Signs of the flu?

question is the flu still going around?? anyways both my kids sick one has fever and throw up other doesnt have fever and throwing up alot but when she trys she gets choked and spit or something sticky lke comes up the last few times it was reg throw up now is that she is drinkin orange juice she wont take water or pedialight… but im up since 3 something with her throwin up my son only done it once and have a slight fever… im up washing everything because its all pukey… if it doesnt go away im takin them to dr in morning…


I literally just read an article Saturday that said there IS a 2nd round of the flu going around!

Yes still going around if weather was mild it didn’t kill gonna still go around.

Doesnt sound like flu to me, but maybe a stomach virus… and oj is not the best to be drinking if they are puking. Its just gonna make the stomach acid worse.

Yeah my little brother just got over the flu. Get caught type A & B.

Strep is still going around bad !