Signs you are about to go into labor?

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I’m curious if any of your vags hurt before you went into labor? I havnt had sex or been checked at my o.b but my vag feels really really sore tonight.


Could be ur baby is head down.

Yes, baby creates pressure and increased blood flow to the vagina


Yes… mine felt bruised and a heavy feelin day b4 i had my 3 boys… felt like some one kicked me in the flaps

YESSS IT WAS HORRIIBLE lol like the bone was sore or something, lots of pressure down there.

I’m having the same issue right now :sob:

I’m going through the same thing it’s called “crotch lightning”

It can also be from dilation.

I am 26 weeks and feel like it i feel alot of pressure. Currently laying in bed crying because the pressure is so bad it hurts to move

it was so painful!! She’s 3 weeks today❤


Oh yes lol. Welcome to pregnancy

Sharon your not wise lol

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Just wait until you are admitted and they start manhandling your lady bits like it’s the end of the world. :joy: