Sorry, too much info but how do I deal with this

A few years back my partner cheated on me when we were going through a rough stage, we have come out the other end and I’m genuinely happy and trust him, but he has always been the one in the relationship who has had a much higher sex drive than me. I’ve never been that confident and feel boring for him.

So when he cheated on me the last time he went and used/hired a sex doll and I ended up with a nasty rash on my bum and the doctor agreed it looked most like herpes. He insisted he didn’t cheat at the time and test results showed no STI. It was the most itchiest most unbearable thing ever. But when we worked things out he told me he believes it was because he cheated on me recently before I got the rash. I always have nice skin never get any sort of rash so huge coincidence if it wasn’t because of that. He wants me to be more dirty with him (eat him out) but I’m always so grossed out even years later because I don’t think he ever got tested and he is ALWAYS scratching down there like doesn’t leave both parts alone and I always wonder, is it that? Is it possible there is a STI or something else I don’t know of that was maybe dormant at the time, idk :woman_shrugging:

I’m sorry but that’s just nasty. If my man ever gave me an STD I would of been gone. The fact that he’s probably having unprotected sex spreading STD’s would disgust me. You should leave him and find someone that understands your body more.