Speech therapy for 1 year old?

Have any moms had their 1 year olds put in speech therapy? My son is 15ish months and is only saying Mama, Papaw, Baba, and no. Other than that its gibberish. The doctors seem to think he may have a developmental delay because of the speech problems and other things he isnt doing that are important at his age. I’ll admit, its worrying that he has a focusing problem. They’re also testing his hearing at this upcoming appointment. I always believed babies develop at their own pace. I mean. He started walking at 9months before he even crawled. So hes developing well in other areas. Hes had a lot of screen time in his life so it may be my fault but I’ve been decreasing it ALOT lately. Anyways, Have any other mothers experienced this? How does speech therapy work for children under 3? Thanks!


my daughter is 16 months and says quite a few words, but they aren’t very clear. i think Daycare helps though.

My son was the same but we did early on and it helped him

I was also wondering about this. My 14 month old only says mom and sometimes up. The doctor was slightly concerned at her last appointment but we work with her constantly. Reading and trying to prompt her speech. She understands everything we say and follows directions so I don’t think it’s a lack of understanding. I always just thought they will develop at their own pace and expect her to talk when she wants to…maybe not until partial sentences. I was expecting some referral at her next appointment if she’s still not talking.

I feel like that’s fairly “normal” for a 15 month old :thinking:


They normally won’t enroll them in ST until they are two.

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Check with pediatrician and early intervention in your area. Speech early can help a ton of there is any delays. And the longer you wait the harder it can be. It may be nothing serious but better to be safe than sorry and a little extra help never hurt anyone.

My son is 20 months and says mommy , daddy , ball , dog and a whole BUNCH of gibberish. His dr said babies develop on their on pace. Especially boys. If by 3 he isn’t drastically different then we will take alternate route . Speech therapy etc. his uncle didn’t speak till almost 3 and now he is the most creative artistically and has great speech. So I wouldn’t stress to big.

if only saying 4 or 5 words is a problem at 15 months then im in trouble. :grimacing:
i thought they didnt worry about speech until theyre older.
try reading books and repeating keywords to your LO. it could help. the words my son knows have been repeated to him. so he knows hot, dada/daddy, mama, and his name, Eden.

15 months? My son barely spoke a word until just before he turned 3 just the basics like mum dad nan, cat dogs etc. He didn’t speak in full sentences he had a week (7 sessios) of speech therapy and they said he didn’t need it again.

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They look for 3 words by 15 months hunn!! You are jumping the gun!


All babies are different… My 5th child was way behind in talking and walking… Now she’s 6 and has the vocabulary of a 6th grader.

Isn’t that normal for a 15 month old?

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Yes I was freaked out about my little not talking. He had some signs that we worked on and at 18 months or so had the speech of a 1 year old but he only qualified for in home meetings once a week and about 3 months later took off talking on his own. Hes 2.5 now and never shuts up hahaa. Dont stress they all do grow at their own pace. Einstein didnt talk for years I hear. :wink:

Not at 1. At 3 yes. Children speak at their own time frames. I had 3 out of 5 kids not speak til 3. 2 were due to autism and one due to just not wanting to speak. They all speak clearly now and no issues. The only child that needed speech was the oldest due to hearing loss and speech apraxia. I honestly think Drs rush to things way too early now without giving children a chance to do things themselves .

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That’s more than what my son was saying at 15 months. My doctor said not to worry unless hes 2 years old and not talking yet. I was thinking about putting him in speech therapy until he started repeating words out of no where one day. Now 20 months old and says mama, daddy, all done, all gone, car, there you go, here you go, etc. you just have to be patient and keep encouraging them to say words . They’ll get the hang of it!

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Its normal for them to only say a few words at that age. Let him develop on his own. Keep talking to him though. Hearing words is how they learn to say them.


my daughter is 16 months and say full sentences but I think is because she’s around big children around 2/3 old .

Some kids dont talk to later my son hardly said anything until almost 3 and he is 6 now talks good and is so smart

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I’m sure that’s normal. My youngest is 15 months tomorrow and only says mama,dada,up and mmmm

They won’t help with speech unless a. Child is in nursery 3 months or more.
B. Child is 3 plus.
My son has glue which affects both ears, nose throat and speech. X

Today my son who will be 3 in june seen early intervention witch they come in and see if the child is behind and if so they work with them and she said speech is boys can be slower so it can be normal and the child not be delayed. If your worried u could always set up an apt through witch ever u have near u the doctor believes my son’s a high functioning austic and honestly I believe hes right hes meeting with a third therapist to see what’s going on the last two were the same people and they kept changing what they thought he had and my son does have some physical delays as I learned to day but that was it and I thought hes speech was bad so they can help

Uhh my 16 month old doesn’t say anything except the occasional “daddy”. I’m not pressuring it though.

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My daughter just turned 2 at the beginning of March and we are waiting for a referral to go through for speech therapy. She had a ton of words but regressed. Mechanically and motor function wise she is advanced but speech-wise she is “delayed”. She says Momma, outside, bye-bye, lets go, okay, and I love you. She also understands commands. Our pediatrician thinks she isn’t talking because she doesn’t have to and gets by just fine without it. But does get super frustrated when she wants to talk and can’t. My oldest started speech therapy at 3 because she has “cluttering”. She thinks faster than she can process the sentence and we had to coach her to slow down her speech. I was the only person to understand her before speech therapy and now she talks nonstop and everyone can understand her.

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My son is about to be 14 months and says around the same. His doctor said he’s growing good! I wouldn’t worry about it hun, babies learn at their own pace

My son wasn’t speaking but basics and only if he had to till he was 2
Never spoke at the drs office she thought he didn’t speak at all. She thought something was wrong with him but he just wasn’t a talker now he’s 7 and won’t be quite

My son is 15 months also and saying mama, dada, stop, no, and hi that’s about it :joy: he also started walking at 10 months. I wouldn’t worry about it yet, he’s still just a little baby.

My third didmt start talking decently until 2 even at almost 3 he doesn’t talk as well as my other two did at his age… But he understands. Me nor is doctor has any concerns. He’s just a quiet child

My oldest didn’t talk much until 22 months but all my others talked very well 18 months or so. Depends on the kid. My 2nd one had a lot of ear infections and after the good tubes at 14 months he talked more. Just give him time especially if he’s your first and may not be around other kids more

When my nephew was having problems like this it ended up it was his ears, he wasn’t hearing things well. Could there be problems with is hearing. If it doesn’t improve I’d have his hearing checked for 15 months old is still kinda young.

Don’t waste your time or money on it just yet. Each child is different. My niece didn’t say more than 3 words until she was 2 1/2 and she woke up one morning and just started talking. Now it’s 5 new words a day and she won’t stop talking. Give the little one some time.

My son is 18 months and the dr suggested it to us because he wasnt “where they say he should be”. 2 weeks after his 18 month check up and he is saying so much more! 2 weeks doesnt seem like alot of time to us adults but it is to them. They are young and all learn at a different pace. So 2 weeks for them is alot of time to learn and pick up new things. They wanted to put him in speech after his 15 month check up and I asked if we could wait until 18 month check up to see where his progress is. I’m glad I waited because now he is doing so much better. Just my advice though😊 you know your baby better than anyone else does! Good luck😊

OMG I’m so glad I seen this question!! My son is 18 months and they are trying to find something wrong with him because all he says is mommy dada, uuh oh, bye bye, paw paw…the doctor said he should be saying at least 25 words and since he will be 2 soon he should be getting ready to say 2 to 3 word sentences…Now I will admit my daughter did all of that by her 18 month appointment but hey boys and girls are totally different!! She was walking at 10 months and just busy but my baby boy is so laid back and I am tired of them poking and sticking on my baby!! My husband said to wait a while because he just taking his time…IDK

