Son won't stop climbing out of crib

I need help from ALL mamas my son is just a little over a year old and keeps climbing out the crib and his crib can’t be lowered anymore what can I do ?


Move him to a toddler bed and put a baby gate at his door


Take the actually metal baring on the bottom out and put the mattress directly on the floor, or a crib tent💓

Time for a toddler bed.

Try using one of those toddler bed rails for the side that he climbs out of :two_hearts::woman_shrugging:t2:

Time to get big boy bed and put rails on it

It sounds like it’s time for a big boy bed.

Toddler bed with one side pushed against the wall and a side rail in the other side. Or a race car style bed on the floor. Place an alarm on the door so you know if he leaves the room. At least this way you know he isn’t going to fall and get hurt.

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I took the opportunity to transition to a toddler bed and just put a baby gate up

We moved our son to a toddler bed the day after he turned 1

Toddler bed & camera in room

Time for a big kid bed

My daughter did that. For her safety we went ahead and put her in a toddler bed.

Toddler bed , all 4 of mine were in beds at 1yr and have all been fine xxxx

I’d you really don’t want to do a toddler bed yet you could try this, worked for my friend for about 9 months after her son turned 1 and then she converted to a toddler bed when she felt he was ready

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Turn it around if back side is higher

Unless the door can be shut with a baby gate, that’s a horrible idea. For fire safety bedroom doors should be shut.

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Sounds like he’s ready for a big boy bed get ready to get up a hundred times to put them back

Time for a toddler bed

If you still want him in there put the bottom of the crib on the floor along with the mattress, just cause he can climb out doesn’t mean he should be moved to a toddler bed. My daughter purposely destroys everything and shes 3, shes has to be confined for safety reasons.

Try and turn it around backwards if he isn’t ready for a toddler bed

Toddler bed and gate on the door

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Time for a toddler bed

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Put pads under the crib for safety and it maybe time to upgrade to toddler bed

You can make a toddler bed from the crib. I did for my daughter.Use headboard and footboard with springs attached to both. Put really close to floor. Then just use the mattress you have. Put up a gate for his room ,a solid one that he can’t climb over. I wish you good luck.:four_leaf_clover:

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I bought my grand son a carbed problem solved now he sleeps there every night

Toddler bed AND baby gate


Get your kid a twin bed dont waste money on a toddler bed thatll only last a year or two at most

Toddler/twin and invest in a nice baby gate

U can turn the crib upside down.but thats child endangerment lol


You can remove the springs and place the mattress directly on the floor inside the crib.

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Put him in a twin bed on the floor

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If your crib doesn’t covert I would go to twin bed with toddler rails

Put him in bed with you?

My daughter did this at a year also it was a sad sad day. We tried the turn the crib around and some one said to take the metal part off and put the mattress on the ground so it super low but we never tried it.

She was a cosleeper
And only used the crib for two months.

You might have to lay with him in the toddler frame and once he’s asleep leave the room. I would put a baby gate at the door so he can’t walk around the house at night😳

Thank You To EveryOne Of You MaMas and GrandMothers Who Shared Your Advice And Recommendations To Me Tonight Without A Doubt All Your Ideas Are Smart And Things I Never Would Have Thought About ! I will try EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE IDEAS :100::100: I’ll keep everyone posted on here as to how it goes and what way worked the best for us !

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Put the matteress to the crib on the floor for a couple of months or so until he gets used to it then graduate to a big boy toddler bed. Did it with both of mine.

Just settle in for an 18 + yr ride.