. Don’t put it off. Please deal with this asap.

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YES. Work on it as now it will be a trigger. You don’t want that…children feel your angst and it will be passed on. Praying for you! :hugs:

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That’s traumatic, I would have PTSD from that too. I’m sorry you went through that

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Yes. You are experiencing a trauma based anxiety.
You are feeling this way because we have these really cool built in sensors that God gave us. AND , You are dealing with a spirit. The spirit of fear, to be exact. It is not from/of God. However, if you are a born again Christian, you should know this comes with some pretty cool spirits. These are not ghosts. The very second we are absent in the flesh, we are in a nanosecond in the presence of God. No dead people are watching over you or haunting you.
But spirits… that’s a real thing. In the Bible, 2Timothy 1:7, we read that God does not give us a spirit of fear, ( spirit, as in supernatural, really) but he gives us a 1.)spirit of power, 2.) a spirit of love, AND 3.)a spirit of self control/sound mind.
I would ask you that when you feel like this, you talk either out loud or in your head, to God, directly. He’s listening to you and he cares about you.
Also, if you feel that overwhelming anxiety/fear coming on, remember what it is.
It’s a literal spirit.
Good news , though.
No spirit has power over Jesus. You can literally command the spirit to leave you, IN JESUS’ NAME, and it has to leave. It might come back one time or a million, but once it knows it cannot suck your energy through creating fear/anxiety, it is sort of powerless. Once you know what makes it leave, it goes somewhere else. You don’t need holy water, a therapist, a priest, or anything. ( not suggesting you do not go to therapy if that’s what you do )
If you aren’t a Christian, God loves you, too, and he cares for you, and he still wants your anxiety, and he will still remove it when you ask him, in Jesus’ name.
Now… I know a little about an addict and kidnapping. I’ve literally been in your situation. Same situation.
My experience is… addicts do not change. Some do. Men have a much lower rate of rehabilitation.
What you might be feeling is your sound mind alerting you to a problem that might be there waiting to rear it’s head. I could now set my ex husbands outburst/relapses by my watch. I know the patterns. I can feel it, almost. You are right to watch him. He has done this before. You do not know if this will happen again. It’s not a fun space to be in.
However, you have no control over him. None.
You have to take care of yourself and your two children. I hope this helps and is not offensive to you.


It is traumatic to have an event like you had. Trust may not be fully regained. Pray, stay busy and write down your feelings. Take care.

This is for sure PTSD. Glad you have a therapist to talk to. Happy he sought help and is still on the path to recovery. Your therapist will help you find coping mechanisms that will help ease the anxiety of this situation. Best of luck to the both of you and to your children!

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Absolutely. That’s horrible that you had to go through that. It’s horrible when other person us able to put rules against you about your own child. I am so very thankful that everything was OK in the end except for what you now have to deal with daily with yourself. Take care and best wishes.

I can’t imagine how that felt! I would be just as anxious as you are. Keep your eyes and ears open always and watch for the same kind of behavior that might lead to relapse in the future. I’m glad your getting therapy! That’s great :heart: