Signs of sleep regression?

I need advice!! I’m not sure if this is a sleep regression but my son (almost 18 months) will not nap longer than 30-40 mins and is waking up too early but sleeping through the night. I’ve tried totally wearing him out then nap didn’t work, I tried putting him down a bit earlier so he’s not over stimulated, I’ve pushed back his bedtine and pushed forward slowly. Everyone says he should be 1 nap but if he’s only napping for 30 mins he needs a second one cause there’s no way he last 6-7 hrs it’s been 2 weeks of this and it’s consuming my entire day trying to fix this

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Both of mine stopped taking naps all together by 2. My cousin’s kids took naps till they were 4. Depends on the kid

Oh the joys of parenthood!! It will all change again in about month or sooner

My son completely stopped taking naps at 18 months old. He went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 7am. My girls took naps till they were 2 and 3. Every kid I’d different