SPD and pregnancy

Any moms had SPD while pregnant? If so how did it feel and does it go away after birth ? 25 weeks


I’ve all it with all three of my pregnancies, currently pregnant with #3. It went away after pregnancy each time; the second time it took longer to go away and my pelvis would still grind/pop when rolling over in bed or moving certain ways. For me it feels like my pelvis is being split open. It grinds and pops and aches really bad. I sit to put on pants to avoid spreading my legs and I roll over in bed with my legs together

Mine went away immediately after birth. Started at 20 weeks for my first, 16 weeks with my second.

For me it was aching, popping and grinding in my pelvis. I had to lay down to pull on my pants and couldn’t pull my knees up.

I have 6 babies and first was diagnosed with SPD in my 3rd pregnancy and with each pregnancy after it got increasingly worse earlier on. I’m 6 weeks postpartum and still having horrible hip pain when walking, trying to get up etc. The last pregnancy took about 6 months but never fully recovered. Heat and ice therapy and massage helped during pregnancy. Gl… I hope you heal up well.

I had it with my last, from 6 months I wa son crutches, acupuncture and a brace was awful, I was nailed to the bed every night, my back and hips have never been the same… But the pain went away straight after birth

Currently have SPD with my 2nd pregnancy(38 wks in 3 days) and the pain is horrible especially trying to sleep and nothing has helped me… Good luck momma, hope you can find some type of relief!

Mine took 2 months after birth to go away.

I still have the pain my son is almost 3 it comes and goes my hips have never recovered after him my first two kids I didn’t have it but my son I got it around 3-3.5 months preg towards the end I was miserable couldn’t walk without crying but here it is almost 3 years and still have it from time to time where it hurts so bad good luck momma

Went away after birth immediately. Best sleep ever

I had it. It went away after birth

What?! I didn’t even know this was a thing… I had this with my 4th (last) pregnancy and when I brought it up to my gyno she told me it was because of my hematoma. It went away a few weeks postpartum, but my period cramps are insane now. Idk if there’s any correlation between that and my killer cramps, but they didn’t used to be this bad lol

Yes I did. :disappointed:
It did improve after birth, but the
pain and discomfort persisted until I was finally referred to a physical therapist when my little girl was just over a year old.
Pelvic/core muscle strength training has helped beyond measure.
Highly recommended!!

Ugh,so uncomfortable :pensive:
Yes, it goes away. Don’t try to exercise your way out of it without some guidance from a physical therapist well versed in the condition.
Twisting, carrying more weight on one side, sitting for long periods and sitting on hard surfaces such as benches/hard wood chairs and the floor can exasperate this.
Hope you can get some relief soon.