Since moving, my son has had issues staying asleep: Advice?

Hey ladies, I have a question and need advice! My son is 16 months old and a very happy, outgoing little fellow. My husband and I in late October bought a bigger house for our expanding family. Our son has never had a problem with going down for the night around 8:30 pm and sleeping through the night until about 6:30-7 am. Within the past few months, he’s been waking around 12:30-1:30 am every morning and not wanting to go back to sleep. I’ve tried everything from getting him a cup of warm milk or water to rocking him to letting him cry, and last but not least, putting him in our bed. The doctor said that’s it’s because we’ve moved and he’s not in his routine anymore. The thing is, he was sleeping fine after we’ve moved. His is my third child, so he’s not my first one, but the first I’ve gone through with this. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas that I’ve not tried? Thank you in advance.


New house, old house? If old just cleanse with sage my grandma raised me with old fashion remedies


Try and make his room look like his old one,


My niece would wake up and my sister would drive her in the car till she fell asleep. When I watched her I would strap her in her carseat and set her on the dryer while I folded clothes, then sneak her back to bed. Watch carefully so they dont scoot off of course.

Does he have all his teeth? Bc sounds like teething. My 1 year old has been doing the same wake schedule for about a week now… And fussy as all hell when she wakes.

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Try bathing him in lavander I had to start doing that with my 2yr old who’s my 4th and it’s the only way she’ll sleep all night now

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I was always told those are calling hours for spirits… try to sage your home of negative forces and push positive energy since it a new home… their could be other things from previous owners in the home…


Try not having a nap thru the day … hell be crusty by dinner but likely go to sleep earlier and easier… or maybe some sleepy scented things around his room … lullabies or cute night light … the sage thing mentioned above also could help alot

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try a night light and get a dream catcher. he also might be going through night terrors its pretty normal for that age to start at. also check the temp in your house he may get over heated or to cold and thats what wakes him up.


Does he nap during the day?

I don’t know what the answer is, but putting him in your bed is sending him the wrong message. This will become a habit that will be very difficult to break. Perhaps a dim night light in his room will help. Kids sometimes develop a fear of the dark, which they usually outgrow. Make sure the light is dim enough not to interrupt his sleep. Good luck.


Put to bed a little later


My daughter was about the same age when we moved and we realized her new room was incredibly dark. She would get upset going to bed so we got a little plug in night light for her room, haven’t had any issues since. Good luck!

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Sleep in there with him for a week. Remember, kids hearing is better than adults. There may be something happening outside around that time that’s waking him!


My son did this when we moved for months. (Probably not the same situation) but we had to have paranormal investigators come into our home. They blessed our home & everything. It was haunted. They got readings of the man who was here. He’s been okay every since. :woman_shrugging:t2: we had a lot of weird things happen & I didn’t understand until I was home alone one night while my husband worked & my son & I saw a man standing in the hallway. You never expect these kinds of things but they’re real.

Does he nap during the day? If so cut time back, also try walking him around in sunshine, to regulate his days and nights. To help him get used to his surroundings, let him play and play with him in his room, to give him that comforting feeling.

Try melatonin. It’s completely natural. Talk to doctor about it first.

Might just take him a bit to get use to a new house. Have you tried a warm bath with some sleep time lotion? Might help relax him. Or some soothing music.

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Maybe play relaxing sounds or music in his room? Soft silky blanket ? Teddy bear?

He’s just not used to his new surroundings, give him time.

Maybe a soothing sound machine or swaddling him

I’m a toddler sleep consultant. A few quick questions to help you troubleshoot. Is he still napping? Is he in a crib? How does he get to sleep at night? Does he go to sleep on his own, or with help from parents? What’s his sleeping environment like? Is he sick, teething, learning new big skills? Is he getting any screen time right before bed? These are all reasons he could be waking up. But one big thing that stands out to me is his bedtime is too late for when he’s waking up. Being overtired can be a cause for nighttime wake ups. I would recommend keeping his schedule very consistent, a consistent bedtime and wake time and nap time, and bedtime routine. And move bedtime up to about 6:30-7pm. If you have more questions, let me known


Some times it takes kids a while to realize something is different. They are so exhausted from the ordeal that they seem to have adjusted and then once they settle, the upset begins.
Try making his room a happy place for him, lots of things he can do if he wakes up to self soothe.
Perhaps it is a sound in the house that disturbs him at that time? Does your furnace kick on then? Or an automatic dishwasher or anything?
If it disrupts him after he completes a REM cycle he may not be tired anymore and stay up when he wakes up.
Maybe change his bed time, even by 30 minutes? And really tire him out.