Smile Direct Club reviews?

Has anyone used direct smile club or anything similar? What are your experiences? Which invisible braces brand would you recommend?


I did byte and I had a big gap in my front teeth and now it’s completely gone within 3 months. I loved the experience easy and not to expensive. Now I just wear a retainer at night.

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My husband is using smile direct club and loves them. His teeth are straightening, its not to spendy and there is a payment option.

I’ve used Invisalign and love them!

As a dental hygienist I will HIGHLY recommend against it. I have seen some pretty bad things come from it because it is not supervised by a professional. Look up the lawsuits.


I have been using invisalign for the last 2years and cannot fault the care & service I have received. My practice I visit is amazing & are very welcoming.

It was well worth the $$

Just going to say that my kids orthodontist highly recommends against anything like that. Take that for what it’s worth. I mean, I’d like to think that is an honest professional opinon. The woman has an absolutely booming business with 2 locations, so I wouldn’t THINK she would just say that because these things take from her business. But who knows these days!

As someone whose worked in dental for 20 years… they CAN work. Depending on the severity of the malocclusion. HOWEVER, what you will run into with them being sent in the mail is there are not many doctors, 3 in the whole state of Oklahoma, that are assigned to those cases. In most instances you need IPR. We use a fine sandpaper strip to reduce slightly making room for the teeth to rotate into proper position. If this is not done the teeth have no from to move into their correct position. Also when taking impressions on yourself, especially the material you need to use to acquire these impressions is hard to acquire the actual no error impression, even for those of us that have taken impressions for 20 years, we have to take multiple impressions for perfection. Your trays, retainers, anything will only be as good as your impression. They may work for you, they may not. But more times than not I have seen them do more harm than good. Just my 2 cents from someone that hadbeen in the business a long time