Someone told my daughter to tooth fairy wasn't real...advice?

My daughter lost a tooth at school and someone told her the tooth fairy was not real…I am so sad for her. She is only 6 years old and I feel like this kid ruined it for her. I want to try and make this special for her and have the tooth fairy come so she still believes…what is something I can do so she doesn’t believe the other child?


Do you know someone tech clever that could record a video of a fairy with a special message?

Or could she leave a card with fairy glitter saying how she feels so happy when children believe in her and she can collect healthy teeth to turn into stars (or whatever you’ve told her the tooth fairy does with them).


We drew picture/note from tooth fairy and put some bs reason some kids don’t get visits from tooth fairy cause their teeth are rotten. Threw glitter all over the room and kid bought it. 7 now. Waiting to lose other teeth to get more $$$

Just do the tooth fairy. Even if she knows it’s you. Every holiday is special for my kids and they have never believed in these things.


Put the money under her pillow and tell her , see the tooth fairy is real.

Spray glitter or spray hair spray and sprinkle glitter on the tooth fairy $$

Amazon has cute kits… w/ fairy dust & little fairy sparkle footprints

Tell her the tooth fairy only takes good teeth, maybe the other childs teeth weren’t good enough to take


lol just tell her the truth about it all lol why keep up the facade? 6 years old is too old to keep it going lol


When my kids/grandkids ever question I say, “well of course there’s some that don’t believe. The tooth fairy/Easter bunny/Santa only come to those who believe”
Some kids are such little turds :disappointed_relieved:

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If she trusted you she would believe you over this other child. The fact that someone else can “ruin” it for her shows that you don’t have a great relationship with her.


Look on etsy, someone sells miniature fairy wands that could be left behind by the tooth fairy.

Tell her “is the money real? Do you want it?” :joy:

That is sad, and some of these comments are awful… I would just go about the whole routine and hope for the best, I did like what one person said about saying “the tooth fairy only come for good teeth” or you could say the tooth fairy only comes for those who believe. Good luck, mama. :tooth:


We never do “notes” from the tooth fairy, we normally just do a £1 coin and maybe a sweetie. My 8 year old came to me saying she thinks I’m the tooth fairy so I did this. The first night she didn’t leave her window open so I left nothing, the next night, I reminded her to leave the window open slightly so she can fly in, then I left this x


Hi I have a six year old who still believes in all the magic. Don’t let these comments tell you that you are a bad parent, you are not.

When someone tries to ruin any magic for her I just simply say “the magic of the tooth fairy only works if you believe” she understands that not everyone believes in what she does, but she still gets to enjoy it.


When my husband got caught by our daughter putting money under her pillow, she asked me the next morning if Daddy was the tooth fairy. I told her sometimes when there are too many deliveries she calls the parents in to help and pays us back. She believed that for quite a while. (A stupid doll went off as he went by it, it woke her up, and that’s how she saw him).


Thats so sad. Tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny, all those are such magical times for kids. A few years ago my son started doubting santa so i just said “Landyn, do u really think me and dad could afford to buy u all those presents every year???” He thought about it n went right back to believing lol


At 6 …Lie to her. Say they are wrong, there is a tooth fairy if you believe!

I was told by a ‘big kid ’ at school when I was 7 years old…’ No Santa ‘.
I asked mother thru tears…SURE she would set this straight and all would be well!
Mother…she decided that couldn’t lie …and confirmed it was true. There was NO Santa , its us.( parents)…AND promptly warned me…’ You better not tell your little brother girl !!'( who was 4).
Thing is…it turned over the whole apple cart att.
No Santa, elves, reindeer, TF, Easter bunny…all of it right then…AND… I couldn’t tell anyone I knew…and ’ ruin ’ it.
I had to fake believe for all the other kids, in school, to teachers, Sunday school, my cousins , my grandparents and of course my brother…all the questions from relatives asking what Santa brought me and if I heard the reindeer on the roof etc etc…acting all happy like I believed, really playing it up for my brother…knowing the truth.
I remember feeling really awful, sad and scared I’d slip & ruin it for someone & get in trouble…and like I was lying- which was of course something you were taught you don’t do…but now… I HAD to. The glaring - ‘you better not!’ looks from mother …who knew I knew…didn’t help.
I also was confused and didn’t understand why…she couldn’t ‘lie’ to me because it was ’ wrong '…but would ‘lie’ to my brother, and now I had to lie…about this thing, but was supposed to always tell the truth and not lie about everything else.
I was in early 2nd grade…and those kinds of holidays were really all over for me atp. When I lost a tooth…we had to make a big pretend deal…for my brothers sake, of putting it under the pillow…and it being gone in the morning and ‘oh look! She came and left me a quarter( 2 quarters for a molar) !!’ …so he’d ‘believe’…me knowing …it was mother. Ugh.
My brother…asked me if Santa was real when he was 13…and I lied to him and said yes. Idk when…he ever figured it out, but I didn’t tell him. If he asked me today I’d still cop the plea that Santa…is real!! lol. Mother is still alive so I think that has something to do with it.