Seems a bit young to say hes got a delay

Dont wait just do all the testing

He’s still really young imo

My son needed surgery as an infant so I was hyper aware of milestones etc as I was so worried but his dr was more chill and said let’s give him until he is 2 and see where he is she said sometimes boys esp are less vocal…my daughter talked SO early too so I had to learn not to compare…but by the time he was 2 he was good…but checking his hearing etc is a good idea and if there are other things they are concerned about maybe he needs earlier intervention so I’d def go ahead with what they suggest but dont worry yourself too much about right now some things will resolve with a little help and it sounds like you are both in good hands

I didnt understand my oldest until she was 2 1/2…that’s when she started talking a lot…now she is almost 4 and its nonstop lmaoo give him time…my little one is 18months and talks a lot she repeats everything she hears. Every kid is different.

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My daughter has been in speech therapy since July…she was only saying a few words and was almost 2 (she was originally in therapy for motor skills cuz she didn’t start walking till about 18 months with their help). The speech therapist had to do an evaluation in December because she had been in the program for a year…and was impressed that she went from 5 words in July to 100s in December…they will give you lil tricks that will help your lil one. We were basically told by both therapists that my lil one is basically stubborn (both her father and I are stubborn so idk where she gets it from :laughing:). She is still in the speech because she is being stubborn with a couple of things, but the therapists are more understanding to their development…Drs basically have a checklist and the therapists look for the actions leading up to the delayed actions. Good luck Mama!!!

Glad I saw this! When my son was 18 months old the doctors were concerned because he at 12 months had 6 words then at his 18 month appointment dropped down to 1 word “mama”. The doctor got us all set up for an evaluation with early childhood intervention. He passed everything except his expressive speech was far behind his receptive. So he got put into speech therapy and let me tell you THE BEST THING EVER for my son. It is light and day he went from one word to speaking clearly in sentences! I know it’s worrying when your doctor gets concerned with their development but just know that the resources are out there and everything will be ok!

Carly Colmone and Quinn ,this Mom needs advice. I thought of you two wonderful professional women. Love you!

Too young, give him time.

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My daughter just turned 2. She talks but not so clearly she’ll say words that you can understand but I’m not worried. She’ll say short sentences with three words. I feel maybe give it more time. Doctors have high expectations but forgot to realize that every kid is different. My daughter didn’t start walking til 16 months either. I feel by 3 - 3 1/2 then that’s when I would be concerned.

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I hear your concern. But it is good that they want to check things out at an early stage.
Go with the professionals and from experience speech has never hurt.

Yes I would suggest you looking into Early Intervention Allie started when she was 11 months old they also help with OT and PT and most insurance covers it. Allie later was diagnosed with SPD ASD ADHD ODD. Which by no means am I saying that’s what is going on with you LO. Just the early you start in speech if theres a delay the better off you are. Good Luck

Speech therapy would help in so many different areas than just his current vocabulary. Speech therapy also focuses on auditory comprehension skills, building vocabulary, not just helping him express new and more words, plus so much more! If the doctor recommended speech I would definitely get involved in an early intervention program in your area. Typically under 3 years of age therapy can be provided in your home. I see children in their homes, daycares and in an office environment. He may just need a little help to get him where he needs to be developmentally.

My son will be 2 in July and he’s a parrot when certain words are said to him but still won’t try to actually speak to us in words, still gibberish and definitely no clear sentences yet. I’m just enjoying the “peace” before he starts talking my ear off lol

My youngest started about a couple months after he turned one. We put him in a program for children with delays that ended at the age of 3. So, no it’s not too early. My oldest was older before he received speech because I didn’t really know if it was okay that he said one word phrases. They both have Aspergher or they call it High-functioning Autism.

Testing shouldn’t hurt anything and may explain things to you. You are right not to get too excited, because as you say each child developed in their own time.

He’s tiny. He’s a baby. He’s doing great. My daughter wasn’t speaking much at that age either. She learned juuussttt fine. Now she’s 8 and you can’t get her to stop talking.

