Sometimes I feel like my baby doesn't like me: Thoughts?

I feel like a failure. I dont think my baby boy likes me all that much… Sometimes i can get him to sleep but other times I just can’t… Like I had fed him a little bit ago and burped him, but sometimes when I hold him he’ll act like hes still hungry but once I try feeding him he’ll start crying again and I cant get him to calm down. But when my mother in law holds him she can put him straight to sleep, which I dont hate her for of course- I’m just jealous and wish I could have the same affect on him being his mother…


If your stresses ect your baby feels that try calming down then holding him ect :slight_smile: good luck momma

A baby can feel your emotions and anxiety. If you are anxious or feeling nervous the baby can sense it and react the same. Try taking deep breaths an relax before snuggling him. Feel your love for him and go with that. He will feel the change.


Babies can since stress and when your anxious just keep calm when holding him dont get irritated.

Don’t stress. Take a deep breath and stay super positive. It’s hard but they can sense it. And sometimes they just need a change of person. As much as we love our parents we don’t always want to be with them either lol 

He could have colic, he could have silent reflux, he could just be being a typical baby, there’s absolutely no rule book and they certainly don’t follow a pattern. Please do not feel like this because he will pick up the vibes. He loves you, you are his safe place don’t doubt yourself mumma. You’re doing an amazing job. xx

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Your MIL has much more experience. Hold your baby a bit more and talk softly telling you love. Hold him snuggly.

Sometimes, it’s hard to differentiate between a newborn cries. I have a total of 3 kids. My youngest is 3 in half weeks. My oldest is 10 and my middle is 4. I’m readjusting to newborn life. It’s common to feel the way you feel. Even after I change my baby, feed him, burp him, swaddle him, hold him, etc. He will still cry and scream. You’re not a failure! Babies will do this. They do pick up on stress out vibes. I always tell myself, he will be fine. As bad as it sounds, I let him cry a little bit especially if I met his most basic needs (change, eat. Burp.) Then I reevaluate. Gas? Colic? Needing to be held? He sometimes likes me singing to him, so I do that. You’re doing a great job!!

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Your mil has had more practice with babies.
Being a mom with a new baby is a very hard adjustment. Your baby loves you more than anyone else in the rest of their world.
Just wait until the terrible 2s hit and they start hating you for everything.
You can get through this, momma!

Listen to me very carefully you are doing your best job as a momma. Kids are always much worse for their parents, especially their moms. Feel blessed that someone can rock your baby to sleep. Hang in there it will get better. Being a mom means constantly feeling a mix between guilt, not being good enough and stress. You got this momma

You can’t over stress. If you over think it your baby will feel the nervous energy and feed off of it. It makes them uncomfortable too if momma isn’t ok. You do the best you can. The best kind of parent is the one who gives their heart. I know you love your little one, just dont stress!

If tour breastfeeding him he can prob smell your milk. My little man foumd that distracting for the first couple of months until i stopped leaking milk.hang in there momma you are his world he adores you


When my boy was just a baby he was the same way with my mom and my sister in law. I was a first time mom and he had colic. I didnt even really know how to burp him properly I was so nervous/scared of hurting him and he would cryyyyyyy all. The. Damn. Time. But when my mom would rock him he would fall right asleep … it just happens… lots of reasons babies cry. It’s their only way of communication. Now I cant get my boy off my hip. Hes a real mommas boy. Lol hes now almost 3 …

He can feed of Ur energy. Try to be calm and relaxed while ur handling him.

I learned in psychology the only instincts a mother has is to protect. All other things will come. Your mom in law just has more practice. Its ok honey its nothing personal. You’ll learn and then one day you’ll be amazed you ever had trouble

Babies sense stress …please talk to your dr about how you feel you may having a bit of post partum depression.

My mom has always been better with my kids and getting them to sleep as babies. I attribute it to her having a whole lot more experience and also she loves just sitting and snuggling…I am stressing over all the housework and school and thing that need to be done and also I fidget a lot lol. Heck with our second my husband is better at getting her to sleep for the same reasons aside from experience. Don’t sweat it, just try to relax and enjoy it, and eventually it’ll get easier. Your baby loves you :heart:

He can feel your anxiety!!! Also while he burped maybe he still has gas that needs released?


He can feel your vibes luv be calm and relaxed hun

My daughter didn’t like to be held much as a newborn. She was happier on her own. She had reflux and tummy issues. Now she’s almost 5 years old and won’t leave me alone for a second lol…each baby is different and they will grow and change so much.

They pick up on energies — your MIL only has joy and awe running through her system
You on the other hand are a ball of hormones and stress who’s maybe over caffeinated and definitely under rested.