As an adult …I realize how sad and so stressful that all that ‘truth’ burden was at that very young an age. I mean…A kid doesnt REALLY know what’s going on to be excited about any of that stuff till about 4 years old…so…what? At 6 or 7 …the kid gets 2 to 3 years max to ’ believe ’ ? That’s pitiful.

I’m 60 yrs old and remember this…SO…IF… you don’t want those VERY few fun fantasy magical things to be OVER and DONE with… for your 6 year old kid… right now…
lie to her and tell her the the fricking tooth fairy ( and Santa , et al, & the easter bunny & bloody leprechauns)…are so 100% real!
She’ll forgive you for ’ lying ’ to her little 6 year old self someday.
I promise.

I feel like some of these people commenting had a sad childhood. It’s fun to do when they are young. And technically none of them are lies. There’s a logical way to explain each one when the times comes. But for now? Let them have the imagination of it! Don’t make them grow up faster than they need to! Tell your little one, “it’s possible they haven’t had the joys of a tooth fairy visit yet. It’s also impossible to see the tooth fairy. They come and go, and you will never know! Some kids don’t believe because they can’t see it, so they can’t tell whether it’s real or not. Let’s put our tooth under our pillow tonight and see if the tooth fairy comes and visits you!” My 12yr old knows the tooth fairy, Santa, and the easter bunny isn’t real. But she still enjoys the concept of all of it. She also knows the stories behind each one so for her, it’s still magical (without being magical).


Once I shined the flashlight towards my daughter window to make a magical touch it is sad when someone ruins the magic isn’t it.


I told my son that o know the tooth fairy and that she is 100 percent real. In fact most adults get to meet the tooth fairy!
When the Santa issue arise and he really did know, we told him he had become a Santa and a magic bearer. That the mantle is passed on to him now. To my boys that was just as special as believing.

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It’s not YOUR fault. I’m so sick of these stupid comments blaming you. You can’t control what other children say to your child at school. It’s completely normal for kids to question what other children tell them is different from what they know personally. It’s how children learn and grow. The only thing that is your job is continuing to make it a special thing for her as well as you. Don’t worry about other kids or even these other moms. Focus on enjoying your children while they’re young and creating these special memories.

Just tell her that sometimes the tooth fairy doesn’t go pick up all the kids teeth because she only picks up the super clean and shiny teeth. Since she’s doing such an awesome job, brushing her teeth, the tooth fairy comes to her house.

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When this happened to my children growing up I told them if they didn’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa and or the Easter bunny they won’t come to our house. I told them these children dont believe have to depend on there parents to deliver if the wanted to. So my kids were so happy that their house would be visited by Santa, tooth fairy and Easter bunny. I believe children need enjoy these fantasies as long as they can.

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When someone from my grandson’s school told him, when he was 6 yrs old, that there was no such person as Santas Clause…i said to him that what he was told is true in the way that he had come to know of him, but that such a person did exist, then i told him about St. Nichol and how Santa Clause developed from him. I told him the story of St. Nicholas and the good things he did, and that Santa as we know him now is a mythical or make believe person who gives children something to look forward to during the christmas season. I told him of the real meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it, that we celebrate the birth of Jesus and that the season is more of a feeling rather than a fat man dressed up in red. I said that the positive happy joyful feelings we feel at Christmas in a perfect world we feel all year round, but that isn’t always the case. He asked why people give gifts at Christmas, i told him that it represents the gifts that the 3 wise men brought to baby Jesus when he was born. After we had this talk, my grand son seemed to understand, and proceeded to talk with his mom, and the kids at his school who kept telling him there is no person named Santa.

I just tell my kids you you have to believe or they’ll stop coming I tell them that Santa and the tooth fairy probably don’t go to the kids houses if they don’t believe, or if they go around telling other kids they don’t believe they don’t receive a visit.

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There’s apps that you scan record the tooth fairy flying in on your child … I used it when my daughters were little lol :joy: it’s cute

My mom taught me that those are rude kids and they don’t get visited because they try and ruin things for other kids.

Basically good kids get visited but a holes get left out so don’t be an a hole.

Lady had me believing in Santa til I was like 11 so she was good at it. And it also teaches kids what they don’t want to act like lol

When a similar thing happened with my daughter I came clean and explained that losing baby teeth is a big thing because it means children aren’t babies any more and it can also be frightening. Parents want to make it an occasion and less scary so they pretend to be a fairy giving cash to make it fun. After that, every lost tooth involved Mummy in a silly dress, with a wand being the world’s worst and most clumsy tooth fairy. We all had fun and they understood it wasn’t really lying, just doing let’s pretend instead.

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My daughter in law takes a glue stick and applies to dollar bills then sprinkles a little glitter! My grandchildren love it! Do what works for you and your family don’t let other kids influence your kid! I would still do it no matter what! :tooth::toothbrush:

Still do what you would … tooth under the pillow
And give her money ….

Even say the tooth fairy comes for the good children who brush and care for their teeth and if you don’t believe you don’t receive….

So maybe just say if they don’t believe of course they won’t get anything…

Tooth fairy app it’s amazing you make out you will secretly film and when she wakes up play it to her and the fairy flys around the child takes the tooth :joy::joy:it’s magical x

Has she ever seen “Rise of The Guardians”. The movie is based around the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, etc. It’s about kids believing/not believing.