My son was 3 when he started speech therapy. Give him some time some children take linger to talk.

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I work at a thearpy preschool and thearpy is amazing. My daughter is 15 months and only says a few words. I wouldn’t worry mama sounds normal to me i have kids here with no delays 2 and 3 years old who dont say much

Being around other kids will help to

Boys develop slower than girls. Don’t rush him. You can do little things at home that can help him along the way.

Mine is obviously older. But he started speech last year. The earlier you can start it the easier and better it will be for little one. They do a lot of their therapies in play form and just work on getting sounds correctly. I wish we would have started ours sooner

My son is now 4 and about the same age your at now I had the same concerns and my family always told me he’s fine he’s so smart boys develop slower then girls but I just started to worry so his doctor recommended early intervention then did an evaluation and determined he only had a speech delay … I was very hesitant bc my brother had issues to and he got labeled and bullied his whole life and I was so scared of that happening bc now he graduated went to college and now is in the army so it wasn’t as bad as the teachers and doctors made it to be … so my son had a speech therapist come to the house twice a week for a hour and a half and it was great we also did a class every Friday with other kids bc he doesn’t have that many kids his age around him so I thought that helped to when he was 3 1/2 we started preschool they did a evaluation as well and he is on an IEP and does speech … school was honestly the best thing that has happened he is a completely different kid now his speech is amazing and still has always been the only issue outside of that he’s so smart and funny and really good with other kids so it’s worth getting the help it’s scary bc you don’t want anything “to be wrong with your child” but really it has been amazing I’m glad I put my fears aside and looked into having him evaluated just make sure you always voice your concerns and your opinion

My daughter had to have tubes put in her ears at 1 year old because of ear infections, which slowed her learning slightly. We went with early intervention and they did a lot of work with sign language. My daughter learned super quick and no longer needed help less than a year later. Help is always nice to have, just make sure you so your part as well.

Mine was the same. Hearing was fine but think because he had so many ear infections that it contributed. He was in speech delay where a lady came to this house and worked with us. Two years later he speaks fine for the most part but still has a few issues

Omgoodness what do you mean your 1 y/o has had a lot of screen time???
At that age they definitely don’t need tablets etc and too much tv can be detrimental in terms of social development and relationship building.
Talking comes from people interaction. No need to talk to a screen

Coming from a moma with a deaf child dont put off getting his hearing. Checked feel free to PM me if you wanna talk my child is profoundly deaf

My middle son was in speech therapy from 2-4years. He only said a few words and made noises/grunts referring to things, people, stuff that he wanted, etc. Doctors were worried and honestly I started to get worried as well. He did make great progress but when kindergarten started to be in our near future I was worried he’d be held back, or worse made fun of. Luckily kindergarten, being around other kids, and having an IEP set up in school/speech teacher he grew leaps and bounds! It was amazing to see where he was and how well he could talk by the end of the year. I mean he did still have some speech problems and said certain words wrong but after continuing with his speech classes for the next couple years in school and with us at home, by 3rd grade he was out of speech classes! He’s now almost 13 years old and you’d never know he had a speech delay as a toddler!
Some kids take more time to hit their milestones, some require a little help, either way things will work out for you and your son one way or another I’m sure🙂

The rule of thumb is 50 words by second birthday. A few words at 14 mo is fine as long as you believe she is understanding a lot that she hears. Read every day, look at her face, eye to eye when you speak. She needs to see how your mouth forms words. Most often I see family read the children’s cues too quickly so they have little incentive to speak. Try not to worry. She sounds normal to me. I often see an explosion of language between 18-24 mo. Just wait, I’ll bet it’s just around the corner!

Google Albert Einstein and read the age at which he spoke also let him ask what he wants not just point or have you guess

My younger daughter is 3 in may she not talking at all , she not putting sentences together, no eye contact, she now going to be referred for autism testing