You’ll get to the point where you’re all he wants.
Until then take those times to get a shower, meditate or eat a healthy meal.



My son is 3 now and my aunt has always had an easier time getting him to calm down and sleep for her, she is naturally a lot more relaxed than me and he can sense my anxiety. It keeps him from calming down the same way with me

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Your baby can feel your stress. If you feel overwhelmed, take a moment, go to the bathroom ( cry it out if you need to ) collect yourself, and go back to the baby. Trust, the baby does not hate you. You’re doing the best you can. Being a momma has no manual.


I had this same experience with my mil who we no longer adsociate with, only for,me she was filling,my head telling me my son didnt,love me only,loved her, he was her baby, he cried for,me because im not her, etc, from the day i brought him home. What I can tell you is being a momma is hard, there may be an underlying issue as to why he cries, dont beat yourself up!

He’s feeling your stress, that is all. It will get better and easier.

He probably is feeling your nervousness. Calm down and. Keep working on it.

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Here’s the thing… its not personal. There will be many moments where you’ll question it, but you’ll have plenty more moments that prove he loves you more than the world too. We have a running gag in my house that my daughter is my son’s favorite person, followed by my husband, the dog, the cats, and then me… but he’s ten months old, he still adores me and nothing he could do will ever change that I adore him back.

Your mother in law has more experience putting babies down. If you’re stressed, your LO could be sensing that too… guarantee he loves his momma, though, even if he’s fussy for you.


The difference is he feels your tension. Relax! Just hold him and rock him and calm down yourself as well. I don’t miss the days where I had to walk and rock my babies to get them to go to sleep but now that they are older, it’s amazing how quickly that passed. You got this.

You are stressing. He feels.your stress and is reacting. Just relax and go with it

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Do you remain calm while you are trying?

You are your little ones person, the person they feel safest with, he acts out and cries because he knows you will be there to help him through whatever wiggles he has, colic, wet nappy, hunger, toddlers are exactly the same, they act out with their parents but are good as gold with other people, this is because you are the person they can vent their frustrations with, cry to, scream in front of, they are just learning to control emotions and they need to know mostly that you are going to be there to help them figure it out, so when your baby cry’s and you don’t know how to settle them just keep trying, they just want to know you won’t give up and that you’ll be there, babies are smarter than we think,

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Babies love u and because they are hungry doesnt mean they are hating u.

He or she could be cluster feeding or wanting to pacify on ur boob. It’s them wanting to rely on u not hating u!

Just means they dont want u to leave lol

Babies are calmest around people who are calm. It sounds like you are anxious about meeting his needs and he is picking up on that. It’s okay. It passes as you get more comfortable. And it isn’t really hurting him now…just takes a little longer to settle down. Give yourself a break. I’m sure you’re doing fine.


Babies will act up around who they are most comfortable around.

I agree with the rest of them. Relax if you can. Babies pick that stuff up. By the way, motherhood is not a cmpetative sport. Experience definitely helps. Just love him in your way. They don’t come with a manual. He may want a little more holding and gently burping may help

He could just feel your tension hun. Babies pick up on everything. Our moods and any changes in stress. Try to calm down. Your feeding him, caring for him and loving him. I would say your doing your job:)

Girl. Same here. I was chopped liver if Daddy or Nana was in the room for quite a while. I cried several times about it. It can be hurtful. But I think it is a stage they go through. My boy is now my buddy and runs to me with arms thrown out for hugs and a huge grin on his face. Your baby loves you. It will be ok.

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Parenting tip #1. Your kids will always be the biggest a holes when they are with you and saints for other people…it isnt because they dont love you…its because they know you love them unconditionally.

Babys can feel stress and your feelings

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He can feel you’re stressed out. My daughter did the samething with me and EVERYONE else could calm her down.

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Sometimes as a new mom your too attentive sometimes babies just need the calm to relax

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Oh sweet heart she has just had more practice the more frustrated you are the more upset the baby will be simply put on movie and hold him teach your self to feel calm when you and your baby are together and he will follow grandma is just a pro it sucks yes but watch and learn rather or not you like her maybe she is holding him a certain way idk but I’ll put it this way I was 15 when I had my first child and I used to get really upset because of other people knowing how to calm my baby it wasn’t fair but I decided to watch and learn and what I found was chase didn’t like being patted on the back but on the but and he also was more comfortable on his left side while you rubbed under his chin and now I have no problem with any baby because I have had lots and lots of practice it comes with time

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Just relax more n do everything with love, yes it will take time but you will get there. Don’t panic.