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Tell her they (Santa, the tooth fairy etc) live within the hearts who believe. & only visit who believes. I hate any kind of lying to my daughter and that is the verbiage/method we use!

Idk I wouldnt keep fibbing about it. Just do something nice when they lose a tooth from now on…a candybar at the store. Something like that. But I’d also tell them not to be like the kid that told them, that people deserve to believe in magic for as long as they can. Gl!


We do tiny letters from Mary fairy! They’re literally like the size of a small post it note, typed on the computer and signed with a little butterfly drawn in marker (:

We also have her put her tooth in a baggie and tape it to her door. Then when she wakes up in the morning magically the tooth is gone and some reward/prize/money is in its place with a note from her fairy. :fairy:

I saw a friend always use confetti tooth shaped to sprinkle on bed & floor when she visits. I think she got it on prime. Just for your own sake, a FYI don’t use glitter it’s horrendous to get rid of later, especially carpet lol I’m sure with a lil girl u have lots of it already but I’m a crafter and it’s literally everywhere lol

I always just told my kid that the kids that don’t believe are naughty so they don’t get all the special visits. The tooth fairy and Santa, and as long as he’s good he will still get them. Always worked for him.

Tell her that the tooth fairy is real ,tell her to put the tooth under her pillow and while she is asleep put some money under it and in the morning ask her to see if the tooth fairy came,then she should be surprised and get all happy it came but yougo and check with her and act all surprised too

Leave the tooth out for her anyway and say “well, let’s just see…” or say maybe the tooth fairy didn’t come for that kid because her tooth wasn’t clean :laughing:

I always go with “the magic”. If you believe in the magic, then the tooth fairy and Santa and Easter bunny are all still real. That’s why some kids and adults don’t believe in them- they lose their belief in the magic.

I told my son the tooth fairy only comes if he believes she will! So he told he still believed and he put his tooth under his pillow…

i’m gonna be the odd one out here. when my parents told me santa wasn’t real i felt like i couldn’t trust them because they lied to me for so long. it made me feel like an idiot for believing them. gaslighting me all those years.

i would tell her the truth and you both pretend together.

We had something similiar happen with Santa Clause… We watched Rise of the Guardians shortly after. He now gets himself into twisty logic by saying “I’m not sure if Santa is real, but I believe in Santa Clause, so he must be real, right mom?”

Tell her that only those who “believe” in the the tooth fairy and Santa are the ones that they to. If you don’t believe, you don’t receive

One year I had worked till late at night and got the news on the way home. I stopped at a convenience store to get cash but saw a very cute fairy keychain. When I got home I found a note under my daughter bed pillow. “Dear Tooth Fairy, My friends are saying you are not real, if you are then show me what you look like.” Perfect I thought and put the keychain under the pillow.” We got another few teeth outta that night.

Went through the same thing. Write a handmade note, add some glitter and leave a chocolate treat for the tooth fairy to unwrap. Sprinkle the empty wrapper with glitter dust. Watch your little glow when you explain the tooth fairy must’ve been so excited for this tooth and treat that she made quite the sparkly mess! How exciting!
It did the trick for me! Goodluck mama !

We use small amounts of glitter in the uk some under the pillow with the money some around the bed and door way or windowsill and tell the children it’s come off her wings when she’s flying.

Tell her the truth that’s all that’s left to do


just because one child does not believe does not mean your child should not believe just keep telling yours that real.

We never told our kids any of them (TF, EB, SC) were real :person_shrugging: They were all taught not to destroy the illusion for others. However, we couldn’t lie to them and teach them to be honest with us.

Tell that as long as you believe the the tooth fairy Easter Bunny Santa Clause and fairies do exit if only in your :heart:

I say that maybe the child stopped believing so the parents had to step in to do it.

Iam sorry, hate when this happens, hugs

My daughter is 10 and still believes. I feel let them have their imagination as long as they want, they’re children, let them be innocent.

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Do you have a friend who has a teenage daughter
Who would be willing to dress up as a fairy
For a small fee or a pizza
And bring your little girl an extra
Gift as well as whatever sum of money you feel is appropriate for her

You can get the tooth fairy picture of Photoshop with her in it at night sleeping

start by not starting the lie to begin with :woman_shrugging:t4:

Remember the tooth fairy/santa/Easter bunny/elf - all those fun visitors don’t visit horrid rotten awful children. So obviously classmate is one of those children so doesn’t believe in them because they never get their visits etc. Encourage your child to call out horrid classmate with this info. 100% back/protect your child from any school backlash

Tell her the truth now! Why keep lying to her to only have to lie to her again later! Kids already get lied to on Christmas, Easter and so forth! But we want them to tell the truth!


The tooth fairy is creepy all together. Some little demon fairy comes into your house at night and takes your teeth and gives you money. Just creepy lol. Just tell her the truth.

“The tooth fairy doesn’t visit bad ppl so that’s probably why they’ve never seen the tooth fairy :woman_shrugging::rofl::rofl:

Maybe not lie to your kid…